Don't lose the one who is nice to you.

/June 2022

the world is big and complicated.

We are used to walking alone through thorns, over mountains and rivers, over ravines.

so we often forget that there are always a few people in the world who will bring us unexpected warmth and help us maintain the warm temperature of our hearts.

they are like angels falling into the mortal world, watching over us silently.

but if we never look back along the way, there is no guarantee that they will get lost one day.

so remember to hold their hands tightly on the way forward, and don't accidentally lose them.


Don't take all your giving

for granted

once heard such a sentence:

this bird, this fish, is very much like us who are favored, have nothing to fear.

some people, the more we get used to their goodness, the easier it is to forget their goodness.

when enjoying being loved becomes a habit, you subconsciously feel that you should have it.

but actually? When others give you all their enthusiasm, they think you are worth it, and you should let them know that their efforts are also worth it.

A heart is like boiling water on a stove. It takes constant firewood and fire to maintain its boiling heat. If the flame is allowed to go out, the water will only become cold in the end.

when the water is cold, it can be boiled again, but when the heart is cold, it is difficult to recover.

think of Charlotte annoyance in which Charlotte did the same to his wife Ma Dongmei.

in this relationship, it seems that Ma Dongmei has been giving all the time, while Charlotte is only responsible for being loved, so he is always obsessed with the people he had a secret crush on when he was young, but he is very dissatisfied with his current wife.

fortunately, he has a chance to change all that.

in his dream, he seemed to travel back to the past, life became plain sailing, married the girl he loved, and became a famous singer.

but even though he has power, fame and fortune and leads a life of luxury and wealth, he still feels as if he has lost something and becomes lonely and boring.

it wasn't until he saw Ma Dongmei who married a woman again that a bowl of noodles that he had eaten countless times finally made him feel:

Charlotte was lucky, and he still had time to cherish it after a big dream.

but for us in reality, it is really difficult to recover if we miss it.

people's hearts are always cooled in bit by bit of disappointment, and there must be countless grievances behind the real departure.

Don't trample on what you got easily, and don't forget that late regrets are meaningless.



have always been mutual

French thinker Rousseau said:

Love is both a responsibility and an obligation.

when you give your heart, you also look forward to reaping the sincerity of others. Only in this way can you make your efforts have a steady stream of motivation.

A child ran to the mountain to play and inadvertently shouted "Hello". As a result, the echo of "Hello" was heard from all directions.

he was surprised and wanted to find out who was talking to him, so he asked again and again, "who are you?" "where are you?" "Why didn't you tell me?"

there is no doubt that every time the child gets the same reply from the valley.

the child felt very angry and shouted again, "I hate you". As a result, the cry was terrible, and the same voice came from all over the country, "I hate you."... "

the child immediately felt aggrieved and angry, and ran home to his mother to complain. The mother told him:

the child ran back to the mountain according to his mother's words, and sure enough, this time, the whole world heard "I love you" one after another.

isn't it just like children and mountains to get along with each other?

if you want to open other people's hearts, you must first open your own.

in a relationship, you always respect me for seven points, and I give you back ten points. It takes you to come and go for a long time.

unilateral effort is like a pebble thrown into the lake, with no trace except for a few ripples.

the lake is as calm as ever, like a bottomless pit, even if you exhaust all your enthusiasm, it will not be able to boil.

such indifference is the most hurtful, because it gives people no hope, and the only way out is to turn around and leave.

other people's kindness to you will not be precious until you enter the heart, and your response to others will not be sincere until you leave your heart.


Don't lose the people who are good to you

people will pass by countless people in their lives and intersect with tens of thousands of people, but there are always only a few people who are good to you.

among so many people, ta gives you all his preferences, which is ta's choice and your luck.

I remember hearing such a story before:

A young couple ushered in a marital crisis after five years of marriage.

I don't know when the two people gradually lost their newlywed love and just lived a light life.

giving gifts on wedding anniversaries and candlelight dinners once every two months are just a habit.

finally, one day, the man got tired of such a boring life, asked for a divorce and told his wife that he would try his best to meet her terms of compensation.

my wife didn't say much, but quietly packed her bags and moved out that day..

it didn't take long for a man to socialize late into the night, and when he finally got home, he found that there was not even a sound at home, and the world was left with himself, dreadfully quiet.

he usually enjoys a bowl of hot noodle soup after drinking, but now it's gone.

after tossing and turning all night, the man picked up the key and rushed out of the house the next day to find his lost wife.

what is the end of the story? I didn't go into it.

if the relationship can be saved, it is a good story, but if the end is doomed, all that is left is a sigh.

those who are kind to you, like your shadow, are always watching silently behind you.

but if you never look back, the shadow will be lost.

No one will stand there waiting for you all the time. What I fear most is that you turn a blind eye to all my efforts, and you muddle through with all my sincerity.

No one can bear such a monologue.

Please love seriously while the preference still belongs to you, while all the feedback is still too late.

Don't always wait for tomorrow, next month, later. If you wait and wait, maybe there will be no future.

regret at that time may become a lifetime regret.

remember writer Zhang Jiajia said:

after all, if you lose it, you may never get it back.

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now, while the time is not old, learn to cherish and don't lose to yourself.