Character, always number one!

/November 2022

once read such a sentence: "character is the foundation, behavior is face, only a good foundation, face to set off, life is more possible."

it is true that the word "human" is easy to write, but difficult to do.

No matter how much wealth and background a person has, if he doesn't know how to be a man, the road will only get narrower and narrower.

in Uncle Fan's view, people with poor character all hide these four characteristics. Do you have such a person around you?


people who are greedy for small wealth and take advantage of others

people with poor character are best at pretending to be confused.

they always want to take advantage of others, but they still look aggrieved when they have already taken advantage of it.

whenever I talk about this, I always think of that exasperating news.

there is an Internet celebrity called @ passerby A-who has 600000 fans.

he played the rules of Taobao very well, knowing that if the merchant did not deliver the goods in time, the user would get compensation.

for this reason, he specially set up a fan group to find fault with merchants, and made a lot of money.

the most exasperating thing is that.

at that time, an "Italian fox flagship store" cost only more than 100 yuan to buy six pairs of shoes because of system problems.

this group of people frantically took more than 10,000 orders and confidently said that they would lose money if they could not ship the goods.

in the face of such difficulties, there is nothing the store can do, and the shop that has been open for five years can only close down.

what is even more frustrating is that the store's mother suffers from severe cerebral thrombosis, and the shop is opened to save her life.

but now, because of these cheap little people, my mother's life is so cut off.

I always think that people can be smart, but they can't be evil or bad, and they have to live up to their conscience when they do anything.

selfish people, as long as they are happy, no matter whether others live or die, please stay away as soon as possible.


double-dealing is chilling

Shakespeare once said, "honesty is the most touching."

indeed, a sincere heart is far more useful than any routine.

host Wu Xin once shared a sad past.

at that time, she carefully prepared a program, which was about to be broadcast, and she was very nervous.

just at this time, a friend suddenly contacted her and said that she was willing to post a circle of friends to help her with publicity.

there are many contacts and many ways. After hearing this, Wu Xin thanked each other from the bottom of his heart and kept saying that he would find an opportunity to thank his friends.

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however, as Han Han said, "the really bad guys are not terrible, but the terrible ones are fake good guys."

it wasn't long before Wu Xin discovered that the circle of friends that moved her so much turned out to be visible only to her.

that is to say, Wu Xin, a so-called good friend, not only sold her a big favor, but also did not have to pay any hard work.

there must be such people around you.

they always say things behind their backs face to face and say nice things, but they don't get the last thing done.

A beautiful lie is better than not telling, but a hypocritical friend is better than not making a friend.

people can't afford to pay wrongly, and never treat anyone like a fool.

heart to heart, may you get a warm response every time you really give.


talk about right and wrong, which is embarrassing

"Zengguang Xian Wen" wrote: "those who often say right and wrong must be right and wrong."

you know, lower-class people talk about right and wrong, superior people talk about patterns.

the more organized people are, the more disdainful they are to judge other people's affairs.

on the contrary, it is those short-sighted people who always like to arrange other people's things to make up for the holes in their hearts.

their daily lives are either jealous of what others have or laugh at what others have lost, which is worthless.

in fact, all of our lives, there will be some bitterness and some difficulties that we want to hide in our hearts.

everyone wants to have someone to lend a hand when they are vulnerable, instead of standing behind their backs.

but there happen to be some people with bad character.

they always make fun of the people around them, regard meanness as humor, and they will be ecstatic when they see other people's bad luck.

however, everything has a cycle of cause and effect. If you tear down other people's bridges, who will help you cross the river when it's your turn to meet the river behind you?

the most important thing in being a man is to have the kindness of promoting yourself and others. You would rather be speechless than talk too much.

there is a reasonable saying: "as long as people live to shine their own light, there is no need to put out other people's lights."

A man of integrity will not judge right or wrong, but will only be kind to others.


advocating high and trampling low makes people feel chilling

someone once asked, "Little, what kind of friends do you think are not worth making deep friends with?"

after thinking for a long time, I replied: "those who hold high and tread low."

because this kind of person is the best at watching people play dishes.

when you meet someone who is richer than you are, you nod and bow down, but as soon as you meet someone who is poor, you will immediately put on airs.

they interact with people, never from the bottom of their heart, mostly for the sake of their own face.

but those with good character are different.

they have long seen the prosperity of the world, but they are still affectionate to the cold and warm around them, and never despise others and elevate themselves.

some time ago, a boss in Henan made a lot of people respect.

the thing is, there is a migrant worker who always goes to his shop to buy steamed buns.

the boss saw the embarrassment of migrant workers every time they paid, but did not look down on him.

on the contrary, he secretly broke a good steamed stuffed bun, saying that it could not be sold and let migrant workers take it and eat it for free.

after hearing this, migrant workers had a happy meal with steamed buns.

the top character is not condescending almsgiving, but quietly preserving dignity for others.

when you are above others, you treat others as people, and when you are under people, you treat yourself as a person.

May the wind and water rise in the days to come, and may you be humble.


as the old saying goes, "small victories depend on wisdom, and great victories depend on virtue."

A person's life, no matter how smart you are and how high your status is, will disappear one day.

only character can last a lifetime.

to be a man and do things, you should always keep your mouth shut and be kind-hearted. No matter how bitter you are, you should not cheat your friends. No matter how difficult it is, you should not be greedy for small gains.

good character, in exchange for a good reputation, can reap true feelings.