Eat seven points full, treat others seven points good (profound)

/June 2022

there is a sad saying in "the Dead of Mountains and Rivers":

sooner or later, it will be separated, including the loved ones around you, not to mention those who appear in your life in a hurry and brush their shoulders in a hurry.

We will constantly meet new people and lose old friends in a trance.

the train of life always goes up and down, except for blood relationship, no feelings are unbreakable. So never overestimate yourself.


if you don't give, you will be rewarded

if you are good to others, will others be just as good to you?

not necessarily.

when the water is full, it will spill over, and people will be aggrieved when they love deeply.

Don't deny that the more you love, the more you want the same love. The deeper the love, if the other party has a trace of perfunctory, the heart will be uncomfortable.

and the more you love, the more the person opposite you takes it for granted.

clothes bought with a lot of money, we will store them carefully and casually get the goods in the stalls, but we throw them in the corner at will.

in fact, people are the same, giving too much is not necessarily a good thing.

eat seven points full, treat people seven points good.

when one day you find that you don't get anything in return for what you give, and your kindness reminds the other person as nagging, there is no need to pay foolishly.

in this world, some people don't cherish you, not because you are not good enough, but because they don't care about you.

so, for those who are ungrateful, forget it. If you don't pay, you won't feel bad, and if you don't chase, you won't be tired.


gathering and dispersing is life, the world is always unpredictable

gathering and scattered life, the world is always too unpredictable.

one second the sun was shining, and the next it was cloudy.

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people, like the weather, change as they say, love as much as they say, and be heartless as much as they want.

Wang Xiaobo said:

We are all walking along the way, changing all the way, getting all the way, and losing all the way.

people's life, our ability is limited, we do not have enough time.

people's hearts are hurt again and again, and after feelings get cold again and again, you will understand that there are only a few people who can stay with you for the rest of your life and really accompany you to the old age.

Don't overestimate your position in the hearts of others. Overestimating the result will only make you suffer.

how many feelings, can not withstand the changes of the years, a long time to break up; how many relationships, can not stand the frustrations of the wear away, after the accident has changed.

even if you are as close as a lover, you still have to abandon you, not to mention friends who haven't been with you for a long time.

Don't overestimate yourself. Being sober and independent is the best attitude in a relationship.


the road of life through wind and rain, my world, as long as you have been here

Lin Qingxuan said: to come is accidental, but to walk is inevitable.

whether it is to accompany you for decades or years, you will eventually withdraw from our world, sooner or later.

if we can gladly accept a person's arrival, we must learn to gladly accept a person's departure.

the hardest thing in life is that people who once cherished and depended on each other will one day turn around and leave you, unable to stay, unable to get back, and unable to change.

Don't torture yourself for loss, because it's not worth it.

all the people who leave easily are the ones you can't keep;

all the people who stay for you are the ones you don't have to work hard to give up.

emotion, you should learn to be bearish; to change, you should learn to be open to it.

in fact, the rarest thing in life is to meet.

wind and rain life, my world, you have come.

the best communication mentality is the words that Mr. Liang Shiqiu said in his prose "seeing off":

for the rest of his life, I hope that everyone who values affection and righteousness will be treated with deep feelings.

the person you want to stay, you don't have to work hard, you will always be the most comfortable to get along with each other.