Forty is not full of desire, fifty is not affectionate, sixty is not. (few people know! )

/August 2022

when people reach middle age, they have experienced the impermanence of the world and the warmth of the world. they feel more and more that there are some things that do not need to be taken so seriously.

as Cangyang Gyatso wrote in his poem:

"apart from life and death, which is not a business in the world?"

A lifetime, but in a hurry for decades.

A lot of things, life does not bring, death does not take away, everything is fleeting, what do you want in life?

after living to a certain age, I finally figured out that life is actually very short, so don't get by yourself.


40 do not have many desires

life is not satisfactory, often, when frustrated, some people will inevitably complain that life is really hard and tired.

do not realize that both suffering and tiredness come from our desires, that is, we want too much and get too little.

is like a car, with a small one, you want a big one; with a big one, you want an expensive one; with an expensive one, you still want it.

is never satisfied with the status quo, but has been led by desire, so that your body and mind will be so tired.

as the old saying goes, "No chair is comfortable for a discontented person."

I have read a very meaningful short story.

two people went to the seaside to pick up shells. A picked up a full basket, while B had only one piece in his basket.

An asked B: "there are so many shells, why did you just pick up one?"

B replied, "there are many beautiful shells, but I only need one."

on the way back, A felt that the shell on his shoulder was getting heavier and heavier, and it was very difficult to walk.

B is as relaxed as it was when it came.

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this is not the case in life. Sometimes, if you get more, you may not be happy. Contentment is the only way to be happy.

especially when people are over forty, they should learn to subtract themselves, have less desire and keep up with the comparisons.

the greatest happiness is to live in a down-to-earth and contented life.

in life, no matter how much wealth you can take away, no matter how high your status is.

there is a saying right: "the height of life is not how many things you see clearly, but how many things you despise."

Life is not bitter, but there are many desires.

the human heart is not tired, but it is hard to let go.

when people reach middle age and look down on everything, they can live an easy and comfortable life in this troubled world.


50 is not affectionate

in life, there are too many helpless, for the sake of the family, we force a smile, in order to live, we do not mean what we say.

in many cases, they are forced to accommodate themselves for the sake of the overall situation.

if you think you are sincere enough, you can exchange it for the same red city as others.

I didn't think about it. It was just my own wishful thinking, and others simply didn't appreciate it.

what you think is a good relationship is just affectionate in the end.

now that the man is fifty and half of his life is over, in retrospect, life is already not easy, so why should he let himself live without pain?

in the movie "palpitating Heart", there is a clip that impressed me very much.

Bryce moved to a small town with her parents and became neighbors with Julie.

Julie really wants to make friends with Bryce. In order to have a good relationship with him, Julie sends fresh eggs to Bryce's house every morning.

I thought Bryce would take a fancy to himself by doing so.

in fact, on the contrary, Bryce did not appreciate Julie's kindness.

he throws away the eggs sent by Julie as rubbish every day.

when Julie learned about it, Bryce said, "your chicken coop is dirty. I'm afraid that eating your eggs will cause infection."

Julie was sad to hear this and has been cut off from Bryce ever since.

because she figured out that no matter how much she gave to someone who didn't care about her, she was just affectionate.

author Liu Tong has a saying quite right:

"in this world, those who have results are called pay, and those who have no results are called price."

No matter what kind of feelings, match, then place, disagreement, then break up.

Don't please those who don't take you seriously.

Life comes and goes, and not everyone is worth wasting your time and energy.

Why should you treasure those who use you as grass?

Life is too short to feel sorry for the ungrateful;

No pressure, no flattery, only with comfortable people.


60 do not eat much

philosopher Schopenhauer, there is a saying:

"the biggest mistake that human beings can make is to trade health for other things outside the body."

Yes, in life, you can lose anything but health.

when you lose your health, you will understand that the wealth, fame and beauty you have been pursuing are all in the mirror.