Don't hurt someone who is nice to you!

/August 2022

Buddha said: don't hurt a person who is good to you!

because it is not easy to meet people who are good to you.

there are not many people who are willing to be good to you.

you are lucky to meet.

it is your blessing to have it.

the sea of people is vast, and there are thousands of people in the world.

it is rare for someone to be kind to you.

at any time,

do not hurt a person who is kind to you.

because true feelings are precious and rare,

once hurt, people will be disappointed.

once lost, it's hard to get it back.

in this world,

No one should take you for granted.

the person who tolerates you is not short-tempered,

but has you in his heart.

those who love you do not owe you, but cherish you.

if you hurt them,

you lose someone who is true to you.

people meet by fate, and

people get along with others by sincerity.

A really long-lasting relationship,

is that two hearts are honest with each other,

is that two people give to each other,

instead of one heart being separated from the other

, it is not that one person takes too much from the other.

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it takes many years to warm a heart.

it only takes a moment to break a heart.

No matter which kind of emotion, no matter what kind of relationship,

should be maintained with your heart and cherish.

Don't hurt others on the basis of their magnanimity.

Don't bully others because they are kind.

one injury is a lifetime.

the greatest happiness in life

is that someone is kind to you.

give you help when you are in trouble.

when you are sad, be patient and comfort.

accompany you silently when you are down.

gives you courage and encouragement,

gives you peace of mind,

such people have you in their hearts, and

is a good blessing from God.

there is only one true heart, and it can't stand profligacy.

Trust only once, and you are most afraid of cheating.

Don't wait until you lose it before you regret it.

Don't wait until you get old to realize that

what is rare is always true, and

what is hard to find is always true.

No matter how good the money is, it will be light in the end.

there is only true love and the longest companionship.

in this life,

money and wealth are easy to obtain, but

true feelings are not easy to get.

whether it's lovers, friends,

parents, children,

passers-by or passers-by,

it's not easy to meet in this life.

it's a blessing to be with you in this life.

Please cherish those who are really kind to you.

Don't lose them!