Everything is the best arrangement (this article is priceless)

/June 2022

on the road of life, there are mountains and valleys, sometimes rugged and difficult, sometimes smooth and easy.

but it is precisely because of these ups and downs that constitute a rich and colorful picture of life.

everyone wants life to be plain sailing, but this is often not the case.

nine times out of ten, bad things don't end well, sometimes good things don't end well, and bad things don't end badly.

as the saying goes, "if you lose a horse, you can't know misfortune or misfortune."

but please believe that everything is the best arrangement, and all kinds of experiences will make us grow.


when you leave the wrong, you can meet the right

there is a saying: "the right person is like gold, how can it be easy for you to meet!"

I think so.

the person who is really right can be met but not sought.

We will meet countless people in our lives, and some of them will leave us eventually.

but there is no need to force or regret, because there will be better people waiting to meet us later.

when Zhang Youyi first reached the age of 15, she was betrothed to Xu Zhimo, the eldest son of the then Jiangnan wealthy businessman Xu family.

Xu Zhimo has studied abroad, has new ideas and hates arranged marriages.

when Xu Zhimo saw Zhang Youyi's picture for the first time, he curled down the corners of his mouth and said in a tone of disgust, "country bumpkin!"

after marriage, he has never looked Zhang Youyi in the eye.

what is even more abhorrent is that when Zhang Youyi had her second child, Xu Zhimo risked her life to have an abortion in order to be with Lin Huiyin.

A frightened Zhang Youyi said to Xu Zhimo, "someone died of an abortion."

Xu Zhimo said contemptuously:

this also made Zhang Youyi completely cold to Xu Zhimo.

Zhang Youyi did not collapse after the divorce, but focused on her career and became a socialite at that time.

only when you leave the wrong person can you meet the right person.

later, Su Jizhi, a neighbor of traditional Chinese medicine, appreciated her strong patience, dignified manner, and independent self-improvement, so she began to pursue Zhang Youyi. Finally, with the blessing of relatives and friends, Zhang Youyi married Su Jizhi in Hong Kong.

Su Jizhi gave Zhang Youyi a really happy marriage.

there is a saying: "some people are destined to grow up."

all chances in life are not perfect. We will meet bad people as well as good people.

leaving the wrong people is not only a relief, but also a growth for us.

only by leaving the wrong person can you meet the right person.


suffering is for a better life

there is such a story in history:

after Zhang Xiaoxiang was the number one student in high school, Qin Hui tried to woo him, but Zhang Xiaoxiang refused.

Qin Hui felt that Zhang Xiaoxiang would threaten his own interests, so she tried to frame him.

Qin Jianyu's gang fabricated crimes out of thin air to frame Zhang Xiaoxiang's family and put his family in prison.

they want to threaten Zhang Xiaoxiang to become attached to him.

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looking at the suffering family, Zhang Xiaoxiang, who has no money and no power, has nothing to do.

and during this period, Zhang Xiaoxiang was not only harassed by the Qin Juniu Party, but also often accused of rebellion.

A spate of disasters also made Zhang Xiaoxiang wonder if he should not have entered the official career in the first place.

but when Zhang Xiaoxiang, who suffered a lot of suffering, saw the sufferings of the people, he strengthened his inner principles and still insisted on honesty and integrity.

in the face of treacherous officials, Zhang Xiaoxiang bravely attacked; in the face of the people, Zhang Xiaoxiang relieved the poor.

Zhang Xiaoxiang was loved by the people and favored by the emperor, and his official position was getting bigger and bigger.

the old saying goes:

"therefore, heaven is going to do great things, so people must first work hard, strain their bones and muscles, starve their skin, lack of their body, and act in disorder, so they are moved and patient to gain what they cannot do."

moths that have not experienced the baptism of suffering are vulnerable.

the same is true of people. People will be vulnerable if they have not experienced hardship in life.

those who achieve great things grow up through all kinds of hardships.

Liang Qichao said: "adversity and hardship is the highest school for tempering personality."

suffering is the most precious asset in life.

people are either the strong to overcome suffering or the weak to succumb to suffering.

No one's success comes casually.

only those who withstand hardships can have a better life.


the defect is for better perfection

there is a saying in the Daojing: "what a man hates, he is lonely and widowed."

everyone doesn't like imperfections and sufferings, and everyone wants to have a perfect life.

then why are there so many defects in the world?

because there are no regrets, no matter how much happiness I give you, I can't feel it.

just like a person who only knows sweetness, he has no other taste to accompany him, nor can he experience sweetness.

when Su Shi was in office, he was demoted to Huangzhou because of the Wutai poem case.

on the way to being demoted, Su Shi felt very mixed, felt very sorry that he did not stop the change, and was also very worried about where he was going.

when he first arrived in Huangzhou, he lamented the coldness of the world several times.

but instead of getting depressed, he quickly adjusted his state of mind.

during this period, he lived in hardship, so he opened up wasteland and planted food to support his family.

in order to change his mood, heAlso began to come into contact with a large number of Buddhist scriptures and Laozhuang philosophy.

during that time, Su Shi created many immortal works.

the frustration in officialdom is a pity for Su Shi.

but it is a kind of fulfillment to stay away from officialdom and live a leisurely and focused life.

as the old saying goes, "Gold has no color, while white jade has slight flaws."

everyone wants to strive for a complete life.

however, from ancient times to the present, no one at home or abroad has had a 100% full life.

sometimes, those imperfections are used as a foil to make people more cherish what they get now.

there are often gains and losses in life, and those that can be lost are just for you to get better.

Sakyamuni once said:

"No matter who you meet, he is the right person. No matter what happens, it is the only thing that will happen."

No matter when something starts, it's the right moment, it's over, it's over. "

everything is the best arrangement.

when you encounter difficulties in your efforts, don't be depressed; when you force your feelings, don't fall in love.

everything in life, we don't have to resist, face it with a smile, and not complain.

I hope you will always remember that there are reasons for all kinds of experiences, and if things go against your wishes, there are other arrangements.