Forty does not have much desire, fifty is not affectionate, and sixty is not much.

/August 2022

A hundred years of life, short and impermanent,

between trance, half of my life has passed.

when you reach middle age,

experience numerous ups and downs, experience human feelings and worldly skills,

taste the bitterness, feel the joys and sorrows.

know how to live to be successful,

know how to live, you can be happy.

when people reach middle age, they are no longer young,

they no longer pursue wealth, and

fame and power have long since faded.

disdain for intrigue,

do not participate in competition,

just want to spend the rest of my life comfortably and easily.

friends after middle age,

if you want to spend the rest of your life comfortably, you only need to do the following three things. 01

40 years old,

the responsibility on

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shoulders has never been reduced.

for parents, to support well,

for children, to educate well,

so they will be physically and mentally tired and feel too tired.

but when people reach middle age,

can not avoid fatigue,

but it can relieve stress.

learn to be contented, don't be greedy,

restrain your desires, don't go too far.

more money and less money, as long as it is enough.

the room is big and the room is small, as long as it is enough to live.

as long as the family is safe and harmonious,

the day is quiet and the life is stable,

is the most precious wealth.


50 years old, not affectionate

50 years old, know the year of destiny,

think about yourself, take care of yourself.

Don't worry about other people's words.

Don't interfere in other people's affairs.

live your life,

keep a happy mood,

is the most important thing.

50 years old, the rest of my life is getting shorter and shorter.

you must be nice to yourself.

Don't please those who are not sincere, and don't please those who don't get along with each other.

socialize with whoever you are comfortable with.

make deep acquaintance with whoever you are comfortable with.

do not strongly integrate the circle that does not belong to you,

do not entangle feelings that do not belong to you,

everything is the best state of mind, and

let nature take its course and accept all the arrangements.


60 years old, not eating much

60 years old,

entering old age, is already an old man.

the body is not as strong as before,

minor ailments and pains often occur.

then you will understand how important it is to be healthy.

60-year-old people,

teeth are also bad,

appetite is also reduced.

the diet should be light, and the quantity

should be appropriate.

Don't eat and drink too much so as not to accumulate food.

exercise more and exercise more on weekdays.

Don't be angry and don't be irritable when you are in a mood.

minor ailments should not be ignored, serious diseases should be treated,

good mood, good appetite, good health,

can be safe and sound in old age.

Life is too short to stay.

the rest of life is not long.

when people do not want much at forty, they should learn to be contented;

when they are not affectionate at fifty, they should love themselves;

when they do not eat much at sixty, they should pay attention to their bodies.

remember these three points, and achieve these three points,

in the future,

healthy and old, live in peace!