Five trade-offs determine the pattern of life.

/June 2022

climb Dongshan and Xiao Lu, climb Mount Tai and live in a small world.

if you fly with the Phoenix, you must be a handsome bird; if you dance with the pheasant, it will be worldly.

there is a saying in the ancients: excellence is like staying, and evil is gone like champagne.

only when you know how to take the essence and discard the dross can you make more progress.

whether life can be otherworldly or not, the key lies in how to choose and set up the life pattern.


has something to pursue.

Tang Taizong's "Emperor Fan" has a saying:

how far a person goes, not in his feet, but in pursuit.

those who make do with their lives are doomed to muddle through their lives.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, after Liu Chan of Shu ascended the throne, there was nothing mediocre. When the State of Wei attacked, he was willing to go to the State of Wei to become the "Duke of Anle".

on one occasion, Sima Zhao ordered someone to perform Shu juggling at a banquet and asked Liu Chan, "what do you think?" Liu Chan said, "I am happy here, not thinking about Shu."

as a result, posterity called him "A Dou who can't afford it."

in his opinion, instead of worrying all day long and worrying about the country and the people, it is better to feel at ease to be a rich man.

what is even more tragic is that his heir was also confused by his happy life and was eventually slaughtered by others.

the calm water looks beautiful, but it loses the fighting spirit of the stormy waves.

as Stephen King said:

A body without a soul will only sink deeper and deeper in darkness and quagmire.

Nietzsche once said:

do not climb high mountains, do not know the towering mountains, do not face the sea, do not know the vastness of the sea.

for those who do not pursue, life is bound to be snubbed.

what people fear most when they live a lifetime is that they do nothing and comfort themselves that they are ordinary and precious.

well frog, although leisurely, but do not talk about the sea; summer insects, although cicadas sing three times, but do not talk about ice.

maintaining the status quo will waste your efforts and life.

making do with life is the beginning of a vicious circle.


insist on not reducing the dimension

the ancients said:

after having a peak experience, the dimension can no longer be reduced.

Water flows down, people go up.

one day I will have to climb to the top of you so that I can have a clear view of the short mountains around me.

Liang Dong once shared his story: once, a friend gave him a bottle of Maotai in the real No. 1 cellar.

it was only then that he realized that the reason why he did not like Maotai in the past was that it was all fake Maotai.

since then, he began to put an end to all shoddy wine.

after tasting fine wine, ordinary wine has been very difficult to make people healthy.

get rid of the dregs before you can get its essence.

Science fiction writer Sturgeon once put forward a law:

only by keeping taste and aesthetics can we get out of the mud without staining.

choose the good and follow, choose the bad and abandon it.

often compete with others, but not with fools.

only by being perfect can you really please yourself.

although it is easier to live a low-equipped life, it has long lost its motivation.

Life must have a choice, no reduction of dimension, no downward compatibility.


has grown up

Yuan Mei once said:

Bamboo is not good at getting along with sundries, so it goes straight to Qingyun in order to be outstanding and popular.

when you are at the highest level, you are not afraid of floating clouds to cover your eyes.

if you don't want to be stuck in the world, you must learn to be upward compatible.

Flying with the Phoenix must be a handsome bird, and walking with a tiger and wolf must be a beast.

in 1999, Dong Qing joined Shanghai Satellite TV and wanted to show some punches, but she was severely hit in the face by reality.

Shanghai Satellite TV gave her a series of programs, and the host had no room to play.

when you work every day, you won't make big mistakes, but you won't make great achievements and be safe.

however, Dong Qing understands that he is born in sorrow and dies in peace.

even if it is comfortable, it can not escape the tragedy of warm boiled frogs.

so she began to read poems and songs and entered East China normal University to study classical literature.

the following year, she first won the Golden microphone Award, the highest award in China's broadcasting host industry, and then joined CCTV.

she is unwilling to be ordinary, study quietly, build up the momentum to do it, and has been named the "Top Ten hosts of CCTV" for eight years in a row.

later, she turned producer, "Reader" went online and got a high score of 9.3 Douban.

Life is not only in the present, but also in poetry and afar.

whoever can accumulate energy will be rewarded.

as the Silver Soul says:

if you don't want to be trapped by the environment, you have no choice but to live in the sun.

people must grow up and never stop.


good things are not achieved overnight. Only by working silently can we see the brilliance of the flowers.

Frozen three feet is not built in a day.

the greatest wisdom in life is to rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

Wang Yangming, who aspired to be a sage from an early age, pursued "reading only the ears of saints" all his life.

when he was young, he read dictionaries, fully read scriptures, visited the fortress, and traveled in all directions.

then, he devoted himself to spiritual practice, studied Zhu Zi's study, and focused on "knowledge to knowledge", and then studied the Dharma.

finally, he lived in silence day and night, and after a long time, he realized that "the heart is the truth".

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Wang Yangming has been subdued for 30 years, which has led to the upsurge of the theory of "unity of knowledge and action".

all the things in the world come out of nowhere, but they just rise abruptly based on their accumulated strength.

the gorgeous singing of cicadas in summer is the dormancy of several degrees of spring and autumn; the beauty of a flash in the pan is countless days and nights waiting.

only if you can keep calm can you keep the flowers blooming.

there are no shortcuts in all kinds of industries, and when we are looking for shortcuts, others have already taken steps to go very far!

settle down, calm down, and learn to rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

if you don't play tricks on everything, you will gain a journey after a journey.


there is a breakthrough.

Rousseau once said:

and put people in chains.

conventional teachings make people accustomed to a reserved, step-by-step life.

little do you know that if you just behave yourself, you will eventually become a warrior.

in fact, what is wrong is not age, much less fate, but setting limits on life, without seeing all kinds of possibilities.

when there is no limit to life, life can shine at any time.

all kinds of life in nature, from whales to ants, are breaking through themselves in order to survive.

the same is true of human society

it's the same with human society

Hebei old people Jia Haixia and Jia Wenqi, one is blind, the other has lost both arms, 14 years of ups and downs, creating a large forest.

there are no limits in life, anything is possible.

Liu Yuanyuan once said:

the length of life is limited, but the width is up to me.

there are breakthroughs and no limits in order to embrace a fully stretched life.