Getting too close to anyone is a disaster.

/July 2022

some people say, "Life is like a ruler, you must have a degree." Feelings, such as noodles, do not cross the line. "

keeping a distance between people means respecting each other.

No matter how close the relationship is, if two people get along without boundaries, it will become a disaster.

this is true of friends, relatives and lovers.


keep a glass of water between friends

I wonder if you have ever heard of such a common sense:

the earth where we live is about 150 million kilometers from the sun.

according to expert analysis, if the distance between the earth and the sun is closer to 1%, the earth will become a "mountain of fire", and life will be destroyed instantly;

but if it is further 3%, the earth will be the "Guanghan Palace". Almost all life cannot survive.

and now, their distance is just 150 million kilometers.

this short distance brings us rich products and pleasant climate, so that the earth is not as desolate and lonely as other planets.

the same is true of distance between people.

We always feel that friends should be intimate, heart-to-heart, wear the same pair of trousers and eat in the same bowl.

but when you treat your friend with all your enthusiasm, you will find something disappointing:

maybe what you tell him today, he will tell others tomorrow;  maybe he will give it to others tomorrow when you carefully choose a gift for him.  maybe you try your best to help him today, but he won't lend a helping hand the other day when you are in trouble.

A glass of water is the best distance between you.

Liang Shiqiu wrote in talking about Friendship:

"the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, because it is not greasy and lasting."

A good friendship is like a glass of water. It seems plain and tasteless, but in fact it quenches thirst and is cool, but ordinary is indispensable.

Friendship that loses a sense of distance is like a cup of sugar water, too sweet, too greasy, unable to quench thirst, and not good for the body.

such a relationship will soon lead to estrangement between the two sides, and may even push them further.

Sanmao said, "Don't miss the line between friends."

the two people are so close that they inevitably interfere with each other and hurt each other.

without random intervention and excessive attention, it can bring comfort between friends.

only the right distance is the best emotional destination between friends.


keep a bowl of soup between relatives

Chen Ming once told a story about his father in the variety show "Strange stories".

Chen Ming's father moved his family from the countryside to the city through his own efforts and worked as a policeman for more than a decade.

his father was one of the people around him doing well at that time.

as a result, a bunch of relatives often come to the door:

"can you help me arrange the work?"

"help me open an account. You're in the Public Security Bureau. Isn't it on the way?"

"I don't have a date. Could you introduce me to a city object?"


sometimes, without saying hello, some relatives come to Chen Ming's house for dinner, stay after a meal, and ask his father for all kinds of help.

in the face of these relatives who "don't treat themselves as outsiders, take it for granted, and don't know what to do," Chen Ming's father finally freaked out after getting drunk: "I can't control it, don't recognize me as a fourth uncle!"

as soon as this came out, no relatives bothered him in order to get things done.

relatives move less about their interests, but unexpectedly, they are much more intimate than before.

Why is this happening?

Chen Ming said that it was because his father had regained his independence and those relatives had regained their self-improvement.

Lu Yao said in the ordinary World:

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"the love between people does not lie in whether they are relatives or not. When I was young, I often regarded the word" relative "as beautiful and important.