Four traps of human nature (profound)

/July 2022

it is not the longest plank that determines the capacity of a barrel, but the shortest one.

what determines a person's level is not his most outstanding ability, but the weakness of his human nature.

most of the time, when we can't live our lives well, we actually fall into these four imperceptible life traps.


as soon as people enter the group, their IQ decreases seriously.

I have heard such a joke:

an oil tycoon went to a meeting in heaven and found that there was no place to sit down.

he had an idea and shouted, "Oil has been found in hell!"

with this cry, the oil tycoons in heaven rushed to hell, and soon he was the only one left in heaven.

at this time, a paradoxical scene happened, and the tycoon hurried to hell.

it turned out that what he was thinking was: everyone ran over, is there really oil in hell?

in psychology, there is a herding effect.

Sheep is a scattered organization, always running blindly from left to right, but once one sheep moves, the other sheep will rush up without thinking, regardless of the wolf nearby and the better grass not far away.

herding effect is essentially a kind of conformity psychology.

the rabble says: in a group, every emotion and behavior is very infectious.

most of the time, we are like a sheep in a flock, without independent opinions. In the atmosphere of the group, we blindly follow the rules made by others:

"people should be nice to themselves, and online loan consumption should also lead a refined life."

"everyone around me smokes, saying that this is maturity, then I have to smoke too."

feverishly follow the trend to do one thing, and if you don't figure out the motive and cause, then you're probably just a leek harvested by slogans.

countless people in the world have been caught in the trap of life and jumped into the pit of society.

it's easy to follow the crowd, which is a knee-jerk behavior.

it's hard not to follow the crowd. You need a wise mind to stay awake all the time.


continuous self-discipline makes a master.

intermittent self-abuse is the reality of most people.

my friend May opened her sleeve and several "fat lines" appeared on the inside of her arm-the price of her erratic weight and weight for a long time in the past.

when the trend of fitness hung up, at the urging of her boyfriend and boasting of self-discipline, she began to lose weight frantically.

do not eat staple food every day, high-intensity exercise, in a short time, really lose a lot of weight.

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but every time she kept it for less than three months, she began to eat and drink in revenge, and her weight rebounded quickly.

until a physical examination revealed fatty liver, May was shocked and began to sort out a new self-discipline plan: matching diet, regular meals, getting up early and going to bed early every day, and assisting exercise.

this time, she turned her regular life into a habit, her body is getting better and better, she also found the fun of release in sports, and the whole person became a lean physique.

at this point, everyone must have understood the reason why May has really changed.

the previous periodic "self-discipline" is due to external evaluation and pressure.

later planned "self-discipline" is because they have a firm goal to do something.

I have to admit that the rapidly advancing society is full of anxiety and pressure. We advocate self-discipline and hope for self-change.

however, it is easy to fall into a blind "self-discipline trap": using tactical efforts to cover up strategic laziness-- don't know what to do, but get busy first.

We want to be better ourselves, but we never think about what better ourselves are.

so, a hammer from east to west, stop-and-go, over and over again, persistent complacency, indirect eating and so on.

the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, followed by now.

but it is the moment before sowing that determines whether the tree can be planted or not.

the true self-discipline should be:

use the vision of the future, plan the current goal, and then make efforts to stick to it. The essence of conceit of


is ignorance. The more stubborn people are, the lower their cognitive level is.

Cornell University did such an experiment:

asked professional comedians to rate 30 jokes as the standard answer.

then, 65 college students were asked to rate jokes, compare the standard answers, and rank the students' sense of humor. After

, ask these college students what they think of their sense of humor.

the results are very interesting:

students with low test scores show extraordinary confidence in their sense of humor, and they think they are very humorous and funny.

although only 12% of the jokes were right, they firmly believed that they had answered at least 60% of the jokes.

on the contrary, the students who tested with a strong sense of humor rated their sense of humor lower than the actual level.

this gives rise to the famous Duck effect:

the less competent people are, they think they are strong, because their cognition is limited and they cannot detect mistakes.