For the rest of your life, love someone who makes you laugh

/June 2022

there are always some people who will inadvertently appear in our lives.

affects our joys and sorrows, composing songs of love and hate parting, and then leaving unforgettable memories.

remember that there is a classic question on Zhihu: "what does the best love look like?"

answers to this question emerge one after another, some say that they need to agree with each other's view of love, some say it is the acceptance of each other completely unknowingly, and others say it is to make the two people who are close to each other better.

there is no only standard for the so-called best appearance of love.

but the simplest judgment is that there are more smiles on your face than before, and two people are happier than one.

after all, the original intention of pursuing love is just to make your life happier and luckier.


when you meet the right person, you will smile more than cry.

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I have read such a story:

once upon a time there was a king who had two daughters who had one thing in common: tears can be turned into diamonds.

later, the two daughters married separately. The eldest daughter married the prince and the younger daughter married the shepherd.

Ten years later, the eldest daughter, dressed in gold and silver, lived in a luxurious castle, but her face was much more haggard than at first. Asked why, she said:

it turns out that during these ten years, the eldest daughter and the prince have been making do, and the eldest daughter often washes her face with tears. The prince is not only indifferent, but also traded her tears for a lot of treasures and made a rich life.

while the youngest daughter still follows the shepherd and lives in abject poverty.

the king looked at the little girl's miserable life, so he asked the shepherd:

the shepherd smiled and said:

with the wrong person, life seems to be full of frustration; with the right person, ordinary days are also happy.

smiles are more than tears, which is the best proof of this happiness.

Zhang ailing once said:

the person who doesn't love you will make you sad when you think of it, but the person who loves you will make you raise the corners of your mouth when you mention it.

those who don't love you are indifferent to your tears, but those who love you will try their best to make you laugh.

he is like a beam of light in your gloomy world, taking you out of the darkness and away from confusion.

he may not be good at sweet talk, but he is willing to be the pistachio in your life and prop up a sunny day for you.

you will find that the deafening thunder on rainy days seems less terrible; the quiet nights in winter seem less long; and even the troubles on the way to work are less disturbing.

he will let you know that these troubles are not a big deal, and that it is most important to have each other's company.


to love someone who makes you laugh

poet Burns once said:

Life is long, and one's journey is always lonely.

so we look forward to being favored by fate and get a love of growing old together. After all, these two words, just like it sounds, are fascinating.

We hope that love can be like honey added to Bitter Melon Juice, making our boring days more sweet.

but if this relationship brings you more sadness than happiness, then its existence is meaningless.

colleague Xiaofang once experienced a bad marriage. At that time, she often quarreled with her husband, and there was no big contradiction, but all kinds of trifles added up, she could quarrel two or three times a week.

as you can see in the company, she is so depressed every day that she can't get up to do anything.

one of the most common words I hear from her is:

sometimes I see her sitting quietly in the stairwell to wipe away tears.

later, after a quarrel, the husband left without saying goodbye and didn't come home for several days without even making a phone call.

she finally realized that the days when she had trapped herself in a dead end had come to an end, and that she had been in this relationship for so long that she was exhausted, and it was really time to say goodbye.

before long, they divorced.

Xiaofang and her current husband met at a party. At first, they just had a try, but unexpectedly, they have been walking side by side until now, with a pair of lovely children.

now she is like a little sun every day, not only smiling, but also using her positive energy to influence the people around her.

fall in love with someone who makes you laugh and you will find that all the difficulties in life are not worth mentioning.

the gloom hanging over your head can be easily plucked away by him.

he is like a wall in front of you, which can protect you from all the wind and rain.


from then on, all the hardships we have suffered have become sweet

when we were children, we would play tricks and roll around. It is only when we know that we can cry that we have the reason to eat candy.

later, I had to be strong and brave, forced to smile, knowing that no one would come to spoil myself.

but you should know that the one who makes you laugh is the one who coaxes you with a lollipop and takes you home when you are sad.

in the TV series "Cara Lovers", the heroine Meadow finally got together with the male god Xiao Liang after unremitting efforts, but did not expect that she would be left behind on the spot because of misunderstanding during the engagement.

at the end of the story, layers of mistakes will be solved. I thought Mido would be reunited with Xiao Liang, but unexpectedly, she turned around and chose to accompany her silently all the time.Lei Yiming.

seems unexpected, but in fact it makes sense.

like Ru Ping in Deep Rain, she finally gave up he Shuhuan, who vacillated in love, and married du Fei, who was a little silly.

this is not to make do with it, nor to make do with it, but to know what sweetness is because of hardship.

because I used to be black and blue, I finally know how precious it is to meet someone who heals me.

since then, bitterness has become sweet and wounds have been scarred.

he will be your reassurance, your fluoxetine, the energy to eliminate all your uneasiness, and the driving force for all your happiness.

from the second I met, I was destined to smile in my eyebrows and eyes.

Life is not long, and the life with the right person is worth a trip to the world.

along the way, there are many people who love you, but few people always love you; many people laugh with you, but few people make you laugh all the time.

Life is to walk on with a smile to have something to look forward to; love is to meet another interesting soul before it is valuable.

May you finally meet the one who makes you smile when you think of it and run with all your strength when you see it.

to you, he is the wind in summer, the rain in spring, the most precious gift of fate and the most dazzling light in life.