Five micro conditions for longevity: slightly fat, slightly cool, slightly hungry, slightly sweating, and slightly stupid.

/August 2022

longevity is a blessing.

with the development of modern medical treatment and sufficient material conditions, human life has been greatly extended.

but people's pursuit has not changed, always hoping that they can live longer.

so, how can you make yourself live longer?


slightly fat

the aesthetic preference of Chinese people has always been white and thin.

there is even a saying that "there are no more than a hundred good girls".

some time ago, an actress "lost" herself to the hospital in order to lose weight.

was also named by the official media for this.

over-seeking "bone feeling" is very easy to get sick.

according to modern research, the right amount of fat can store energy, protect organs and delay aging.

while the body is too thin, it is easy to bring the risk of iron deficiency anemia, decreased immunity, increased susceptibility to disease and so on.

the best figure is slightly fat, do not over-diet, try to reduce sugar intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, high-quality protein, adhere to exercise.

keeping healthy is the true beauty of a person.


slightly cool

watching the news a while ago, a teacher checked the child's clothes.

A student wears seven whole layers of clothes.

When in sexy bridesmaid dresses your look is magnificent and glamorous. This section is just for you – unique in every way.

parents are trying to keep their children warm, but wearing too much is not good for their health.

the study shows that when the room temperature is from 18 ℃ to 20 ℃, the human body feels slightly cold, but the body immunity can be brought into full play, the disease resistance is stronger and the sleep quality is higher.

and the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the decline of immunity and physical fitness.

besides dressing, eat at a low temperature.

Cooking style is mainly cold steaming, and fried and fried food is eaten as little as possible.

when eating, don't go into your mouth as soon as you get out of the pot and let the food cool.

long-term use of high-temperature food will also scald the esophageal mucosa and induce esophageal cancer.


slightly hungry

Seven percent satiety is more than just talk.

many people eat too much, and they also eat fruit and snacks when they are full.

you have to eat too much every time to be satisfied.

the elderly in the family are distressed for leftovers and often eat a few more bites to strive for CD-ROMs.

this is actually unhealthy.

oversatiety will not only cause spleen and stomach damage, but also excessive calorie intake will cause hypertension, cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

experts have proved through animal experiments that if the normal diet is reduced by 30 to 40%, the life expectancy can be extended by 30% to 60.

the average life expectancy of the people has exceeded 70 years. If we can eat only seven percent full and achieve a balanced nutrition, we can be healthier and live longer.

you can usually eat more whole grains, so that people feel fuller and eat less food.

concentrate on eating, the feeling of gradual fullness in the stomach.

only in this way can we slowly reduce food intake and develop a good habit of seven percent fullness.


slight sweat

many people think that exercise is for a big sweat, so that they can detoxify and nourish their beauty and have the effect of fitness.

but in fact, for the middle-aged and elderly, the more they sweat, the greater the deficit.

so exercise should be moderate, with mild sweating as far as possible.

when going out for exercise, try to choose less strenuous exercise methods such as walking and Taijiquan.

to control the heart rate and the amount of activity, it is appropriate to sweat slightly, feel tired and feel comfortable.



Mr. Ji Xianlin said: to keep in good health is a state of mind.

if a person has a good state of mind, his body will naturally be fine.

everything happens to everyone in this world. Maintain a philosophy that is rarely confused, so that one can be in no hurry and be less angry.

Modern science shows that the more likely a person is to get angry, the more likely he is to take it seriously, and the more likely he is to get sick.

such as hypertension, gastric ulcer, neurasthenia, etc., are all emotional diseases.

in order to maintain good health, you must first nourish the mind, be confused and unrestrained in life, be able to afford and let go, and learn to be foolish and laugh at yourself is the great wisdom.

making more friends, cultivating hobbies, being diligent in reading and exercising more are all beneficial to people's mental health.