Character is a person's best card.

/June 2022

Lincoln said:

for a big tree, the most important thing is the firmness and foundation of the tree; for a person, the most important thing is the integrity and purity of character.

character is a person's connotation and self-cultivation, brand and label, and it is also a person's sincerity to get along with the world.

in a good character, the best blessings are hidden, and they always bring hope and opportunity to people.

the second half of life is about character.


character is the best business card

at the end of the Qin Dynasty, there was a man named Jibu in Chu, who was upright and chivalrous.

as long as it is what he has promised, no matter how difficult it is and how much it costs, he will try to do it, so everyone respects him very much.

during the struggle between Chu and Han, Ji Bu offered advice to Xiang Yu many times, causing Liu Bang's army to suffer defeats one after another.

so when Liu Bang became emperor, he ordered him wanted, and even threatened who hid Jibu to exterminate the three tribes.

but Jibu's honest and helpful character has long been well-known, and many people are willing to lend a helping hand to him.

Zhu Jiaming from Shandong, who knew it was Jibu, still risked the risk to keep him and went to Luoyang to intercede with Liu Bang's old friend Xia Hou Ying.

later, under the persuasion of Xia Hou Ying, Liu Bang withdrew his wanted for Jibu, made him a doctor, and soon became a Hedong Taishou.

this is the story of "getting a hundred jin of gold, not as good as Jibuyinuo" recorded in the Historical Records.

character is the business card and signboard of a person.

people are willing to believe your words only when you are sincere and reliable;

you are just and trustworthy, and others are willing to help you only when you are in difficulties;

you are considerate and have a chance to get support and opportunities.

as the saying goes, without respect and trust for no reason, those blessings and good luck are the character and goodness accumulated bit by bit on weekdays.

Confucius said:

A good character is more important than ability and higher than talent.

it is not only the capital for a person to stand in the world, but also the most solid backing for a person.


character is not good, and it is futile to have the ability.

some time ago, the staff of the company was adjusted, and only one person was left in the department where Sister Wang and Xiaochen worked.

Sister Wang is simple and serious and has worked in the company for more than 20 years. Xiaochen is a graduate student from a famous university and has strong professional ability, so it is difficult for her leaders to finalize the results for the time being.

although she knows the news of the downsizing, Sister Wang still submits reports and prepares reports step by step every day, takes the initiative to contact the financial and business departments, and arranges what needs to be done in good order.

on the contrary, Xiaochen became absent-minded and kept asking his colleagues for news, secretly complaining that Sister Wang gave her so much work that he was so busy that he didn't even have time for a sip of water.

the more restless the mind is, the more likely it is to make mistakes. The settlement fee applied for last week Xiao Chen hit an extra zero, so I had no choice but to fill in the situation statement and ask the leader to sign it.

when the leader asked her how could she make such a low-level mistake?

Xiaochen said aggrieved that the application should have been made by Sister Wang, but she left the job to herself in order to catch up with the play, and she made a mistake as soon as she was in a hurry.

but what is the truth?

obviously Xiaochen was watching the video while operating the flow. Because of this, Sister Wang specially explained to the leader to speak for her, but Xiaochen took a bite.

in fact, colleagues in an office know who is reliable and who is cheating, but it is more obvious when it comes to self-interest.

later, everyone knows about Xiaochen. No matter how highly educated he is, no matter how capable he is, and no one will ever use him again.

but he was so clever that he finally picked up a stone and hit himself in the foot, losing his heart and losing his chance.

even if you have a high education and strong ability, selfishness and opportunism will eventually harm you.

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if the character is not good, it is futile to be excellent!


the second half of life is about character

there is such a sentence in Caigen Tan:

the warmth and kindness rooted in the bones are naturally revealed and revealed in every word and every move without deliberate intention.

some time ago, 65-year-old Chen Daoming was put on the hot search for many times.

he had no intention of fame and fortune, but he was praised and praised by everyone because of his good self-cultivation.

backstage of the Golden Rooster Award event, I ran into Niu Jing, an 84-year-old artist, who immediately took the initiative to shake hands with his elders through the crowd.

at the dinner table of the gathering of old friends, he bluntly refused to let the newlyweds dance and resolutely stood up to resolve the embarrassment for the fledgling younger generation.

TV filming site, even without his part, he will study silently and constantly ponder over the young people's ways to interpret their roles.

in the face of a good script, he volunteered to reduce his pay, put himself in the crew's shoes, and give actors more resources and opportunities, simple and sincere.

Chen Daoming has status and reputation, but he has never been proud of his talents. He still gives everyone meticulous care and quiet tenderness.

that kind of open-mindedness and kindness is from the heart of self-cultivation, not hypocritical, not deliberate.

but this "good to you" is not a coincidence, but he is thinking about others very seriously.

he asked meWe see the best character in the details.

therefore, many people respectfully call him "Uncle Dao", thanking him for coming forward, rewarding his selfless help, and supporting his decisions and works.

sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity. A good character is a person's greatest blessing, which will help us attract better people, encounter better things, be gently waited for by the world, and the road under our feet will be wider and farther.

A good character is our brightest business card, which has its own light.

May we all be quiet and subtle people, not eager to pursue interests and achievements, appreciate and grow silently, and always have warmth and kindness in our hearts.