Forgive everything before going to bed, wake up is reborn

/October 2022

people live a lifetime, everyone will experience a lot of things, live a happy and easy life, is the goal, is worth the trip.

because we are all ordinary mortals, everyone wants to live a healthy and stable life, and everyone wants to be at ease in this life, as long as we can set life goals with a positive and optimistic attitude, live out our own principles and elegant demeanor, smile and face the five tastes of the world, and learn to be content, we will be able to have less unnecessary worries and a lot more happiness.

when we come to this world, we live in a state of mind. Life is about a mood. What people want is mutual respect, which has nothing to do with status and wealth.

so don't do whatever it takes to achieve a certain end, let alone compromise. As long as you do not compliment in front of people, do not give advice after people; people do not believe words, people do not guess, then you will live a leisurely life.

can be said: tea, after several tumbles, see the quality; people, several exchanges, see the heart.

many things happen for a reason, and every cause must have consequences. Do not blame others for all things that are not in line with your own wishes and are inferior to your own wishes. Those who seek reasons for everything from themselves are self-help.

being a human being, I have meditated in my whole life. Live a good life, live a real life, make yourself simple, comfortable, happy, more important than anything else.

so, don't pursue perfection too much. Perfection only exists in movies and novels. To understand that no matter how beautiful life is, there will be dissatisfaction, and no matter how chic the road is, there will be thorns. If you look down on it, you will not be tired, and you will be more happy.

so far, everything only lies in the state of mind, as long as a happy life, enrich in work, open-minded face all the ups and downs, is also a kind of life relief, but also a kind of wisdom and free and easy. The joy of life lies in finding the beauty in the broken fireworks and tasting the simple happiness of ordinary days.

as Mr. Yang Jiang said: the noblest punishment is silence, and the most reserved revenge is ignorance; less entanglement in bad things, less anger for people who are not worth it, and make your life more expensive; learn to let go, in order to move forward better; the world seems complicated, but in essence it is still your world.

so. As long as you live magnanimously, you can live an enlightened life. Because a beautiful life has to be done on its own.

Do not think anymore, do not look anymore, red formal dresses is all you need to bring out the best in your feminism. This selection will save so much of your precious time.

people live to make their lives free and easy, so that their families can rest assured. And a happy life depends on your own efforts and achievements with a positive and optimistic attitude. As long as you have your own firm beliefs and opinions, do not insist on everything, do not compare, and do not be lost by material desires, you will have a lot less unnecessary worries.

because if you think about things more simply, your heart will not be heavy, and thinking about things too complicated is tantamount to putting shackles on your heart. Therefore, if you want to live at ease, you must eliminate the bad mentality and be open-minded in the face of all unpleasantness. This is a kind of smart wisdom, a kind of realm, and a performance of acting like a fool.

as Yu Hua described: no matter how you choose the problem of life, there will be regrets. In the dead of night, you take out your heart to sew and mend, and when you wake up, you are full of confidence. If you are alive, you must open your way and build a bridge in the face of water. Self-crossing is the ability, crossing people is the pattern, forgiving everything before going to bed, waking up is rebirth.

as long as you live healthily every day, it is the best to be happy. The rest are clouds and smoke!