Children often go to these four places when they are young

/August 2022

have you noticed that nowadays children always stay at home and seldom go out to see the outside world?

but in fact, real education is not limited to textbooks or campus, life is full of classrooms.

only by going out can children see the world better and really understand it, know it and integrate into it, so that they can really understand themselves and know themselves.

if you want to raise promising children in the future, you might as well take them for a walk in these four places.


Library-- cultivate reading habits

Bi Shumin once said that making children fall in love with reading will become the most cost-effective education for parents in their life.

because reading is the best way for children to "calm down" to understand the world deeply. In reading, children can broaden their horizons, broaden their minds, and touch the wider world.

someone has studied 35 big names in various fields around the world and found that they have two common characteristics in childhood:

first, they have a good parent-child relationship with their parents;

second, they are often taken to the library by their parents to cultivate their interest in reading.

Xiaobin, the son of neighbor Sister Qing, has been high achiever since he was a child. Not only did he get excellent grades all the way, but the key was that he was very conscious and organized, and seldom let adults worry about him.

once I chatted with Sister Qing, and I couldn't help asking her the secret of Xiaobin's excellence.

she smiled and said that if there is any secret, it is that children have developed the habit of going to the library since childhood:

since Xiaobin was 6 years old, she often took him to the library near her home.

at first the child was still very curious, and every time he flashed his big eyes and looked left and right.

slowly, Xiaobin began to be infected by the atmosphere and chose a favorite book to read like an adult. She never interfered with his preferences for two or three hours.

later, Xiaobin fell in love with reading completely and went to the library to read and study every weekend, rain or shine.

and he has developed a strong interest in astronomy. Now, in his second year of high school, he is making every effort to prepare for admission to the Department of Astronomy at Nanjing University.

after listening, I really sigh and admire from the bottom of my heart.

it turns out that the library has such magic that children can unconsciously immerse themselves in it and naturally fall in love with reading.

and reading for a long time can also cultivate children's ability to concentrate and make them more engaged in doing things and learning.

more importantly, reading can help children explore their own interests and find the love of their lives.

I remember what a middle school teacher said before:

those children who only invested all their time and energy in primary school to get high marks declined rapidly after entering junior high school, and became more and more tired.

it is precisely those children who have mediocre grades in primary school, but who are well-read and knowledgeable, their grades are powerful and have boundless potential.

truly high-level parents will cultivate their children's interest in reading from an early age and form the habit of benefiting from life.

take your children to the library on weekends, and don't miss the best place to cultivate your children's reading habits.


Nature-- arousing children's curiosity

Yes, today's children cannot smell the fragrance of vegetation after rain, cannot imagine the beautiful soft light of fireflies under the stars, and gradually become cold, pale, and numb.

in fact, getting children out of steel and concrete cages and approaching fields, mountains, and rivers should be an indispensable lesson in children's childhood.

after all, nature is the best natural classroom. Children can open up their minds in nature and let their imagination and creativity gallop freely in rich and colorful spaces.

Li Yapeng takes Li Yan back to live in the countryside every year during the summer vacation.

Father and daughter ride bicycles on a fresh and natural country road, cozy and leisurely.

in fact, he has taken Li Yan hiking, mountain climbing and camping since she was young.

he also often takes his daughter to feel and get close to nature. Every 24 solar terms, he takes her to the Ming Tombs Reservoir to observe air temperature, water temperature, plants, animals, etc., and tells interesting stories, rain or shine.

he said: this kind of education is not necessarily for the college entrance examination, but at such an age I hope to give her a bigger future that can be expanded.

his parenting style is also recognized and sought after by many people.

Little Li Yan today is not only sunny, confident, fresh and refined, but also dares to try all kinds of new things:

runway, holding art exhibitions for public welfare, live broadcast to teach netizens to make up, and travel everywhere. Full of passion for life.

behind this, it is inseparable from the infiltration and polishing of his father Li Yapeng's "nature education".

Nature is a door to open children's imagination, creativity and courage to explore the new world.

Don't lock up the energetic and curious children in the boring room.

Don't let them become machines that can only read dead books, let them run in nature and the sun, release their vitality and feel the wonder of the world.

in this way, children will always be curious about new things and be physically and mentally healthy and rich in heart.


the job of parents-- training children to be grateful

he was unemployed in middle age. in order to make a living and to support his family, he managed to find a job in a funeral home, but he didn't expect to attract his daughter's dislike. Pointing at her father's nose at the dinner table, he shouted:

"Lin Dawei, you resign immediately!"

this scene makes people indignant and sad.

the greatest sorrow of parents is probably to give desperately, but raise an ungrateful child.

when we raise a child, we don't ask for much in return, but we just want to make him a person with love in his heart and tenderness in his eyes.

therefore, if parents have the conditions, they might as well take their children to their jobs for half a day.

after working overtime late at night, take the children home together to feel the cold wind and the tired pace of passers-by.

Let the children see the truth of life early and really experience the tiredness of their parents working hard for a living;

let him realize that

he usually eats and wears and spends every penny he spends, not by the strong wind, but by his parents' hard work.

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the reason why he has a quiet and stable life in today's years is because his parents carry heavy loads behind their backs.

I remember a news I read not long ago:

A 7-year-old girl Beibei came to Hangzhou from her hometown to visit her father, who has been working abroad for many years.

she watched her father drive a van day and night to pull goods and help people move. She was often so tired that she was sweating and her heart was full of heartache.

so at parting, Beibei personally wrote a letter to his father:

I see you work so hard that I don't want to spend your money!

just a few words, but reveal the most sincere gratitude to my father.

I think the father must have seen tears in his eyes and was moved.

saw a comment: "the greatest joy of being a parent is not that the child has become a child, but that the child has finally understood himself."

Yes, most of the time, love should not only be said, but also "seen" by the child.

when children understand their parents' love and understand their parents' efforts, they will redouble their efforts in study and life.

only those children who are always grateful can go higher and farther in the future.


College Campus-help your child set goals

someone in Zhihu asked:

the most popular answer is: show him around the college campus.

, especially well-known universities with historical origins, can not only bring visual enjoyment to children, but also bring spiritual touch to children, and help children set a long-term goal as soon as possible.

do you still remember Tang Chuyue, the top student in the Hubei college entrance examination last year?

the road opened by high achiever of Tang Chuyue can be said to begin with a visit to the university campus.

in July 2009, Mother Tang took her children on a visit to Wuhan University, which impressed Xiao Chu Yue and vowed to get a high score in the college entrance examination.

unexpectedly, ten years later, Tang Chuyue's score in the college entrance examination reached 725 points.

not only realized the original heroic words, but even exceeded the goal, and became the top student in the science college entrance examination in Hubei Province.

this is probably the unique appeal of institutions of higher learning.

in fact, for children, the last place to miss in adolescence is the college campus.

you will see rich and colorful community actions and games in full swing on the pitch.

all this will be a big shock to the children.

parents can also take their children around the campus and explain the history and celebrities of the school, so as to deepen their children's expectations and expectations.

finally, we must tell him that famous universities are not a distant dream. As long as we keep our feet on the ground and make unremitting efforts, one day we can join them and become a high-spirited college student.

sharpen a sword in ten years, sharpen the fragrance of plum blossoms.

in order to realize your dream one day, you need to start building up your strength and study hard now.

when you climb patiently one step at a time and focus on the road under your feet, you will eventually get wherever you want to go.


I have heard such a saying:

to teach architectural design for a hundred hours, it is better for students to touch several ancient cities.

parents blindly preach the knowledge in textbooks, so it is sometimes difficult for their children to understand the truth.

at this time, you might as well take your children out to have a look and experience it for yourself. there are often unexpected gains.

taking children to these four places is actually four gifts for children:

Library: children's lifelong mentors, all kinds of questions can be answered in books;

Nature: an everlasting curiosity, always maintain love for the world;

Job: let children know love and gratitude, take the initiative to master the password to happiness.

University campus: find the goal in life, let the child grasp the present, and will not regret for today's slack in the future.

I hope that every child can take these four gifts with them, go higher and further in the future, and reap a truly happy life.