Die in the mouth, get sick in the leg, see again ten years younger

/June 2022


when it comes to health, you are better than God

eat well in the morning, full at noon, and less in the evening. Now people are on the contrary.

carelessness in the morning, dealing with it at noon, and feasting in the evening. This is the root of all diseases.

this meal in the morning is tantamount to taking a tonic. It is the most important meal. Be sure to have a nutritious breakfast.

the staple food must have vegetables and fruits. Breakfast is not nutritious and cannot be made up at noon or in the evening.


the worst habits in the world are smoking

smokers, tracheitis, emphysema, cor pulmonale, and finally lung cancer, which is the trilogy of death.


overnutrition is the same as poisoning


be sure to drink eight glasses of water a day. Because water is human life.

now many people don't drink water until they are thirsty. No, you must drink when you are free, not when you are thirsty.

how about eight cups of tea? Tea is not good. Beverages, coffee and beer are no substitute for water.

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drink tea as well as weak tea, not strong tea.

remember that water is human life.


people don't die of old age, they don't die of illness, they die of anger

the Internal Classic of Huangdi makes it very clear:

it is very clear.

people, you must not be the captive of emotions, you must be the master of emotions; you must control emotions, and don't let emotions control you.

remember that emotion is the baton of people's anger, which is very important.


Walking is a very good way to exercise

everything is a degree, eating is a degree, sleeping is a degree, and exercise is a degree.

exercise content can take the simplest way, walk for half an hour, just walk, this is the simplest, most economical and most effective way.

A person must start young and maintain your standard weight. Once you get fat, it's not easy for you to bring it down. In fact, it's not easy. What's the point?

if you control your mouth and move your legs, you will die on your mouth and be lazy on your legs.


getting drunk once is equal to getting acute hepatitis

the world has proposed six of the most unhealthy lifestyles: the first is smoking, and the second is alcoholism.


if the family is not harmonious, people will get sick.

some experts believe that 70% of people's diseases come from their families, and 50% of their cancers come from their families. There are small quarrels every day and big quarrels. "do not quarrel, do not speak, do not speak for half a month, then you must not suffocate."

loneliness is more terrible than poverty, the longevity of husband and wife love, the longevity of husband and wife,

loneliness is easy to have problems, easy to short life, this is the general rule.

but how to make the family harmonious is a subject of study. Four problems must be solved:

first, we should respect the elderly;

second, we should educate our children well;

third, we should deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law well;

fourth, this is particularly important. Husband and wife should be affectionate, which is the core.

how do couples fall in love? It is necessary to achieve the principle of eight reciprocity.

Mutual respect, mutual love, mutual trust, mutual help, mutual comfort, mutual encouragement, mutual accommodation and mutual understanding.

people all have personalities and problems, so always remind yourself:

forget it, let her (him) go, she (he) just needs to be happy.


to live a healthy life every day, you must eat three meals in seven ways


second, be sure to sleep well for 8 hours.

third, exercise for half an hour every day.

fourth, laugh every day for physical and mental health.

Fifth, very special, you must defecate every day.

sixth, there must be family harmony.

Seventh, do not smoke, do not drink, walk healthily every day.

Health begins every day. If you are healthy every day, you will be healthy for the rest of your life.

be sure to remember my words:

eating and drinking is not healthy, eating and drinking is healthy, eating and drinking will suffer.

to achieve: "the emperor's breakfast, the minister's lunch, the beggar's dinner."


eating plant food must account for 80%

animal food can only account for 20%. We are now on the contrary, so there are many diseases, obesity, diabetes and gout.

many people are not in the habit of eating fruits. Remember, two to four kinds of fruits and three to five kinds of vegetables a day, comprehensive anti-cancer, heart protection, this is a new nutrition strategy in the 21st century.