Confusion is the cure for everything.

/August 2022

as the ancients said, "if you are too smart, you will always be blessed."

those who live sober are apt to worry;

those who live muddled are apt to be happy.

confusion is the cure for everything.


it's better to be confused

there are two basic points in life: be confused and be smart.

many things in life are not black and white.

just live in a muddle, so why take it too seriously.

the more people don't care about details, the more they get.

seeing everything too clearly and too harshly is not a good sign.

Zeng Guofan wrote in a letter to his good friend Hu Linyi:

"forgetful machines can eliminate machines, but ignorance can dispel bad luck."

get along with friends, be confused, and have a better relationship;

get along with your lover, be confused, and have a sweeter relationship;

in terms of money and interests, be a little confused, not hurt;

in human relations, be a little confused, worthy of your heart;

when you are calculated, you are confused and do not use your brains;

when you are vilified, you are confused and do not tire your ears.


everything is confused

there are many old Chinese folk sayings:

the wood is more beautiful than the forest, the wind will destroy it;

the rafters rot first; the gun kills the first bird.

only if you are confused, you can avoid misfortune.

Confucius found confusion and named the Doctrine of the mean;

Laozi found confusion and named inaction;

Zhuangzi found confusion and named Xiaoyao.

Zheng Banqiao wrote, "it is difficult to be smart, especially to be confused, and it is even more difficult to change from being smart to being confused."

put a book on it, take a step back, and feel at ease now. It is not a plan to report later. "

Life is busy, half life is rustling, and that's probably what life is like.

fight for fame and fortune, overexert yourself and fight ruthlessly, why in the end?

it's better to be confused about everything:

it doesn't matter what you gain, it doesn't matter what you lose, it doesn't matter expensive, it doesn't matter cheap.

High people should be like mediocre people, rich people should be like poor people;

elegant people should be like vulgar people, and wise people should be like fools.

everyone's appearance is not amazing, their performance is not outstanding, and their words are not surprising.

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Nature and light are in the same dust, and everyone is happy.

in this way, the mind is at peace.


to be alive, you need to be a little "silly"

Laozi said to Confucius, "A gentleman is virtuous, and his appearance is like a fool."

means that a cultured gentleman often contains "Sheng de", but does not show his ability on the surface.

they are gentle in manner and slow in speech, like fools.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "the vulgar is clear, but I am dazed alone;

when the vulgar inspects, I am bored alone.

secular people are smart and complacent, only I am dull and clumsy;

secular people are strict and observant, but I am the only one who is so honest and simple.

pride and greed will only make you persistent, not good for you at all.

I'm not stupid, but I have to pretend to be stupid.

confusion can ease conflicts and give yourself more room for mobility.

even in adverse circumstances, greater losses can be avoided.


people who are really smart never show off their cleverness when they should be confused.

from ancient times to the present, those who think they are smart are "smart instead of smart".

Wang Xifeng in A Dream of Red Mansions is like this: "the machine is so clever that it misses Qing Qing's life."

as the old saying goes: neither deaf nor blind deserves to be in charge.

this is the way of a family, and so is the way of a country.

the crowns of ancient emperors were decorated with jade strings, called "masking Ming", and

their ears were also stuffed with yellow silk, called "Sai Cong".

in order to make the emperors "blind in their eyes and deaf to their ears".

be confused when you should be confused, so that you can not be burdened by personnel and not be disturbed by annoyance.

May you and I both muddle through and have a happy life.