Friends all over the world, really how many people?

/July 2022

people in this life,

the vast sea of people, who will know you?

strangers rub shoulders, who will stay for you?

some people will go their separate ways when they meet.

some people are familiar with, but gradually unfamiliar with.

not all passers-by will become friends,

not all friends will be honest with each other.

some people come for profit;

some people are just nodding acquaintances.

how about knowing people?

it's hard to have a bosom friend two or three!

how about more friends?

it's hard to find it in a lifetime!

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some people,

need you to curry favor, you need to sit on the sidelines;

some people,

use you as brothers, but you avoid them;

some people,

are better than you to show off to you, not as good as you!

what kind of friend is such a person?

sincerely does not contain half a point,

makes you feel miserable.

what is friend?

friends get along with each other, not in the length of time, but in the company of sincerity;

friends work together, not in superficial pleasantries, but in feelings.

A true friend will not see you in a hurry and turn a blind eye;

A true friend will not be jealous of your scenery;

A true friend will share your joys and sorrows;

A true friend will share your joys and sorrows.

Don't say that too many friends are easy to go.

some friends,

count you, deceive you, and hurt you.

not only can't help you, but

makes your life a mess!

A true friend,

is the weather vane of your struggle;

false friend,

is a stumbling block on your way forward!

We are short of friends,

but there is no shortage of friends who push the cup for a change, and

there is no shortage of icing on the cake.

what we lack is

those who never give up when you are down;

what we lack is

those who truly stand up for you when you are aggrieved!

A true friend,

appreciates you, cares about you, treats you sincerely,

cares about you whether you have money or not!

A true friend,

supports you, understands you, treats you wholeheartedly,

No matter how rich he is, he doesn't underestimate you!

True friends,

make friends with hearts and feelings;

while false friends,

want money and want profit!

if you don't go through one thing, you won't gain wisdom;

you won't encounter a difficulty and you don't know anyone.

one day you will see that

who is true to you and who is false to you!

A true friend,

from the bottom of my heart, a lifetime is not enough!

false friends,

is useless, and a few days together are superfluous!