Don't procrastinate, don't talk much, and don't do it.

/October 2022

the ancients said: the world is enlightened and learned, and human skill is an article.

whether you speak, do things, or interact with people, you should adopt an appropriate way.

We gain the most from getting things done. The more you know how to behave and deal with interpersonal relationships, the more others will like you.

the ancestors left behind many wonderful ways to deal with the world. To sum up, it is condensed in these nine words.


things do not procrastinate

clearly made a plan to lose weight, but put it off again and again, but failed to implement it;

clearly determined to go to bed early, but brushed his cell phone after lying in bed, and refused to close his eyes.

procrastination is a chronic poison that seems harmless, but it can lead to nothing.

Bill Gates said: "A lot of people like to procrastinate, they are not bad at the task at hand, but do not do it, this is the biggest bad habit."

in history, when Zeng Guofan first came to work in the capital, he was very free every day, either eating and drinking with friends or going out to play. For a long time, he not only abandoned his studies, but also fell ill.

long-term decadent indulgence not only makes the whole person lose energy, but also falls into a low state of mind.

after a serious illness, Zeng Guofan realized his problems, insisted on going to bed early and getting up early every day, and devoted more energy to reading and nourishing his character.

since then, Zeng Guofan has never been abandoned and become a generation of famous officials.

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the more procrastinating, the more indulgent. If you want to form the habit of diligence and self-discipline, you must first give up the habit of procrastination and laziness.

Life is not long, tomorrow after tomorrow, how many tomorrow.

instead of tangling with everything and procrastinating all the time, it is better to live decisively and unrestrained. What should be cut off should never be dragged on, and what can be decided immediately will never be put off until the next day.

reducing the time spent in unnecessary procrastination can lead to several times more happy time.


the literary master Zhu Ziqing said in the article Silence: "your words should be like the stars of the night, not like New Year's Eve's firecrackers-who wants the overnight firecrackers?"

words are not much, but hope is expensive.

share a story:

the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates was very good at making speeches, and many young people came to him for advice.

one day, a young man came to ask for advice. when the young man introduced himself, in order to express himself, he talked loudly in front of Socrates about the importance of speech.

when he finished, Socrates asked him for twice the tuition fee. The young man was puzzled and asked why. Socrates replied, "because in addition to teaching you to speak, I have to teach you how to shut up."

it is true that everyone has a mouth, and just because he can talk, it doesn't mean he can talk. Just because he talks too much doesn't mean he is right. Very often, his mouth is full of foam, which is not as good as timely silence.

not to ask questions, not to argue, not to reveal, is the measure of speech, but also the size of life.


people do not make

"Today I saved the world again" said: "the life of death does not need an explanation, just waits for the result."

there are people who want to jump the queue and block the road when they can drive well; when they can make a fair deal, they have to be short; and when they can follow the rules, they insist on breaking the ban everywhere.

if something happens, there is no turning back, and it is hell to fall into it.

do you remember the tiger wounding incident in 2017?

A man climbed over a fence and climbed into a zoo in order to evade a ticket. He fell into Tiger Mountain and was killed by a tiger.

in order to save the cost of tickets, while others were buying tickets, the man ignored the warning signs on the fence and climbed over the wall to enter the garden.

unexpectedly, it was in Tiger Mountain when he climbed over the wall and landed on the ground. In this way, the man buried the tiger's mouth.

everything in the world has its own cause and effect. Most of the consequences are self-inflicted.

although it is a tragedy, it is essentially a man-made disaster.

the person who is dead is a bomb, which often pulls others on his back while igniting himself.

be a man, of course don't die. At the same time, stay away from the person who died, because when lightning strikes him, it may hurt you.

the queen of guillotine has a famous saying: "she was too young to know that all the gifts given by fate had already secretly marked the price."

all irregular choices come with a price; all shortcuts in life do not lead to a broad road.

in life, it is not easy to grow up, but it is even more difficult to go on. The road of life is fraught with dangers. Only by keeping our feet on the ground and taking every choice carefully and seriously can we walk steadily.