Children, if you don't want to suffer for a lifetime, you have to suffer for a while! Wake up countless students of the depth of good text!

/October 2022

some people say that a hard life is hard for a while, and a life without hard work is a hard life.

Lin Kui, a poet of the Northern Song Dynasty, said: if the young is not hard, the old will be hard; if the young can serve the old, the old will be at ease.


work hard to endure hardship for a while

suffering is the background of life

Buddha says that all living beings suffer. As the old saying goes, life has five tastes, sweet and sour, bitter and salty. Suffering is inevitable in life. Schopenhauer said: "Life is pain, and we can turn pain into happiness." effort is the process of transformation, although we may feel harder in this process.

suffering is a necessary process of life. Life is a process of "enjoying" pain and suffering, which is worth experiencing and having.

Life itself is a journey coexisting with pain, and it is not as easy as many people think. From the day we were born, we began to practice our lives.

No matter what environment you grow up in, you will face all kinds of problems in life. In the face of these difficulties and difficulties, no one can easily cross them without tears and sweat.

the more you experience, the easier it is to discover the truth of the world-the more you are afraid of suffering, the more bitter you are. Those who are really rich in heart are not afraid to bear hardships.

Life always has to bear hardships. Only with bitterness can we know sweetness, and only when we have bitterness can we know how to cherish it.

hard work, bitterness is temporary

it is better to bear hardships late in life than early in life; if you are not tired now, you will be more tired later. You should know that what you suffer now is actually a blessing you will enjoy later.

Zeng Guofan once said:

Confucius also said: "if you have no foresight, you must have immediate worries." you should have a long-term vision, not just for a moment of comfort, and let your inner laziness control your life.

the hardship of hard work is temporary. Now many children can not bear hardship, encounter a little setback, a little difficulty will give up.

if you ask him why he can't hold on and suffer a little bit, he will answer you plausibly: it's too hard to work hard, it's the same way to try, and it's the same way if you don't work hard, why not make yourself a little more comfortable at the moment?

some hardships in life are doomed to eat. If you don't study hard today, you will regret and suffer when you grow old. When I was young, I wanted to be comfortable and didn't want to work hard. Without the nourishment of spirit and the support of skills, I have to endure emptiness and poverty tomorrow.

if you work hard, you may feel painful at that time, but when you cross this hurdle, you will have a fuller and more valuable self.

your efforts and hardships will never be in vain. God will always supply you. Even if you don't get what you want at that time, your efforts will show when you are in trouble one day.

what you get through hard work is progress in your skills, openness in your mind, and maturity in your mind, which are of great significance to life and good for you all your life.


lust for comfort, suffering all one's life

choose to live comfortably or meaningfully?

it is said that Laozi met an old man over 100 years old. The old man said proudly:

Laozi took a brick and a stone in front of the old man and said, "if you can only choose one, do you want a brick or a stone?"

the old man chose the brick and pointed to the stone and said:

people always have goals and dreams, and dreams can only be realized through hard work. The value of life lies not in the length, but in the meaning you give to what you do.

in fact, human nature is lazy, is the pursuit of comfort to escape pain. We always envy other people's achievements and status, and then complain about the injustice of the world, but who is greedy for comfort and has not worked hard, who has no right to complain?

many parents spend all their lives building comfortable nests for their children, but you should know that the meaning of life cannot come from a comfortable atmosphere, and no ability is produced in pure joy.

abilities are cultivated in pain and frustration. When children get used to an easy life, they will be afraid of change. When children are unwilling to suffer and work hard, the seeds of laziness grow in their hearts, and life will not improve much in the end.

hard work must be hard and hard. Only in this way can you improve, make progress, and enrich yourself.

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if you don't work hard because you can't accept the hardships, you will be eliminated by the society, and the rest of your life will be very hard.

time waits for no man

as the saying goes, if you don't work hard when you are young, you can only be sad when you are old. Do not work hard in life, when you look back, you will find that the most regrettable is not the lack of opportunity, but did not work hard, did not eat the hardships at that time.

suffering is not called bitter when young, but bitter when old. Don't be afraid to bear hardships when you are young, and don't be greedy for comfort and pleasure, otherwise when you are old and want to work hard, you will find that time is running out of strength.

when you are young, you can taste the sweetness of life only after you take the initiative to eat the hardships of hard work.

unwilling to suffer from hard work, he can only eat the suffering brought by fate in the end.

for most people, we accomplish nothing, not because of mediocre qualifications, but because we don't work hard enough. Don't say sadly when you are getting old and empty-handed, "if you could have eaten a little bitterness at that time, you could have worked harder."

at the age of the most able and able to fight, it is necessary and inevitable to bear hardships, but nowadays there seem to be fewer and fewer such teenagers.

although there is not necessarily sweetness after hardship and success after hard work, the hope of life without hard work is even slimmer, like a pool of stagnant water.

A life that doesn't work hard, you can see the end at a glance, so pale that there is no new scenery, that is the real bitterness.

the bitterness of effort is not true.You feel bitter because you don't foresee the consequences of life when you choose to muddle along. If you regard the bitterness of your immediate efforts as the sweetness of your later life, you will find that it is not so hard to swallow.

how can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms without chilling to the bone?

the thickest background of youth is struggle, and the most precious spirit is struggle. Don't choose comfort in the best times. The lazier and more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to miss the beautiful scenery.

if you don't want to suffer for a lifetime, you have to suffer for a while. Only when you can withstand hardship can you deserve your dream.

and when he is not yet old, he is still young. I'm afraid that the first thing to do is to sing, so that my husband's grass is not fragrant.

while you are young, try not to be afraid of hardship. People who are afraid of suffering often endure hardships all their lives.