Don't take everything too seriously! (good text in depth)

/September 2022


people are alive, so don't take everything too seriously.

A lot of feelings cannot be grasped by you, many things can not be won by you, and many things can not be figured out by you.

the more you care about something, it will torture you, and the more you value it, you will lose it.

the worst thing in life is not that you can't get it, but that you want too much and ignore what you already have.

Why be so persistent no matter it is a person or a thing, whether it is love or love?

those who should come will come, those who should go will go, those who struggle to lose dignity, those who are humble and strong will hurt the hearts of the people.

the older you are, the more you can realize that you still have to walk on your own, even if you can't walk an inch, you have to stick to it, and you have to bravely break through no matter how heavy the wind and rain are.

because no one can stay with you all the time, you can only rely on yourself.

after experience, you will find that what you lose is hard to come back, and what you miss becomes a pity.

A lot of things can not be forced, a lot of feelings can not be retained. It's yours, and you'll come back when you leave, not you. It's just hurt to stay.


the road of life is not easy, and every step is a kind of success.

if you want to relax, you have to let it go, and if you want to be happy, you have to be bearish.

so you can't take everything too seriously. If you value money, you will be more tired. If you value feelings, you will feel more pain.

the most important thing to live is to make yourself happy, don't be paranoid, embarrass yourself, don't be depressed, torture yourself.

if you look down, the sadness will not be there, and if you see through, the trouble will not be there.

wishful thinking is a kind of harm to yourself. Being heartless and heartless is the root of happiness!

the world is so big that you can't take care of everything. Not everyone is acceptable to you. Things you don't like will be pleasing to the eye one day, and people you don't like will be missed one day.

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after all, time changes everything.

the days are lived by themselves, and smiles are squeezed out by themselves.

when you see through and look down, you will understand.

emotion, is to gather and disperse, life is bitter and sweet, bitter and sweet, together and scattered, life is wonderful, living is interesting.

Don't take everything too seriously, fame, wealth and power are all floating clouds, money and material things, and finally become empty, love and love, is always memories.

only by letting nature take its course, can we live calmly, look down on the world, and live in peace.