Five states of a person's happiness

/August 2022

We have spent decades searching for happiness in life.

many people think that happiness is wealth and make money desperately for the sake of happiness.

actually, happiness does not require much wealth or power.

this article is for you who are looking for happiness.

Happiness, as long as you do these five things.


accompany our family and be warm people

We are willing to endure all the hardships outside just because we have a family to support us.

No matter how busy you are, set aside some time to call home.

Let your family know how you feel and that you miss them, too.

people have temperature, do not hide, like candlelight, although not far, at least can warm the family.

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and make a phone call when you are tired, and your family can keep you warm.

Jia Pingwa, a famous litterateur, said: parents are here, life still has a place to come, parents go, life is only on the way back.

in your lifetime, spend more time with your parents and don't leave regrets in the future.

the passage of time cannot be changed, but at least we cherish it.

parents are alive, children are around the knees, and the wife hugs. Know how to cherish these love, is a warm, happy person.


trust others and be brave

it is true that we sometimes see examples of good people being wrong and bad people being arrogant in the news.

for a long time, many people have such an idea: just mind your own business and don't make trouble for yourself.

but what is even more rare is to see the cool world, but still believe in beautiful people.

when we open our arms and hug others, they dare to open their arms and respond to us.

everyone in the world is in danger. Who will do good?

as the saying goes: those who love others will always love them, and those who respect others will always respect them.

the same is true of trust-those who believe, people always believe!

willing to trust others, will also be trusted by others, which is also essential to establish a harmonious and friendly interpersonal relationship.

people are afraid and wary of the unknown. It is not difficult to get others to trust. What is really difficult is to trust unknown people.

it takes courage to trust.

A truly brave person dares to trust others.


it is necessary to be a pursuer

material, but it is not something that people should ask for infinitely, it is only the basis of life and spirit.

Today, many people devote themselves to material demands and enjoyment, eat, drink and play, and do not miss Shu.

do not realize that this endless practice of taking is destroying their ability to "think" and becoming more dependent on the instinctive desires of the body.

those who are really full of spirit understand that the spirit is based on the material, and the supreme state of the material is the spiritual thinking.

when the material is satisfied, we should consider the spiritual adequacy.

We improve ourselves, temper ourselves, and transform ourselves in order to look further into the starry sky.

this process of transformation is a kind of spiritual enjoyment, which is higher than material entertainment.

therefore, take dreams as horses, forge ahead and look further into the starry sky.


in good health, people who enjoy happiness

how many people are unwilling to pursue dreams and only want to fly forward, but in the hard work day and night, they overdraw their health.

We must admit that

Health is the foundation of happiness, and only with health can we think about all the next things.

only if you live healthily can you have time to enjoy happiness.

so, after busy work, exercise properly, eat more vegetables, steal leisure, and have a cup of tea.

as Mark Twain said: the only way to stay healthy is to eat what you don't want to eat, drink what you don't want to drink, and do something you don't want to do.

maybe you don't like tea or vegetables, but you might as well give it a try. Slowly, you will like them.

if you like drinking tea and eating green vegetables very much, you must be a healthier person than many of your peers.

only in good health can we have a chance to enjoy all the blessings of the present and the future.


be friends with your heart and be clear.

people who really know themselves know their strengths and weaknesses, their limits and fears.

as a result, they are not too confused about themselves and the future.

We all change sooner or later, but the transformation is not without a price. We may have to let go of some things that we cannot do and are not reconciled to, or some obsession that has passed.

but what should I do?

first of all, let's be friends with our hearts.

in the dead of night, talk to your heart.

Let our hearts tell us what to do.

people's instinct for greed tells us that we need to have innumerable wealth, hold power, and do what we want to do.

inside, it tells us that we like happiness, harmony and happiness, we like to be with our family, and we like to go fishing and hiking with friends.

when we are friends with the heart, we know more about ourselves, which is so subtle that we don't even realize it.

did you find it?

none of these five points is related to wealth or power.

because true happiness is priceless.

people who are really happy are those who not only warm their families, but also trust others and have spiritual pursuits.And healthy, will know how to reflect, so that they continue to become excellent people.

We have tried our best to live a happy and ordinary life.

are you, too?