Forget it. It's okay. It'll pass.

/August 2022

some people say: everyone who comes into this world is fighting an uphill battle of life.

born a human being, each has its own joys and sorrows. If you compete with yourself, you will be sad, and if you wring with others, you will be sad.

in the second half of life, if you want to live an open-minded and thorough life, you can't live without nine words:

come on, it doesn't matter, it will pass.


come on

Ma Dong and Cai Kangyong once discussed the topic of "forgiveness" in the Strange Theory.

Ma Dong said:

unexpectedly, Cai Kangyong refuted him:

Yes, life is less than a hundred years old. The feelings you can't get, the people you can't love, and the dreams you can't wake up are all burdens.

all my life, Baiyun Cang Dog, forget it if you are tired. Some time ago, my friend Ning Ning posted a circle of friends:

"obsession hurts others, but does not realize it, so forget it." Since then, the mountains and rivers have not met, and the best friends in the world are really rare to meet. "

I hurriedly asked her what was wrong.

she told me that she broke up with her first boyfriend of ten years.

hearing this news, I am really happy for her:

the relationship between Ning Ning and her boyfriend has long been worn away in a day's quarrel. It's just that neither of them can let go of this relationship, so they can only torture each other in the name of love.

how many times the two quarreled so hysterically that one of them broke through the door and refused to go home even if he was wandering outside;

how many times they said hurtful words to each other and just wanted to leave, but could not stand up to the other's confession in the name of love.

during the physical examination at the end of the year, Ningning was even diagnosed with mild depression.

people around her advised her:

"break up early before you get married, don't go on like this."

but Ningning is not reconciled to it:

good first love, ten years of youth, love promises from school uniforms to wedding dresses, and those countless days and nights that have walked together, how can we let it go?

unexpectedly, she really let it go this time.

but what made her make up her mind to break up?

A few days ago, when we happened to talk about this problem, she looked relaxed:

"nothing, just figured it out: instead of consuming each other to resentment, forget it, let others go, and let yourself go." The philosopher Plato said:

how many people indulge in unresponsive feelings and fantasies that do not get them, leaving themselves black and blue all over;

how many people, while falling low to dust, while clinging to death, will not survive without madness, and end up with an abhorrent end.

they do not know that a person's paranoia and madness are most likely to expose the fact that the ta pattern is not high.

they do not understand that in this strange world, it is the top feng shui to learn to forget it.

when I watched the Pavilion of the Pine Wind, I always thought it was foolish for Su Dongpo to stay halfway up the hillside because the Pine Wind Pavilion was too high.

and when I stumbled all the way, suffered losses that would not stop in time, and tasted the bitterness of not knowing how to let it go, I realized that

it is not normal to seek in the world. Know how to forget it, is the true wisdom.

because forget it, it is not only others' letting go, but also their own redemption.

and the really high-level people all know how to forget it.


it doesn't matter

there has been a cartoon circulating on the Internet:

when I saw this cartoon, I thought such an ironic thing was far away from me. Later, I found that in life, such things are everywhere.

at the classmate reunion a few days ago, I met Xiao Wang, a classmate I haven't seen for a long time.

to my surprise, the good-looking and temperamental woman in my impression has become a bloated, dirty woman.

later, I learned what happened to her from others:

"after graduation, Xiao Wang had a crush on a boy and told his best friend the first time. Who knows before long, the best friend unexpectedly fell in love with the boy whom Xiao Wang secretly fell in love with. "

"after hearing that the person he likes is with his best friend, Xiao Wang directly severed his friendship with his best friend. Later, her best friend also approached her several times, but she all spoke fiercely, saying that she could not be forgiven. "

"several years later, Xiao Wang is still bitter about it. Gradually, she seemed to be a completely different person: muddle through life, depressed. "


hearing this, I suddenly realized that

knowing how to forgive others is a kind of wisdom to make a living.

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the source of pain in life?

there is a highly praised answer:

I can't forget, let go, can't afford to lose, don't forgive others, and don't let go of myself.

Yes, if you choose obsession, you can only be trapped in the old wound; only by choosing to forgive can you heal the pain.

and those who are really strong know how to forgive others and let go of themselves.

when you are born a human being, you must remember that

it doesn't matter what you have beaten, the things that have hurt you, and the people who have hurt you.

because only when you learn to let go can you let go of love and hate; only by clearing yesterday can you let bygones be bygones.

and learning to say "it doesn't matter" to stories that hurt others and hurt themselves is a compulsory course in one's life.


will pass

Austrian poet Rilke once said:

Wish to shop for charming lace sleeve wedding dress and showcase your sexy silhouette? We have a huge selection of silhouettes and styles for every taste!

Yes, there is no such thing as easy in adult life. But as long as you get through it, everything will pass.

I have a cousin since

his mother suffered from multiple sclerosis after giving birth to him, and his medicine stayed with him all the year round.

his only brother went out to work and lost his life because of an accident.

unluckily, the house leak rained all night: in the year of graduation, my father was diagnosed with aortic dissection.

in order to cure his father, he had to borrow money everywhere and suffered a lot of disdain.

finally, in desperation, he left a message to his mother:

"take good care of Dad, everything will pass with me."

I went to work in the city.

in order to earn more money, he runs the construction site during the day and washes dishes at night. In the most difficult time, I work three jobs and sleep less than four hours a day.

when he said goodbye to his cousin, he had settled in the provincial capital city, got married, had children, and had a successful career.

when he returns to his hometown, someone always asks him the secret of success. Whenever this time, he only said the same sentence:

"there is no secret, just endure." As long as people live, they can always get through it.

those who have suffered injuries, hardships, and grinding troughs will certainly pass! "

Yes, there were all kinds of things in the past, such as death yesterday, and things after that, such as life today.

No matter how cold the winter is, spring will come; no matter how difficult it is today, it will eventually become yesterday.

as Sanmao wrote in Autumn Love:

everything will pass, and tomorrow everyone will go his own way again. It doesn't matter how long or short life is, it doesn't matter joys and sorrows, it doesn't matter the gains and losses of love and hate.

everything has to go by, like those flowers, those running water. "

when people reach middle age, they are discouraged, sigh that the world is cold and cold, and that they also have a broken head and hate the unfairness of fate. Only after they understand: no matter how difficult life is, as long as you don't forget to stick to it, you will certainly get through it.

No matter how hard life is, as long as you don't give up easily, you will certainly get through it.

all my life, good things and bad things become a thing of the past. Everything will pass.


the highest living method in life is nothing more than nine words: forget it, it doesn't matter, it will pass.

forget it for those who cannot be loved, those who cannot be loved, those who cannot wake up;

those who have beaten you, hurt you, or feel sorry for you, it doesn't matter;

those who have been hurt, suffered, and grinding troughs will surely pass!

May you not love the past, live up to the present, fear the future, and live an open-minded and thorough life for the rest of your life.

May you know how to let it go, and open a new chapter in your life.