Don't raise kids in the trash.

/June 2022

Recently, I saw a piece of frightening news.

A 12-year-old boy in Shaoyang, Hunan Province, went to the hospital for examination because of the clavicle chief mass, and unexpectedly got the advanced stage of primary bronchogenic carcinoma.

the prevalence and mortality of this kind of cancer ranks first in the world, but it is relatively rare among minors.

the attending doctor said the boy was the youngest he had ever met in his career as a doctor.

the mother burst into tears, revealing some clues behind her:

in theory, there is nothing for a 12-year-old to stay up late every day. What on earth is this child doing?

Mother replied with grief and indignation, "play games!"

it turns out that boys are addicted to games, so it is even more common for boys to stay up all night and eat irregularly.

the overdraft of the body is limited, and there is no bottom line of profligacy, which lays the foundation for this serious illness. In the electronic age, every child is bound to face the temptation of "junk entertainment".

however, how many children can't walk this level? Battle Royale Games with his left hand, animated video with his right hand, lying on the sofa, don't want to write his homework and refuse to sleep, staring at the game screen until dawn.

in the end, a good body was spoiled by life.

A boy in Wenling immersed himself in the game for 7 days and 7 nights, and his body reached the limit, which led to a series of metabolic problems, such as gastrointestinal dysfunction, gallbladder atrophy and so on.

Indian 16-year-old boy is even more outrageous. He is addicted to his mobile phone and goes on hunger strike if he is not allowed to play.

one day, he died suddenly after playing for 6 hours.

psychologist Adam Art said:

although "junk happiness" gives the child a short sense of pleasure, it takes away the bargaining chip of the child's progress in life.

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stop raising kids in the trash!

low-level happiness will, little by little, erode everything in the child without noticing it.


"junk Happy" is destroying children's lives

just a few days ago, an 11-year-old boy from Hangzhou jumped from a 12-story building and committed suicide.

the reason is completely unexpected, just because his parents smashed his mobile phone!

the boy was addicted to mobile games from an early age, abandoned his studies and refused to do his homework.

parents smashed their son's cell phone in anger when they repeatedly failed in persuasion.

it's understandable to think about it. Which parent would be indifferent to see their child not doing his or her job?

but unexpectedly, my son suddenly lost control of his emotions and threatened his own life, which eventually led to a tragedy.

netizens have lamented: "another child poisoned by games."

Yes, he should have a bright future and live a happy life, but everything came to naught under the maiming of virtual games.

multinational expert research shows that

indulging in electronic products can increase the suicide rate of children by 31%, while every extra hour of playing with their mobile phones increases the risk of depression by 8%, and the brain shrinks accordingly.

"junk happiness" not only destroys children's self-disciplined habits, but also pollutes their psychological environment.

in the long run, children will become reticent, dull, irritable and irritable.

Pan Jie, a 34-year-old adult man, has been addicted to games since he was a child, playing day and night for decades.

Today, life is a mess, my job is gone, my girlfriend is gone, and I am still single.

his parents were worried and told him to play less, but he pushed his parents angrily: "Don't worry about it!"

even in the face of the reporter's interview, his parents asked him to talk, but he turned a blind eye, sat in front of the computer and said, "I won't communicate until I finish playing boss."

staring straight at the screen, with a touch of morbid persistence, depravity without knowing it.

this is probably the terrible thing about "junk happiness". Just like the heart-piercing saying on Zhihu:

enter the child's life in the name of happiness, the name is justified;

in the laughter, disintegrate the child's will, quietly;

while stimulating the top, the child's life has been unwittingly miswritten and slowly destroyed.


what's more terrible is the parents' neglect

in the first few days of school, in a group of mothers, I saw a mother's bad complaint:

"I was bored to death by my son!" As soon as you get home, ask me for a tablet. If you don't give it to me, you'll cry twice! "

in fact, the mother did not explicitly prohibit her children from playing games at the beginning, and she bought the tablet for her son herself.

during the summer vacation, she was busy working outside and had no time to spend time with her children. For fear that her children would be bored at home, she specially bought a tablet computer as a gift for her children as a simple holiday pastime.

at that time, she also posted a show-off on moments.

but she doesn't know what her son can't do in her studies, but she is unexpectedly "self-taught" in the face of a computer.

before long, there were all kinds of games and video software in the tablet, and she had never heard of some famous words.

however, she didn't think much about it at that time. Anyway, she had only two months of summer vacation, so it was okay for him to play, but it was only when school began that she found that her son was "terminally ill."

I don't leave my tablet computer when I eat and go to the bathroom.

I'm asked to browse Douyin for a while before I finish my homework.

I only scored 59 in the first unit test this semester. Arena of Valor's tour is still written in Chinese composition.Play strategy...

my mother repents that if she had served her own snack, her son might not have been so addicted to electronics.

in the era of entertainment supremacy, low-level temptations are everywhere, but too often, the first driver of a child's indulgence in "junk happiness" is not himself, but parents' neglect.

A boy in the second year of junior high school ranked more than 300 in school, but his parents bought him a mobile phone in order to encourage him to study.

"you need to study better and improve a few more places!" With that, he gave up.

but unexpectedly, in the end, my son let himself go in his mobile phone, completely unrestrained, and threatened to jump off a building when he quarreled with his parents.

as a parent, don't overestimate your child's psychological line of defense and don't ignore your child's real needs.

treat "junk happiness" as a gift, and mobile phones and computers as artifacts to accompany their children. parents seem to be happy for a while, but it is the children who suffer in the end, and it is the parents themselves who suffer.


seeing a child is the beginning of cure

in the program, there is a boy's words that make people sad.

he is naughty and mischievous.

parents are so busy that they don't have time to accompany him. In order to be quiet, they throw him a mobile phone and let him stay and play alone.

the boy describes himself as "growing up" with his mobile phone.

but as he got older, his parents began to blame him again, saying "it was the mobile phone that delayed him."

the boy did not understand and cried out:

"have you ever wondered who put the phone into my hand when I was young?"

who has given up his love and company for me?

sometimes, I really think that the mobile phone is my mom and dad.

would you please keep me company? "

off the stage, many children sympathized with their feelings and bowed their heads to secretly wipe their tears.

in fact, what those seemingly stubborn and game-addicted children lack is not the thrill of tension in the virtual world, but from the real company of their parents.

Li Xue, a psychological counselor, said:

seeing the heart of a child longing for attention and companionship can extricate him from the quagmire of "junk happiness."

CCTV host Yang Lan shared her parenting experience once.

Children also like electronic products when they are young, especially watching cartoons.

what is different from other parents is that Yang Lan did not stop her, but sat next to her child and watched with him.

in addition, although Yang Lan is busy at work, she consciously takes some time to accompany her children to go out to play and experience various parent-child activities with them.

one came and went, and sure enough, a few days later, the child laid down his arms and surrendered, saying angrily:

A sentence is hard to laugh or cry, but it is a signal for the child to give up his bad habits.

as Professor Li Meijin said:

see the child's inner desire, take the child out to play more, spend more time with the child, parents are the best antidote to the child.

when your child refuses to come back from the virtual world, dear parents, please don't rush to scold and urge your child to whisper:

"my child, let your mother accompany you."