Destroy a child and let him stay at home all the time.

/August 2022

in the popular TV series "Xiao she de", Tian Yulan, a mother played by Jiang Xin, enrolls her son in various cram classes, Mathematical Olympiad, English, and logic writing from the first grade in order to get her son into a key junior high school.

Ziyou has endless classes and cram schools every day. As soon as he gets home, he starts to do his homework and papers.

but my mother still pressed step by step and even squeezed out the only football time he could go out to relax. It was his favorite football.

Ziyou said, "Mom never wanted to make me happy." he was uncomfortable, anxious and depressed, but he had no place to vent. He could only relieve it by picking his fingers again and again. Several times, he pulled out the blood from his fingers.

later, Ziyou was forced out of depression by his mother. In the examination room, he tore up the examination paper like crazy.

Li Meijin once suggested that children should not stay at home all day to study, otherwise his brain would be highly excited and the cerebellum would not be stimulated.

if the nerves in the brain are not excited, it is easy to have psychological problems.

destroying a child and keeping him at home all the time is enough.

in fact, the indoctrination of knowledge is not limited to the campus and classroom, life is full of learning.

so parents might as well take their children out of the textbook and outside so that they can see the bigger world.


Children go out more often to exercise

physical and mental health

not long ago, a 13-year-old girl in Shaanxi suddenly suffered severe low back pain, left lower limb convulsions, unable to sit, could not walk, and could not stand upright.

her parents hurriedly took her to the hospital for medical treatment. after examination, it was found that the girl had lumbar disc herniation and needed surgery.

how can an old man find a 13-year-old girl?

it turns out that girls are under great academic pressure and often sit for a long time to study.

the doctor who treated the girl said: "now the lumbar disc herniation is getting younger and younger, so children are advised to exercise regularly."

the importance of exercise to children is self-evident, but exercise is absent from the growth of most children.

the Youth Research Center has shown that

more than 60% of primary and secondary school students do not exercise for more than one hour a day, and even more than 1/3 of the children hardly exercise!

the missing movement is taking revenge on the children in another form.

according to the survey, in the past 20 years, due to lack of exercise, the physical health level of teenagers in China has generally declined, the physical health problems of students are very prominent, the proportion of overweight and obese teenagers in cities has increased significantly, and the rate of myopia among primary and middle school students has increased in an all-round way.

knowledge education is important, but without healthy blessing, everything is zero.

in fact, sports, which seem to be "useless", not only strengthen the child's body, but also relieve the child's learning pressure.

some time ago, a girl dancing barefoot on the cement floor became hot.

A 15-year-old girl Xiaoxian, who lives in Lu County, Sichuan Province, is in the third year of junior high school. Because of the great pressure of study, she reduces pressure by dancing. There is no dance studio in the countryside, so she is dancing barefoot on the concrete floor and letting herself fly.

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she said: "you relax when you dance, and you are full of motivation after dancing."

netizens in the comment area also said that they usually relieve pressure through exercise:

"sometimes I feel my head is so swollen that I can't learn it, so I will play basketball."

"oddly enough, every time I go back to self-study after running, my brain becomes much clearer."

"the third year of high school often suffers from insomnia, but fortunately, after exercising, he sleeps better and is less anxious."

Scientific research has found that during exercise, the brain secretes neurochemicals, such as endorphins and dopamine, which help eliminate fatigue, relieve stress, make people physically and mentally happy, energetic, become more positive and more willpower, and help get rid of negative emotions.

exercise not only cures children, but also shapes them.

the habit of exercise is the best gift we can give to our children.


take children to travel more

in order to realize the breadth of the world

there is such a scene in "Little giving up". The original composition topic is about a summer camp. Mi Tao deviated from the topic because he had not participated in it.

the teacher said: "at present, the Chinese test is not only about textbook knowledge, but also about extracurricular development, liberal arts education, reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles."

Yes, it is inevitable that a child who is locked up at home all day long has a narrow view of study.

in Liaoning, Shandong Province, a 14-year-old boy found learning boring and became weary of learning.

"since I don't want to read ten thousand books, I'll take him on a journey of ten thousand miles."

"I hope I can really change his view of study and life ideologically."

my father quit his job, and two people, an RV converted from a used car, began the journey of Chinese culture.

they set off from Donggang, Dandong, through Shanghaiguan, Xi'an, Luoyang and other ancient cities, and headed for Lijiang, Yunnan.

everywhere I went, my father would patiently explain:

"Shanhaiguan, at that time, many people from the Northeast broke into Guandong from there."

the city wall of Xi'an people is the train of Xi'an people. This is written to Xi'an by Xi'an people. "

his father also took him to climb Mount Tai at night, climbing from 09:30 in the evening to watching the sunrise in the early morning.

"I hope he can feel the persistence of that night, in exchange for the beautiful scene of dawn, and make him feel that the effort and persistence of that night is worth it."

the journey of more than 50 days and the distance of 10,000 kilometers has changed the original.As a rebellious and school-weary teenager, he not only said that he would listen to his family, but also made up his mind to study hard when he went back.

having seen the breadth of the world, felt the state of the world, and realized the lack of knowledge, children can naturally experience the happiness of reading.

Buffett, the god of stock, also said: young people should learn to see the world, because you don't know which time to see the world, it will change your life.

Travel is to see the world, and the essence of seeing the world is not only to know the world, but also to "know yourself".

there was such a girl who dropped out of high school at the age of 17, rode a bike 5000 kilometers across China at the age of 18, traveled around China by motorcycle at the age of 22, walked a total of 22000 kilometers in Central and South Asia, and resigned to take the postgraduate entrance examination at the age of 24. She got both a college diploma and a bachelor's degree within a year, and is now a graduate student at Shanghai University of Science and Technology.

"I dropped out of school because I didn't understand the meaning of reading.

after traveling thousands of miles, I began to wake up and suddenly wanted to go to college very much. I think it was this strong desire that enabled me to go ashore. "

the way she has walked and the scenery she has seen have not only enriched her experience, but also made her know herself, understand herself, and find her own position.

having seen the vastness of heaven and earth, we will no longer stick to the square in front of us.

all experiences and insights will eventually become a valuable asset in a child's life.

in your spare time, you might as well take your children on a trip to see more beautiful scenery.


bring children into more contact with nature

cultivate "smart" wisdom in vegetation and rain

in the optician two days ago, I saw a little girl complaining that myopia had deepened and glasses changed too quickly.

the doctor suggested: "during the holidays, you can visit more parks and see green plants, which is helpful to alleviate myopia."

the mother sighed: "the child is so nervous about his studies, how can he have time?" If you have this skill, you might as well brush two more questions. "

in fact, more contact with nature can not only protect the eyes, but also benefit education.

educator Rousseau said that the best enlightening education is to perceive in nature, not to read.

Li Yan, daughter of Li Yapeng and Wang Fei, grew up in nature education.

after Li Yan is one and a half years old, they take their daughter to climb the mountain every month or two.

Wang Fei will hold a thick Compendium of Materia Medica and take her daughter to observe plants and popularize science for her children while climbing the mountain.

as soon as the summer vacation comes, I take Li Yan back to live in the countryside. "A small courtyard, a well clear spring, a pillow mat." Around the field, glowing day and night, heaven and earth coexist. "

during the 24 solar terms every year, the whole family will go to the Ming Tombs Reservoir to observe the air temperature, water temperature, plants, animals and specimens.

for seven years, rain or shine, only because "birds, beasts, insects and fish are different in spring, summer, autumn and winter."

psychologist Bell Fogg said:

"Nature is the god of children's education. Children can breed superb wisdom, resolute mind and keen sensitivity in every plant, rain and soil."

this may be the original intention of their insistence on nature education.

however, many parents think that it is a waste of time to go to nature. Even if they are in nature, the soil cannot be touched and insects are not allowed to touch. This phenomenon of separation from nature is called "nature deficiency syndrome".

A survey shows that 45.21% of the students in our country suffer from "nature deficiency disorder", and this number is still rising rapidly.

these children may get good grades, but they often make no difference.

at a dinner out, a friend's son suddenly asked, "Mom, do carrots grow on trees?"

A friend told him that carrots grew in the ground and explained the growth environment and planting characteristics of carrots.

when they were very young, they were taught that "farmers work hard to hoe at noon and sweat drops into the soil under Hexia", but they may not even have seen "weeding".

they can skillfully recite "the sky is as moist as a light rain, but the grass color is close, but there is nothing", but they cannot understand why the grass color looks together, but why it looks sparse and sporadic.

May Day, take the children into the embrace of nature, listen to the wind, shake trees, look at flowers, to feel the beauty and dexterity of nature.

our children should take root, sprout and thrive in nature.


A Taiwanese writer once said:

"if you take 100 aesthetic classes, it is better to let your child walk in nature for one day.

to teach architectural design for 100 hours, it is better for students to touch several ancient cities;

to teach the skills of literary writing a hundred times, it is better to let them get their trousers dirty in the market."

True knowledge comes from practice and education wherever you go.

the best way to raise children is to give them time to exercise, opportunities to see the world, and fun to explore nature.

otherwise, without spiritual abundance, all education is on paper.

Let children go outdoors from books, into nature, and into the farther world.