Do not overdraw yourself (good in depth)

/October 2022

Zweig said: "she was too young to know that all the gifts given by fate had already been secretly priced."

there are limits to many things in this world.

once you exceed the limit, you may have to pay a tenfold or hundredfold price to repay it.

fools are obsessed with immediate enjoyment and overdraw for the future; wise people have moderate trade-offs and understand "sustainable development".


not overdrawing the body

people are often unaware of the importance of health when they are in good health.

even if they have heard so many words such as "pay attention to your health", "Don't stay up late" and "the body is the capital of the revolution", they will disagree.

when they are in good health, they tend to rely on their good physical fitness, play all night, overeat, and even overdraw their health to make money.

these have become the norm of their lives.

until one day, when there is a health problem, they will realize that without health, all other substances are floating clouds.

the body does have the ability to repair itself, but the body's ability to repair itself is limited.

if you rely too much on the body's ability to repair itself and overdraw the body unscrupulously, you will eventually lose your original health.

some people overdraw their bodies to have fun.

do not realize that overdrawing your body in pursuit of pleasure may eventually require ten times or a hundred times the pain to pay for the original "indulgence".

some people overdraw their bodies to make money.

as the saying goes, "the first half of life for money, the second half of life for money."

in order to make money, it is not wise to overdraw your health for the rest of your life.

although "you can't do without money", you must have a good grasp of the degree, and you can't "ask for money or kill you".


non-overdraft credit

Confucius said: "people without faith, do not know it can also be."

means: "if a person has no credit, he doesn't know what else he can do."

honesty is an indispensable quality for everyone.

how can you work with people if you are not trusted?

some people use their credit as a bargaining chip.

they gain benefits by unscrupulously coaxing others by believing in themselves.

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at first, they may be able to make a profit by selling their "credit".

however, over time, everyone knows that they are "untrustworthy" people.

at this time, even if they want to sell their "credit" again, they have no chance.

because of their credit, it has become worthless.

someone asked, "how much is credit worth?"

Credit cannot be measured by money.

it can make a person and bring endless wealth.

even if a person succeeds again, if he loses his credit, he will not be far from failure.

once credit is overdrawn, it is irreparable.

therefore, a wise man would rather spend money unjustly than overdraw credit.


not overdrawing feelings

some people, once they are close to each other, will not regard themselves as "outsiders".

they casually joke about each other's shortcomings, but mistakenly think that the other doesn't care.

sometimes, even knowing that each other cares, they will just make fun of themselves and ignore each other's feelings.

if you think you have a close relationship, the other person should be "tolerant".

they made unscrupulous demands to each other.

if the other party agrees, it is "should"; if the other party refuses, they accuse each other of being "heartless".

there are limits to the feelings between people.

No matter how deep the feelings are, if you don't know how to maintain and only think about yourself, if you blindly overdraw, you will eventually be consumed.

people often have the illusion that when the relationship is close, they overdraw wantonly, but mistakenly think that the relationship is "inexhaustible."

one day, when the other party finally couldn't stand it, completely broke out and decided to sever ties with them, they suddenly realized.

but by now, it's too late.

Laozi said, "it is easy to hold."

means: "when the situation is stable, it is easy to maintain and maintain."

when the relationship is harmonious, it is necessary to maintain the relationship and grasp the degree. Don't wait until the relationship is overdrawn to remember to "guard the boundary."

"A moderate life is a disaster."

only by choosing a certain degree and not "overdrawing" yourself, can the road of life be stable and far away.

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