Don't! (good text in depth)

/August 2022

the flowers are half-bloomed and the wine is slightly tipsy.

the existence of everything in the world is meaningful only if there is a degree.

A person's walk in this world is nothing more than a taste of the ups and downs of life, feeling the changes of joys and sorrows, and feeling that they have lived up to their lives.

there is no need to cling to the imperfections in this world. After all, this impermanent world is made up of one imperfection after another, and imperfections are the main theme of life.

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after seeing through the truth of life, learn to let yourself go. It's not worth it to let yourself go black and blue for the sake of that rare perfection.

it is not easy to survive in the world. Only by mastering the great wisdom of "others" can you protect yourself for the rest of your life.

as the saying goes, "if the water is overflowing, it will overflow, and if the person is full, it will be damaged."

therefore, the best state of life is to be full and unsatisfied.


there is a limit to everything, don't be too full of love

everything is moderate, and so is love.

people come and go in this life, although there is always parting, no one will be an isolated island and live in a vacuum for a long time.

therefore, interacting with people is a subject that we can't avoid anyway.

Mr. Jin Yong wrote in "Book, Sword, Grace and Revenge": "A deep affection is not longevous, but a strong one is a disgrace."

give everything, love without reservation, after losing, you will be forced to have no way out.

there is nothing wrong with giving and loving, but no matter who you love, no matter how deeply you love, remember to have reservations.

Seven points are enough for a lover, and the three points left are a way out for yourself.

in this world, the most fascinating thing is change, and the cruelest thing is change. People will walk away and feelings will break up.

if you expose yourself to change without reservation, the fate is scattered, and all you get is an empty sorrow.

We don't have to question our sincerity, but don't underestimate the change. only by giving ourselves room to escape can we protect our sense of staying out of it.

in this way, the best relationship is to love others on the basis of loving yourself well.

fate is impermanent. When fate comes, cherish it. If it breaks up, there is no need to complain.


mind your own business

the eagle has the way of the eagle, and the chicken has the way of the chicken.

it is not easy to live your own life well, so there is no need to judge other people's lives with your own understanding.

Life is a very personal thing. I know that no one will really feel the happiness of others except myself.

there is a good saying: "just give off your own light, don't blow out the light of others."

so, even if you can't become the sun, sacrifice yourself to warm the world, don't become a cold winter wind that blows out the warmth that others rely on for survival.

in this world, there are a lot of bitterness that you haven't felt, and there are a lot of sweetness that you can't understand.

most of the time, it is not that other people's lives are too different, but that our own knowledge is too shallow.

so, you can't empathize, it doesn't matter, but please respect the happiness of others, you just live your own life, other people's happiness, you don't need to interfere.

mind your own business, life will be easier.


look at the open, do not cling to

contentment, cling to desire, will eventually be swallowed by desire.

Buddha said: "Life, since it is a passer-by, there is no need to persist!"

in life, there are many powerless things, in the face of such powerlessness, what we can do is not persistent foolishness, but the free and easy of looking back and smiling.

some things, letting nature take its course is the best development, and imposing intervention will be self-defeating.

Don't be happy with things, don't feel sorry for yourself, it's yours if you don't fight, it's not yours, you'll lose it if you fight for it again and again.

since this is the case, there is no need to care about gains and losses.

when you come to the end of your life and look back on the past, you will find that what you cling to in this life is not all the clouds of the past, and those troubles are just worrying about yourself.

therefore, it is good to have peace of mind in this life. Be calm, let go, do your part, have a clear conscience, and live a better life.

Don't hold on, put it down, a relaxed body, have the leisure to taste happiness.


keep a low profile and humility, don't make public

things are impermanent, there is no long-term suffering, let alone long-term happiness.

everything will pass, and all we can do is not to be surprised by honor or disgrace and to take everything calmly.

as the saying goes, "if the sky is crazy, there will be rain, and if the man is crazy, there will be disaster."

all arrogance gets into trouble, and all obscurity can be satisfied for a long time.

there are people outside, there is a day outside the sky, no one can always be high above, and no one will always be at a low ebb.

so don't overestimate your status and don't underestimate the abilities of others.

Fengshui turns in turn, the impermanent world, low-key is the best amulet, think of yourself as an ordinary person, will be in the complexity, experience ordinary happiness.

if you let him die, he will go crazy, climb high, and shake his prestige, he will often die miserably.

so, once you understand impermanence, you will know that publicity is of no use, and modesty and low profile is the king.


calm, don't be angry

as the saying goes, "anger hurts the body".

many people have said the word "angry to death", but only as a joke, never thought that anger will really kill people.

Life is short, but for a hundred years, anger is a life, and happiness is a life. It would be foolish to waste all your time with people and things.

emotion is a part of people, born with death, temper is instinct, but control emotion is ability.

to lose your temper with the people closest to you is to squander the love they ask for. Love is not endless. After a long time, it is too late to regret it.

losing temper with innocent people is a weakness. A person with good self-cultivation will not do such a stupid thing that hurts others and himself.

losing temper with yourself is a kind of self-consumption, always dissatisfied with yourself, insisting on meaningless things, living will be very tired.

anger does more harm than good.

be kind, be tolerant, and when you calm down, you will find that many of the reasons for anger are trivial things that are not worth mentioning at all.

there is a technique called blank space in calligraphy and painting, which is also a kind of wisdom of life.

in this life, people will get better and worse, but what they ask for is "not tired", easy, happy, even if life is bitter, as long as there are these sweetness, we can always continue to stick to it.

the so-called seven points of tea is full, just seven points of being a man, no matter what you do, leave room for yourself, don't be too tired, don't be aggrieved, don't panic, even if it's not perfect, such a life is enough.

all tastes are life. Only by practicing one's own heart can you realize the happiness in life.

May we all be smart people who can see life clearly, always look forward to it, and work hard for it.