Eight short stories, the story is very short, the truth is very deep.

/October 2022


A tortoise was reviled, said nothing, and slowly shrank its head into its shell.

A fish couldn't watch any more and said contemptuously, "you're so useless, you know how to hide."

the tortoise stretched out its limbs leisurely: "this is not to escape, but to seek a quiet environment."

the fish said, "you've been cursed!"

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the tortoise said: others can say what they like. As long as I don't care, it's nothing. That's why I lived a long time.

there is no need to explain to friends, it is futile to explain to enemies.

so, instead of wasting energy, we should keep silent and be ourselves.


A dragonfly came to a strange place and asked the fly, "are there any flowers near here?"

the fly replied, "I don't see any flowers, but there are canned bottles, feces and garbage everywhere in the sewer."

the dragonfly met a bee and asked the same question.

the bee said happily, "it's beautiful around here, and there are fragrant flowers everywhere."

then, the bee introduced which grass had lilies and where the hyacinth had just bloomed.


it's important to choose friends.

being with excellent people is like finding the bright light of life and guiding you to see more beautiful scenery.

unwittingly, enhance your horizons and patterns, so that you emit unlimited power and light.


A young man went to buy a bowl. He picked up one and tapped the other bowls in turn.

but almost all the bowls were touched, and none of them were satisfied.

it turns out that his trick is that when one bowl is gently hit by another, what makes a crisp and pleasant sound is a good bowl.

the boss smiled: "the one you used to try the bowl is inferior in itself." If you want to get a good bowl, you must first make sure that you are also a fine product. "

there is a bowl in everyone's life, which is filled with kindness, trust, tolerance and sincerity, as well as hypocrisy, suspicion, narrowness and selfishness.

if you give sincerity, you will get corresponding goodwill;

if you are suspicious, you will inevitably arouse suspicion.

to be the best of yourself, you can collide with the best of others.


the piggy bank stood up and said arrogantly to the blank paper: "look at my stomach full of money, you have nothing, don't you feel empty?"

the white paper said modestly, "No, my future will be very full."

later, the owner picked up his pen and wrote two beautiful lines on white paper, which were mounted into banners and hung in the study.

all the guests applauded. Later, this calligraphy work became a treasure and was collected forever.

and that piggy bank has long been smashed by the calligrapher's grandson.


Pride is the beginning of downfall. Don't be conceited and complacent just because of a little achievement.

Don't look down on anyone, maybe he will make you too high tomorrow.

to improve yourself, you must first learn to be modest and low-key.


chickens and birds flew over the farmer's yard. The chickens were so overjoyed that they stopped to eat without saying a word.

the bird came back from foraging outside and excitedly shared what it had seen and heard all day.

the chicken said disdainfully, "I ate such a lot of food without much effort. I didn't waste a day running as far as you did and come back with a half-full stomach."

the bird, speechless, waved its wings and left.

year after year, chickens get heavier and heavier except eat and sleep, slowly losing their ability to fly.

A few years later, it became a midday meal on the table.


if you lust for comfort, you will eventually dig your own grave.

jumping out of the comfort zone in time to develop skills is the only way to survive for a long time.

only by daring to challenge can you be extraordinary.


A butterfly flew in through the window and circled the room again and again, but could not find an exit.

it kept flapping its wings and bumped left and right countless times without success.

at last, the butterfly exhausted all its strength and landed on the table.

at last it knew that the lower place was the open window, and on several occasions it flew up to two inches from the top of the window.


when you are in trouble, unremittingly breaking through is certainly the most direct way.

but more often, what is needed is patience, reflection on mistakes, summing up experience, and saving energy.

having the courage to endure humiliation, keep a low profile, and the strategy of overcoming difficulties will be more effective than moving forward bravely.


there are two tigers, one in a cage and the other in the wilderness.

they all think their environment is poor and envy each other.

by chance, the two tigers changed identities and both felt very happy.

the tiger who comes to the cage enjoys its success all day;

the tiger who comes to the wilderness finds the freedom he has not seen for a long time.

but before long, both tigers died.

one dies of melancholy, the other of hunger.


you don't need to look up to others, in fact, you are being envied by others.

Happiness is a bowl of boiled water, which can't quench your thirst no matter how attractive other people's drinks are.

the reason why people suffer is that they pursue things that do not belong to them.

as long as you don't ask for trouble and know how to cherish what you have, you are happy.


there is a man taking shelter from the rain under the eaves.

when he saw a monk passing by with an umbrella, he shouted, "Master, please do me a favor!"

the monk said, "I am in the rain and you are under the eaves." And there is no rain under the eaves, you don't need me. "

on hearing this, the man immediately came out from under the eaves and stood in the rain: "now that I'm in the rain, isn't it time for me?"

the monk said: I am in the rain and you are in the rain. I didn't get caught in the rain because I had an umbrella; you got caught in the rain because I didn't have an umbrella. So you don't have to find me, please find the umbrella!


Destiny is like your own palmprint, although it is crooked, it is always in your own hands.

what kind of life you want to have, what kind of action you have to pay first.

it is better to ask for help than to ask for help. Only those who help themselves can get God's help.

the same wood is made into three buckets.

one pretends to be dung, and everyone is hiding;

one is filled with water, which is used by everyone;

one is filled with wine, and everyone is holding it.

the bucket is the same bucket, the contents are different, the fate is completely different.

the same is true of life, with emphasis on content.

what kind of thinking, what kind of life.

Wang Xiaobo said: "when people live in the world, they just want to understand some truth and encounter some interesting things. if they can do so, they will be considered successful in life."

A thousand kinds of life has a thousand stories, but it makes sense.

May you understand these philosophies and be more wise and open-minded, calm and calm.