Do not see this article, regret for life (suggested collection! )

/July 2022


God has arranged everything for you.






as the sketch says: the ultimate destination is that little box. There is no distinction between high and low, everyone for me, I for all.


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A broken pot has its own broken lid, and everyone has his own love.

if you firmly want to marry him (marry her), there must be a reason to marry him (marry her). Now, close one eye, turn a blind eye to his (her) intolerability, turn a blind eye, and look at the poor sparkle left in him (her). No one is perfect.





if you want to leave you, you don't have to ask, it may be a villain who comes back. Really heart to heart, do not have to call every day to contact, as long as the other party has something, a greeting on call, two ribs insert knife OK.





although they don't want to recover the cost, it's time for us to repay it. Maybe it's not clear until they leave me.



I am really decadent, old and depressed, but I also feel relaxed, open-minded and cheerful. If you argue with others in everything and compete with others every day, isn't it pure to have a hard time with yourself and torture yourself?


learn to make yourself happy

the people around you will be at peace.


decades of life

whether you are an emperor or a beggar, don't you finally belong to a pile of loess? Maybe you can't be an official, but you will definitely be a man.

maybe you lack money, but you must be rich.


different moods

in the same situation, some people feel as if they are in heaven, others feel as if they are in hell. Life is like a clump of roses, there is no absolute beauty and ugliness, flowers and thorns, it depends on what we focus on. The heart is full of gratitude, warm all the time, thinking of forgiveness, and kindness will naturally accompany you.


write to you

if life has never met, I am still the same person.

occasionally dream, and then begin to run around day after day, submerged in this noisy city. I will not understand, there is such a you in this world, let people aftertaste, make me intoxicated. If life has not met, I will not believe that there is a kind of people who feel warm as soon as they know each other, and there are some people who can never get tired of seeing them.


write to Happiness

always think that happiness is in the distance, in the future that can be pursued.

later, it was found that those who have hugged, the hands they have held, the songs they have sung, the tears they have shed, the people they have loved, and the so-called once are happiness. In countless nights, the words I said, the phone calls I made, the movies I saw, the tears I shed.

We have all been moved by what we have seen or unseen, and then in the passage of time, everything becomes eternal!


write to effort

Don't complain that you don't have a good father, don't complain about your poor job, don't complain that talent is unappreciated. There are too many unsatisfactory things in reality, even if life gives you garbage, you can still step on garbage under your feet and climb to the top of the world.