Five micro conditions for longevity

/August 2022

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the ultimate goal of success?

there is a high praise answer with only two words: "longevity."

the world is busy, only for fame and profit, but it is their own body that gets along with everyone day and night.

A happy life requires a strong body to work hard, and good health is a prerequisite for enjoying life.

longevity is a blessing.

to live a long life, you need to start with five micro conditions.


Micro exercise

Aristotle said:

exercise too much and too little, the same damage to physical strength, only moderately can produce, improve, and maintain physical strength and health. The investigation of

World Health Organization (WHO) found that the significance of

exercise is self-evident, but it is not that the higher the frequency, the greater the intensity, the better the effect.

the amount of exercise should be based on one's own physique, moderation is the best, and too much is not as good as it is.

there are netizens sharing on Zhihu: adhere to running in the morning for three years, three kilometers a day, knee cartilage wear is more serious.

Media reports: the 70-year-old man walks tens of thousands of steps every day, and his knee hurts so much that he can't stand.

Research shows that ten minutes of exercise a day can also effectively prolong life. Three to five times a week, 30 to 60 minutes at a time, can effectively reduce psychological stress.

keeping a certain amount of micro-exercise every day is better than three days of fishing and two days of strenuous exercise.

there is no quick road to fitness, it depends on cumulative efforts. Long-term persistence will reap a different kind of life.

85-year-old Zhong Nanshan, Hale and hearty, tall and erect, has been exercising for more than a decade. "Life expectancy does not depend on disease and aging, but on bringing the right way of life into life," he said. "

78-year-old granny, who seems to be in her early 40s, said bluntly, "it is exercise that makes me maintain so well."

Mao Zedong once said: "if you are expensive and constant, why should you get up three shifts and five shifts? it is the most useless, just for fear of exposing the cold for ten days."

Micro exercise is more beneficial to health and easier to stick to.


minor taboos

with the continuous improvement of living standards, the benefits that food brings to human beings are not only satiety, but also enjoyment.

many people can't open their legs and stop talking in front of delicious food.

according to the White Paper on Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Health among Young and Middle-aged people in China, about one in six people at high risk of cardio-cerebrovascular disease is post-90s.

among them, eating too much is the main reason. Many diseases are related to eating, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, obesity, fatty liver.

eating too much will increase the burden on the intestines and stomach, slow blood circulation, consume more and consume less, resulting in fat accumulation.

reducing the amount of food can prolong life.

experts suggest that only seven percent of the meal is full. And ensure adequate protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals; low energy, low fat, low sugar, low sodium salt.

in the case of diet control, the body is relaxed, the digestive burden of the intestines and stomach is reduced, the metabolic pressure is also reduced accordingly, and the whole person is refreshed.

eating less can also delay aging, think quickly, and make people younger.

Su Shi said, "if you want to eat, you can't be poor." Every increase in frugality is also the way to cherish happiness and prolong life. "

Zhang Hua, an ancient Chinese scholar, said: "the less you eat, the more open your heart is, and the more years you get; the more you eat, the more blocked your heart is, and the more you lose every year."

healthy, start with keeping your mouth shut.


the streets are busy with traffic, and everyone is in a hurry.

some people enjoy galloping in the world of material desires, while others are bound by worldly shackles and struggle to move forward.

maybe I went too far and forgot my original intention when I came here. Maybe I walked in such a hurry that a bright appearance could not hide my dusty mind.

doing your best is certainly an impressive pursuit of life, and doing your best can be regarded as the wisdom of life that knows how to choose.

Kaifu Lee has worked for Apple, Microsoft and Google, and has returned home to set up an "innovation factory." His hard-working style is called "Iron Man" by his colleagues.

High-intensity work makes Kaifu Lee suffer from cancer unfortunately.

A sentence from Master Nebula woke him up: "A man who always wants to expand his influence is actually pursuing fame and wealth."

after his illness, Li Kaifu, full of awe of life, said:

Zhang Bin, a 36-year-old IT graduate from Tsinghua University, died suddenly in a hotel. He worked continuously for 70 hours.

Xiao Li, a 24-year-old employee of an advertising company, died of a heart attack in his office. He worked overtime for a month before he fell ill.

it no longer seems to be a joke that "take your life to make money before the age of 40, and exchange money for your life after the age of 40".

put aside the work in hand and stop the hasty pace for a while.

being a person of micro-Buddhism is like fruit hanging high on a tree. If you can reach it, try to jump. If you still can't, giving up is another way to get it.

to be a micro-Buddha, you should have less desire, less appeal, more indifference, and more peace.

what life gives back to us is a thicker background and colorful life.


the micro-ego

some people say:

want to have a more independent personality, more determined, calmer, more tolerant, go where you want to go, do what you want to do, love the person you want to love, not what others think is right.

drifting with the tide and following others seems to have become a kind of inertia of life, while maverick and unique ways are regarded as ridiculous.If the sky falls, we shall catch larks.

however, the strong man of life is never afraid to stick to his true self; the helmsman of fate never doubts his own choice.

when Zhong Fangrong, the top student in the college entrance examination, offered her an olive branch at Tsinghua and Peking University, she could have chosen any popular major, but she said she liked history and chose an unpopular major in archaeology.

when Jin Yong was young, he had a diplomat's dream. When he entered the door of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through his efforts, he found that his character of self-persistence and unwillingness to be bound was at odds with rigorous diplomatic work.

he gave up decisively and turned to the literary world. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is short of a diplomat, but there is a gold warrior in the literary world.

follow your heart, understand your wishes, and are not influenced by the secular world or troubled by the outside world.

We advocate selfless dedication, dedication to our work and dedication to our families. But when you are busy, don't lose yourself.

leave a little space for yourself, don't be held hostage by the voice of others; leave some time for yourself to build your own spiritual temple.

French writer Sinneker said: "to the universe, I am insignificant, but to myself, I am everything."

Don't embarrass yourself, feel sorry for yourself and live like yourself.



in life, it is rare to be confused.

how many friends are getting farther and farther away in the calculation of twists and turns; how many families, in the harm of penny-pinching, the broken mirror is difficult to round.

shrewdness is an advantage, but being good at pretending to be confused is a skill.

colleague Lao Li, people praise him for living thoroughly and clearly.

Lao Li never listens to other people's gossip, let alone talk about others behind their backs.

when he meets a "kind-hearted person", he quietly conveys to him that as soon as other people open their mouth, they will be rejected.

being confused is not pretending to be deaf and foolish, but not seeing what you don't want to see and not listening to what you don't want to hear;

being confused is not ignorance, but seeing through without telling, knowing people without judging others.

A little confused to the family, happiness is often accompanied by around; a little less attention to the gains and losses, the state of mind suddenly enlightened.

Confucius regarded confusion as "golden mean", Laozi regarded confusion as "inaction", and Zhuangzi regarded confusion as "carefree".

the Song of half a word of Life says: half stupid, half confused, half drunk, half awake.

to be wise and foolish is the wisdom of life, and confusion is the accomplishment of life.

Buddha said: "what is not satisfactory is not life, but your state of mind."

be confused. To forgive others is to let yourself go; to see through life is to achieve self-improvement.

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Zeng Guofan said: "peace of mind means peace of mind, peace of mind means peace of mind, and peace of mind means good health."

micro-exercise, physical fitness, longevity;

micro-taboos, those who eat less in the abdomen, longevity;

micro-Buddhism, contentment, longevity;

micro-ego, inner confidence, longevity;

micro-confusion, foolishness and wisdom, longevity.

there is a saying: if you are not anxious, you will not grow old; if you are not lazy or greedy, you will prolong your life.

encourage each other.