Farewell to 2020, this is probably the best 20 rituals

/July 2022


it is easiest to check the fulfillment of wishes in 2020

than to make one wish after another.

the hardest thing is to realize these wishes one by one.

it's time to think back to the wishes you made at the beginning of the year and how much have you achieved? Is it piercing or reassuring?

Don't put off 2021 of the wishes you wrote down in 2018 that should have ended in 2020 and that you vowed to accomplish in 2019.

if you have an unfinished wish, do it again in the last 20 days of 2020!


arranging photo albums, making memories into books and taking pictures of time

is a portrait of life.

photos are proof that we have cried, laughed, hurt and loved, making life and time traceable.

to organize photo albums is to sort out the world in your eyes.

2020, what kind of stories are your albums filled with?


do a thorough cleaning and break up

Q: what can I do to improve my quality of life immediately?

answer: there are many. One of them is to break up.

give up the excess material, and the day will become focused and refined.

at the end of the year, you might as well try to subtract from life.

unload your heavy burden and lose your obsession in order to be light; only when you know how to cut down the complexity can you take a light step.


travel, go to see the scenery you have been longing for for a long time

if you have plenty of time, do your epidemic prevention, go out and take a look at the real world outside the online world, whether it is Ding Zhen's hometown Litang, the 600-year-old Forbidden City, the independent Mogao Grottoes, or the endless snowy countryside.

in short, don't say "see through the world" after brushing through WeChat moments and counting hot search headlines.

come into contact with the amiable life, until you also send out such an admiration: the most beautiful scenery is always on the road.


shoot our own solar terms wallpaper

December, we also have poetic agreements with heavy snow solar terms (December 7) and the Winter Solstice solar terms (December 21).

the weather forecast says that there may be five cold air processes affecting our country this month. I wonder if it will snow there.

hope that heavy snow meets heavy snow, the Winter Solstice snow arrives, and we capture the beauty brought by the flow of nature with our cameras.


come to a year-end cure meal

the most touching thing is really the smell of smoke and fire in the world.

invite three or five friends, push the cup for a change, eat heartily, and indulge in joy.

Why ask again whether the world is worth it?

long-coveted hot pot barbecue crayfish Spicy Hot Pot kebabs roast duck pearl milk tea chicken sauerkraut fish meat steamed bun shrimp dumpling soup package Luoyang powder Cross Bridge Rice Noodle matcha cake popcorn fried chicken and egg tart hand grab cake.

one by one, the world must be worth it.


take care of your appearance, change your look

the way you walk, the way you deal with life, your story, your mood, are also hidden in your appearance and appearance.

tired of being immutable, you might as well change your hairstyle first, refresh yourself in the New year, and of course start from scratch!


arrange a physical examination for yourself and your family

of all happiness, health is probably better than any other happiness.

because without health, there is nothing. Sprint at the end of the year, do not overdraw health without a bottom line, and remember to take care of the health of yourself and your family.

the best thing in the world may not be "I have grown up, but you are not old";

but, "I have the ability to repay, and you are still healthy."


send a hearty gift

"I give you a gift, accompanied by my state of mind, my thanks, my greetings, my concerns, my worries, my expectations, my blessings." A gift is a condensation of the mind.

maybe it's for relatives and friends, maybe it's for yourself, no matter how the year goes, don't forget to reward yourself and give back to your loved ones at the end of the year.


make a year-end bill

make a summary of your income and expenditure this year.

know how much you earn and how much you save, where do you spend your money, and who is the biggest payout for?

the good days are earned by themselves, and they are also managed bit by bit.


finish reading a book that you want to read but have been shelved for a long time

Life is more difficult in the end than in the beginning.

how many of us have neither the calmness to end 2020 nor the courage to start 2021?

read how the classics begin and end with a masterstroke, and understand the wisdom of the end and the beginning.


spend a day in the museum

"how can the ever-changing millennia, so many years, be compressed into one day? Through the museum, of course. "

if you want an arbitrary door through history at the moment, please go to the museum now.


give yourself a history lesson,

related to the Nanjing Massacre

December 13, a heavy day, National Memorial Day, a victim of the Nanjing Massacre.

the troubled times of that year were like hemp, and there was a river of blood that day. The Japanese army began a more than 40-day inhumane massacre in Nanjing, killing more than 300,000 Chinese compatriots.

We are strongEndure the pain of exposing the scars and mention it again and again in order not to forget--

do not forget how more than 300,000 compatriots died one by one, how our nation was backward and beaten, and that my beautiful mountains and rivers are hard-won, the country is prosperous and the people are in peace.


what is the use of going to the cinema to see a movie

for life? Maybe the answer is enough:

"watching movies can experience a thousand kinds of life, and people who don't watch movies can only live once."

Photo Source: the movie "the Strange of Benjamin Barton"


visits a friend

whom I haven't seen for a long time, not the one who comes first or knows the longest, but the one who came and never left.

True friendship is not afraid of fleeting time or distance.

there are not many real friends, three or five, that's enough. Setting aside some time for your friends, chatting and confiding is one of the great joys of life.


look back on the road to the war plague

recall how this wish shines into reality:

"the bright sun will eventually illuminate this land."

the cherry blossoms will bloom again,

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premature people will still eat hot and dry noodles,

streets will be full of people again,

We will take off our masks and

go where we want to go and see the people we want to see. "


doing a good thing without recognition and without reward

is a good thing that is happening, making the world a better and more memorable place.

just look at the look of delight at your help, and you will soon become addicted to doing good deeds.

when you turn away after getting dressed, what you leave behind 2020 is an unparalleled figure.


use the last 20 days to add value to yourself

in this ever-changing era, standing still is a retrogression.

instead of anxiety, it is better to act. This countdown of more than 20 days can be a good value-added period for a person.

develop a good habit or quit a bad habit, develop a hobby, learn a new skill, take an online course, and get closer to your weight loss goal.

the real excellence is "self-inflicted".


be grateful, those who make you better

thank you for raising, meeting, teaching, listening, inspiring, gift, acquaintance, Shou, love, Chengquan, warmth, peers.

who do you want to thank most for making you a better person this year?

Please sincerely express your gratitude to the other person.

2021 before sunrise, get back together with yourself


after making up your mind to resign a thousand times, you are still working hard.

you, who live in a small house alone and take good care of "not a rented life", have worked hard.

Thank you for swallowing all the pressure and bitterness at the moment you opened the door.

on the night when you were awakened by the baby's crying, you temporarily sealed the poem and the distance. Thank you for your hard work.

in the street, at the entrance of the alley, you, who get up early in the morning and work late at night, have worked hard for your steaming life.

maybe you are still holding on somewhere at the moment, or you, who have fallen into a deep sleep because of hard work, have worked hard.

No matter what the burden of fate is, you, who refuse to surrender and take dreams as your horse, have worked hard.

hard work, you who choose the former between enterprising and wasted, and those who choose the latter between "almost" and the extreme, even if you want to give up thousands of times or choose to try again.

write a letter to yourself, be alone for a while, and tell yourself: this year, you have worked hard.