Education (incisive)

/June 2022

the Master said, "the superior man is knowledgeable in literature and makes an appointment with propriety."

A gentleman should not only be knowledgeable, but also know etiquette, and people should know etiquette and righteousness before they can be educated.

upbringing is not inborn nature, but acquired habits.

A good upbringing is the wealth of one's life. Be an educated person for the rest of your life.


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what is upbringing

the ancient poem says:

A person's upbringing has nothing to do with learning. One can be without knowledge, but not without it.

there are always some people in life who do harm to others and don't even know it.

speak freely, regardless of occasions, but boast of being impartial and outspoken.

when you bother others, you don't feel sorry; when you deal with people, you are absent-minded.

the greatest deficiency in life is not lack of wealth and status, but lack of upbringing.

Confucius said, "do not do to others what you do not want to do to others."

in fact, the core of upbringing is to have others in your heart.

when others make mistakes unintentionally, it is your understanding that they do not show off their weaknesses or show off their own strengths. When you own it and others don't, don't forget to give a piece of the pie to the people around you.

it is your kindness to cherish the efforts of all people and not to embarrass others on any occasion.

to be able to put yourself in the shoes of others and treat everyone equally is breeding.

live on pins and needles with uneducated people; with educated people, like a spring breeze.

upbringing is the most beautiful appearance of a modest gentleman.


be an educated person

psychologists say that

attractive appearance, profound knowledge, and intelligent mind will attract people's attention.

but only a good upbringing is the key to being respected.

if you feel uncomfortable because of faux pas, other bright spots will be buried as well.

upbringing is a trivial matter, which flashes in the details of every move.

Di Zi Gui says:

other people are busy, so don't disturb them with their own affairs. If other people are upset, don't make noise in other people's ears.

upbringing is quiet and considerate, with the attribute of healing others.

the comfort of a soft voice in private is easier to accept than a harsh rebuke.

when others are embarrassed, it is more touching to stand up for him than to praise him loudly.

Don't take other people's help for granted, don't take others' forgiveness as connivance.

if you only have yourself, you are hell, and if you don't forget to take care of others, you are heaven.

to be an educated person, life is full of good things.


take every inconspicuous person seriously, every trivial thing is a person's greatest upbringing.

May you have breeding in your bones, kindness in your heart, tolerance and respect, and be a warm-hearted person like a spring breeze.