Change yourself! (this article is priceless)

/August 2022

it is not easy for anyone to live in the world.

No matter how much pain there is, you have no choice but to live on your own.

after all, we are all single individuals, and

the protagonist of life is ourselves.

No one can change you but yourself.

A truly wise man,

will never pin his hopes on others, let alone put the blame on others.

everything only looks for reasons from oneself,

tries to change himself,

tries his best to improve himself,

make himself better, so that he can live a better life! 01

change position

if you are the boss, you will think that the employee does not work hard enough,

if you are an employee, you will resent the boss for being harsh and strict.

if you are a businessman, you will think that the customer is too picky,

if you are a customer, you will think that the merchant is too profiteering.

between people,

there are often contradictions.

it is because of the different positions that

that there are different views and opinions, and

it is easy to have differences.

so when you get along with others,

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learn to think of others.

if you look at others from your own point of view, you will be dissatisfied.

you will be dissatisfied if you think about things from your own point of view.

if you can blame yourself with the heart of blaming others and forgive others with the heart of forgiving yourself,

often reflect on yourself and be tolerant to others,

can make the relationship one step closer and make it easier and harmonious to get along. 02

change the circle

as the saying goes:

"those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black".

in whatever circle a person is in,

will become what kind of person.

because between people,

all influence each other and influence each other imperceptibly,

with self-disciplined people, they will not be lazy;

with optimistic people, they will not be pessimistic and negative.

it is said that a goshawk can fly into the sky, and a fly will fall into a ditch.

so when the people around you,

hinder your development and affect your progress,

should decisively change circles.

to get close to those with positive energy,

to meet those who are willing to work hard,

to study with good people and work with hard-working people,

you can transform into success and

take yourself to a higher level.


change thinking

there are all kinds of people in the world.

the biggest difference is the difference in thinking.

what kind of thinking you have,

will live what kind of life.

people with advanced thinking do not admit defeat and are willing to innovate;

people with intermediate thinking want to be comfortable and enjoy the status quo;  people with low-level thinking hold grudges and dawdle along.

No matter what age you want to live comfortably,

you should put aside the old ideas of the past,

read more, exercise more, love to learn, and

devote your time and energy to practicing your thinking.

when your thinking improves, the pattern becomes bigger,

has a new understanding of life, has a new expectation of life,

all the difficulties can be solved, and all the troubles will dissipate. Although a person's life is small and short,

, it is a kind of success as long as he is willing to learn, cultivate himself often, improve himself constantly, persist in self-improvement, and let himself become better slowly.

Life is limited, but energy is infinite.

from now on,

instead of relying on others, you might as well change yourself,

change your position, circle and thinking.

in the second half of life,

is full of confidence and is not afraid of any wind and rain!