Dalian subway met "arrogant" uncle, 1.6 million people liked: please wait for the slow walker

/June 2022


some time ago, my mother had to go to the hospital for reexamination.

I had agreed that I would take her there, but she might be afraid of affecting my work, so she went to the hospital quietly.

Xiangya Hospital is still so many people, a sea of people, mother has been waiting in line for a long time, but when it was her turn, she suddenly knew what health code she wanted, otherwise she couldn't get in.

like a helpless child, she stood by at a loss and finally had to call me again.

so I gave up my work and ran to the hospital immediately.

she's all right. She has a local son in Changsha. Just call me if you have anything to do, but there are still some old people from other places who have a lot of difficulties in coming to see a doctor.

I remember that when I went to pick up my mother, an old couple was also stopped outside. Their hair was white, and the old man was leaning on a crutch.

A loudspeaker is placed on the table at the entrance outside, and the health code is needed for repeated playback.

but they had no idea what the health code was. At that time, the sun was very bright and the old man was sweating. He anxiously held his mobile phone and kept teasing it, but his mobile phone was a senile phone and there was no Wechat at all.

he begged the staff to say that they were from out of town. Could you give me some accommodation, but the staff had no way to accommodate them? even because there were too many people, they only replied to them and went to do something else, leaving them at a loss.

seeing this scene, I feel very sad. I don't know how long they have been preparing for a trip to the hospital, and I don't know how many detours they have to take to see the doctor smoothly.

this era is developing very fast, and we all think that it is normal to have a health code, but for many of us older people, it is really difficult.

on August 8th, a video sparked a heated debate on the Internet.

an old man had an argument with the subway staff.

Metro stations stipulate that you need to show your personal health code or epidemic pass when you take a bus.

but the old man obviously didn't understand what he needed to show. He asked several times, "what is the health code and want the phone number"?

when the staff asked for the epidemic pass again, the uncle said excitedly, "there is no such thing, you didn't give it to me."

in this video with 1.6 million likes, the old man was posted with the word "arrogant uncle", and netizens began to joke:

some people think that the uncle is outrageous and too bossy. Should be severely punished:

others say he is obviously pretending to be stupid and deliberately evil:

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some people even regard this as a joke and crosstalk:

how do you evaluate this?

I feel very sad about the staff's way of communication, as well as this group of netizens who maliciously speculate on the elderly and regard this as a joke.

through this video, we can clearly see that the communication between the staff and the elderly is completely invalid. The staff has been saying, Please show me the health code and pass, but I have no idea what this thing is. The two have been communicating ineffectively.

the staff would rather go to the police than explain what the health code is and how to help me download the health code. This is what really makes people reflect.

and I don't think my uncle looks like an unreasonable person. He is also very serious when he asks what the health code looks like. When the staff asked him to put on his mask, the old man put it on cooperatively.

in the end, the matter ended with the police coming to mediate, and the Dalian Metro issued a notice criticizing education to the relevant staff and improving their working methods.

in fact, it is not just the old man in Dalian who is in such a predicament.

search Baidu for the keyword "old people don't know QR code", and 5130000 relevant results are obtained.

almost all of them are feedback that the elderly do not know how to use QR codes or surf the Internet, and that they encounter difficulties in life.

many old people have worked hard all their lives to gain a firm foothold in the tide of society. The torrent of the times has not let them fall down, but when they are faced with things that are changing with each passing day, they begin to be helpless.

one netizen put it very well: at the beginning, the Forbidden City fully implemented online ticketing, but forgot to consider that when the grandparents of those remote areas finally came to the Imperial Palace in Beijing, they found that the red wall could not get in.

in the information age, the vast majority of young people can easily do a lot of things with their mobile phones, but for the elderly, the complicated applications and instructions in their mobile phones make them completely confused.

in a world they have struggled for most of their lives, they suddenly become as out of place as extraterrestrials.


CCTV once did a program: "scan the code era, don't let the elderly" fall behind ".

one of the links is very poignant, asking:

when did you realize that the old man was left behind?

netizen A replied: it was when Grandma and Grandpa went to pay the phone bill himself, went to more than a dozen business halls and was told "no cash".

netizen B replied: you can't get a taxi without a ride-hailing app, and you can get around the starting price of a taxi in a fifth-tier city. As a result, it took the old man four hours to get home.

netizen C replied: when there was a power outage, Grandma and Grandpa couldn't find the flashlight in their mobile phone, so they took medicine in the house in the dark.

We young people are happy to use their mobile phones and enjoy the Internet age, but you have no idea that this kind of life has become their dilemma.

in Heilongjiang, a 67-year-old man bought grapes and was ready to check out, but was toldOnly Wechat, no cash.

the uncle stood awkwardly for a moment with the banknote, but no one paid any attention to him.

he picked up the grapes and complained: I took RMB, not counterfeit money. You asked me to stand there, humiliating my old man and not using Wechat.

similarly, Yangzhou Daily also reported that an old man accompanied his wife to a hospital in downtown Yangzhou and wanted to rent a wheelchair for his wife to sit on.

but who knows, the wheelchairs that provide cash rental have been borrowed, and only those that need to be rented by mobile phone scan code are left.

but the uncle can't scan the code to pay, so he can only register with his wife all the way to see a doctor. He is old and has a wife behind his back, which is very difficult.

the staff felt very sad when they saw this.

Code scanning is to provide convenience for people, but there are still people who bring great inconvenience because of code scanning.

remember the old man who went to Weibo for help during the epidemic?

77-year-old Liu Li is a retired teacher. Her daughter has just died because of the epidemic. She, his wife and her 13-year-old granddaughter have all been infected. His son is still at the front line of the epidemic and can't take care of his home.

he is eager for rescue. He is the only guardian of the little granddaughter, and the most important thing is the little granddaughter.

so he wobbly relearned to surf the Internet, and you really can't imagine how difficult it is for people who never know how to surf the Internet.

finally, after groping for a long time, he finally sent out two words: Hello.

the Internet is like a different world for the elderly, and every step towards this world becomes very difficult.

later, the old man died, and some netizens sighed and said:

2.5 send out a "Hello".

2.28 I can't say "goodbye".

the development of informatization is like a fish in water for young people, but for the elderly, it has erected an invisible barrier, making it more and more difficult for them to walk.

they are like being isolated from civilization. The end of the wall is the brand-new world they have worked hard for. This end of the wall is unable to keep up with the development of the times, and they are forced to stay behind.


according to the "Statistical report on the Development of China's Internet" released by the China Internet Information Center (CNNIC), the number of Internet users in China is 904 million, and the Internet penetration rate is 64.5%.

this figure is surprising. China has a population of 1.4 billion, that is to say, half a billion people do not have access to the Internet.

moreover, the Internet penetration rate in rural areas is only 46.2%, which means that only 46 out of every 100 people have been exposed to the Internet.

the National Bureau of Statistics has also released such a set of data:

3/4 of China's elderly people over the age of 60 have never been exposed to the Internet.

they don't have a smartphone and they don't know how to scan the code at all. when they encounter a situation, they can only stand by at a loss, this is their current situation.

the world is fragmented. We young people are keen to pursue the most fashionable and up-to-date mobile phones, but you don't know that there is such a large group of people who use older phones, and smartphones are too far away for them.

some people say that elderly people who do not know how to scan the code on their smartphones should not go shopping.

some people say that when the elderly go to the hospital to see a doctor, why not their children accompany them?

others say that people are never too old to learn, and that the elderly who fail to keep up with the times will be eliminated.

people who say this, I can only say that it is not painful for them to stand up and talk, so why can't old people come out and buy things? Who can guarantee that he will have children with him every time he goes to the hospital?

also, those who say that they eliminate their remarks are completely willing to think from their own point of view.

have you ever seen a geriatric machine? The words on that phone are so big that they can't see the small fonts at all. Moreover, the eyesight, thinking and reaction ability of the elderly become very difficult as they get older, which is totally incomparable to that of the young.

Dou Wentao once said:

sometimes when making moral judgments, I always feel a little guilty, you know, because people's situation is really different.

I think so.

everyone has been young, but who will not be old?

one day we will grow old and be at a loss in the face of new changes. in the face of an extremely familiar and unfamiliar world, will we feel angry and powerless like them?

the degree of civilization of a society is measured by their conscience towards vulnerable groups.

of course we need civilization, but what we need more is to be able to take care of all groups rather than coldly across the board.

Civilization, there should be temperature.

when the public feels that everyone should learn new technology, we should also allow some special existence, allow them to be as ignorant as newborn children, and allow them to accept new things more slowly than we think.

the progress of society is to make everyone feel cared for, not to exclude some people.

We cannot guarantee that we will always be young, give more love and understanding to the elderly and vulnerable groups, leave them more living space, but also for our future.

in the age of intelligence, it is the real civilization that allows everyone to live with dignity, isn't it?