Get close to someone who gives you positive energy.

/June 2022


people with negative energy will consume you

I don't know if there are such friends around you.

especially glassy heart, if you say a word casually, the other person will feel that you have hurt her, making you sometimes wonder if you are too mean to express your views easily.

likes to complain very much. Every time there is a job, the first thing that comes to mind is not to solve the problem. It's too difficult to shut up and can't do it yourself.

look sad every day, drooping a face, originally you are in a good mood, after seeing the other person's face, I feel that the luster of life has dimmed a lot.

I am especially afraid to get along with such negative energy people.

because I have found that people with negative energy not only affect themselves.

what is more frightening is that he will absorb the positive energy from me and gradually make my character less sunny.

once I met such a former colleague, Xiao Su.

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me, Xiao Su, Daliang, three people are in the same department.

originally, Xiao Su and I seemed to have a closer relationship at ordinary times, and occasionally we would eat out together.

but Xiao Su doesn't like the girder very much and often complains about it in front of me.

say that Liang is not as straightforward as EQ, and that he likes to express himself.

once a person has a bias, a wrong evaluation will follow.

gradually, under the influence of Xiao Su, I also wear tinted glasses when I look at the beam. I feel that this colleague is not very reliable, and I will unconsciously resist when I cooperate with him.

later, when I came into contact with him slowly, I found that Daliang people were actually very nice.

she speaks bluntly, but her suggestions are all to the point and are very helpful to the implementation of her work.

she does not like to express herself, but Xiao Su always puts off her work, so Liang naturally does more and appears to be more "expressive".

negative energy is sometimes like a whirlpool.

will involve you when you are not looking.

gradually, the positive energy in your body will be consumed, you will be assimilated, and you will gradually become as complaining, irrational, and unable to see the light of life.

always be vigilant and stay away from those who consume you.


people with positive energy will inspire you

people with negative energy will consume you, on the contrary, people with positive energy will inspire you.

in the early years, I watched the "wonderful work Conference". In one program, Hui Ruoqi, the former captain of the Chinese women's volleyball team, was invited.

during the program, someone asked her:

Hui Ruoqi smiled:

so people who usually watch a volleyball match will find that every time a ball hits the ground, regardless of whether their team scores or not, the members of the team will hug, high-five and cheer each other.

win a ball, keep it up, guard against arrogance and rashness, and try to win the next ball.

lose a ball, don't lose heart, keep your mood stable and try to win the next one.

as Coach Lang Ping often said:

when an expression or an action is very negative, you will affect the people around you, the teams will influence each other, and the overall momentum will come down.

but if you give more positive energy, or positive factors, then the whole team will get better.

it is not only the stadium, but also the field of life.

if the people around you, full of positive energy, can always give you positive hints, I'm sure you can do it.

then you will also have more confidence in life, in what you are going to do, and in yourself.

Man is a suggestive animal.

whatever information you receive, your body will be in the same state.

be sure to be with positive people for the rest of your life.


be your own sun, warm yourself and shine on others

if one gets better and better, there are three steps.

the first step is to stay away from the negative person;

the second step is to get close to the positive person;

so, the third and most important step is to be the positive person yourself.

be your own sun, warm yourself and shine on others.

1. Waiting quietly

some people will be very anxious.

others are married, they already earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, and they have two apartments in their homes.

Why do you work so hard for so long, but you still seem to be standing still? With a salary of several thousand a month, you can see the head's life at a glance.

there is a sentence I particularly like in the Book of time:

everyone has their own time zone, don't be in such a hurry, try to do the present thing well, and leave the rest to fate.

2. It's all right to go to bed early

stay up late, is it normal for most young people now?

and the side effects of staying up late are found in almost everyone who stays up late for a long time.

lack of spirit, the brain is very chaotic at work, short-term impact is a few days of work efficiency, long-term impact is the future career development.

physical condition is poor, often backache, but also often chest tightness, in recent years, because stay up late for a long time to get cancer more and more people.

nothing. You'd better go to bed early.

No matter how fun the mobile phone is, it is not as important as life.

3. Grasp the sense of division

people get along with others, the most taboo is to blur the sense of boundaries.

never take other people's good as a reason.What it should be. No one is born to pay for whom, sincerity is to be exchanged with sincerity.

learn to be grateful for the other person's efforts and deliver your heart.

4. Practice your "insensitivity"

people sometimes feel that life is hard because they are too sensitive.

after being criticized by his boss, he will constantly doubt his ability to work, complain by colleagues, begin to question his popularity, and quarrel with his partner, and then become distrustful of love.

people, you should still feel a little bit, learn to ignore some bad voices in life, and do your own things well.

it's good to be worthy of your heart.

5. Reduce complaining

complaining is the most terrible infectious disease.

not only will your own state of mind and mood be on the verge of collapse, but it will also make the magnetic field around you very low pressure and keep your friends and colleagues away from you.

complaining won't solve the problem. Think of solutions in case of trouble.

how many steps can be taken to solve this problem? What problems may I encounter? What can I do to solve these problems?

think one more step and do a little more, and life will get better and better.


Life comes and goes, and we meet countless people.

what kind of people we associate with often determines what kind of people we become.

those who follow the flies can only reach the dirty ditches.

only those who follow butterflies can smell the fragrance of flowers.

in the following time, choose the right friends, correct your mindset, and do your own thing.

stay away from those who consume you, and get close to those who inspire you.

be your own sun, warm yourself and shine on others.