Don't turn your child into an unwelcome person.

/August 2022

recently, I had a parent-child dinner with some friends.

they are all old mothers, so the topic naturally lies with their children.

among them, the best friend's 7-year-old son is the envy of all of you.

the little boy is quick and clever at first glance. Not only did he get top grades, but he also played the piano well, and last month he won the grand prize of the provincial piano competition.

We envied for a moment, but unexpectedly, the next scene was uncomfortable.

the weekend was crowded and the food was served a little late. The boy first shouted, "what's wrong with them?" Hurry up! Are you going to starve me to death?

the best friend offered a kind word to appease, and the food was served one after another.

when everyone was about to start, the boy suddenly pulled the turntable, turned the prawns in front of him, and pulled half of them into the bowl.

after eating for a while, the boy chewed the food, pointed to the waiter and said, "get me a drink!"

my best friend is a little embarrassed and asks everyone to eat quickly.

I shook my head and didn't speak. I picked up my chopsticks, but as soon as I was ready to pick up food, the table was transferred by the boy again.

the next meal, everyone ate dull, looked at each other speechless, and the atmosphere fell into silence for a time.

in life, we can always see many children who perform well, whose smart talent is hard to hide.

however, with short contact, these gorgeous appearances will lose their luster, revealing the unwelcome inside of the child.

behind unpopular children, there is often a lack of upbringing and rules.

compared with the exposed talents, the latter, the core of life, is the foundation of education.


some time ago, a scene that made people look at each other took place in a cinema in Haikou.

the two little girls were watching a movie, but soon they began to fight.

at first, two children were crawling about on the empty seats in the cinema.

then they seem to find a more interesting "game", bouncing and kicking the screen crazily with their feet.

in the end, the screen was damaged and the studio had to suspend screenings and open, resulting in an overall loss of up to 50,000.

in the video, the two little girls are well-dressed, lively and bold, but have unruly behavior, but people don't like them at all.

for children, the books they have read and the talents they have cultivated may not be obvious at first glance.

however, whether words and deeds are appropriate or not is like an invisible business card that conveys the taste of upbringing at the moment of contact.

those children who do not know the rules and lack good manners have already walked on the annoying road.

before, a blogger posted a video that happened at McDonald's.

the little boy made a frenzy in the store, first throwing milkshakes at the staff and then throwing cups at the staff.

the floor is a mess, full of signs of being damaged by a boy.

to make matters worse, the boy climbed directly to the counter, pointing at the staff and hurling insults.

finally, there is a customer in the store who can't stand it. He rushed up, pulled the boy off the counter and threw it directly outside the store.

there was a lot of applause in the comments:

"good throw. If it were me, I would definitely beat him up first";

"A child like this should be taught a good lesson."

Children who do not obey the rules and have no upbringing will not only be hated wherever they go, but are more likely to suffer the consequences.

if parents ignore their children's lack of upbringing, when their children step into society, they will be beaten by society sooner or later.

such a child, no matter how good his resume is in the future, he will not be able to make a move.


in the Super Parental Master, there is a 6-year-old boy who has serious social problems and his classmates don't like him.

he is impolite and bullies other children when playing outside and often hurts others.

he breaks the rules and drinks water in the playground. After being stopped by the staff, he quarrels with others and spits at her.

Mom thinks her child is rebellious and undisciplined.

however, after observation, the parenting teacher found that the mother's connivance was the root of the string of "lawlessness".

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for example, when she loses her temper, she bites her mother's hand, but her mother reaches out to coax her;

in a series of crying, hitting, and smashing things, my mother chooses to step back and compromise every time.

in a series of tolerance and connivance, the string becomes more and more presumptuous, and going out becomes more and more unlikable.

in fact, every child is born with a blank sheet of paper. It is the acquiescence and connivance of adults that make this white paper color and become more and more muddy.

Kazuo Inamori once said:

"many parents regard being unruly as lively and lovely, and unreasonable as independent. Both parents and children need education. "

when the child's behavior has just crossed the line, some parents may think that the child is old enough, turn over lightly, and even choose to connive and cover up.

however, upbringing and rules are not born out of thin air, and every feedback from parents will become the yardstick of their children's future behavior.

Last year, a girl took a high-speed train with a couple and two children in the back seat.

later, when the child mischievously kicked the front seat, the girl turned around and complained and stopped it.

but who knows, she seems to have touched the reverse scale, causing the child's parents to curse and curse her. During the entanglement, several people started to move their hands.

the couple obviously love their children and can't stand the slightest rebuke.

but there is no principle in this way.Under the cover, it is hard to imagine how arrogant and mean children will be when they get along with others.

No one can live as an island.

parents' silence and spoiling seem to protect their children. But in the long run, children will only form a self-centered personality in interpersonal communication.

in the end, children often run up against a brick wall, but they don't know that the root of today's unpopularity lies in their parents.


there is a saying that it is better to raise poor and rich than to let your children be educated.

such children are warm and lovely, and they bring their own light wherever they go.

if you want to raise such a child, you should set the bottom line and stick to the principles at the age of the rules.

in the program "Children's words are resourceful", children should share their parenting experiences and claim to be a strict mother.

from an early age, children should set up rules for their children, make clear requirements, and supervise their strict implementation.

for example, in daily life, family members should also use polite language, and remember to say thank you in time when you get help.

for example, she will ask her children not to be picky about their meals and to eat whatever they have, because this is the most basic etiquette of being a guest.

at home, she will draw regional boundaries, restrict the child's behavior, and let him know how to respect and take care of himself.

although Jasper has a lot of toys, he can't leave them lying around, especially the toys in the living room, because the living room is everyone's public space.

in addition, every time Jasper makes a mistake, she takes it seriously, pointing out his problems and making him take it on instead of venting and cheating.