Do you think it doesn't matter where the date is?

/December 2022

There is no doubt that the most annoying thing about dating is that after two people meet, you don't have a mind of your own, and the other person doesn't have a mind of your own. In one day, two people with "choice phobia" spend on thinking about where to go.

"where do you want to go?" "whatever you say."

"shall we find a place to eat?" "well, we can only eat when we see each other every day."

"then find a place to play." what do you want to play? No, just go to the mall and eat and buy. "

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"so where do you want to go?"whatever."

but I just don't want to go out with you casually.

recently, Dongguan has opened a new delicious and fun business district-Zhongtian vpark Commercial Plaza. We attended the opening ceremony yesterday. A few days ago, I also participated in the vip experience group before opening. What did we play?

editors who like the literary style left the editor-in-chief and went to an art experience museum with handmade leather and wooden products. We saw several foreigners beating before us. On the other side of the store, we saw the mobile phone case after the finished product was made. Tong C has been clamoring to replace her plastic phone case with this type that looks particularly textured.

in fact, in one of the most interesting archery shops, you held your breath in the last few seconds of tension, and more young people already enjoyed it when we arrived. Including Brother long and Zhang Jingbao, the two boys unexpectedly tasted something new at the beginning and became a competition, playing so much that their arm muscles were sore.

of course, if you are too tired like them, there is also a bar in the store where you can rest and drink, chat with friends and watch others shoot arrows.

people who are not used to playing fresh archery can also come to the gym.

the day we went to experience it, it happened to be the first day that the editor announced to lose weight, so our afternoon tea changed from milk tea cake to a salad of healthy vegetables with a variety of nutritious foods, although after eating, everyone felt that they had to go to the archery range to exercise and burn calories.

in addition to eating and playing, we also found some corners suitable for children and girls to take pictures, including innocence and beauty.

if you also want to experience this kind of fitness food and art shopping mall, you might as well choose to date at Zhongtian VPARK Mall this weekend.