Big things should be quiet, urgent things should be slow, difficult things should be changed, and bad things should be far away.

/October 2022

the way a person looks at things determines the height of his life.

the ancients' four rules of doing things: big things should be quiet, urgent things should be slow, difficult things should be changed, and bad things should be far away

to learn and benefit for life!


Great events should be quiet

Weng Tonghe, an emperor of the three dynasties of the Qing Dynasty, once wrote a famous couplet: "there is stillness in every major event, but there is no ancient sage in the present."

quiet is a kind of great wisdom that does not disturb in the face of danger.

the ancients paid attention to "Mount Tai collapsed in front of him without changing his face".

jade "forbidden" was worn on ancient clothes.

keep quiet while walking and don't let the jade ornaments make a sound.

remind people to be "quiet" at all times.

there is a saying in the university: "quiet and then you can be safe, then you can worry, and then you can get it."

A person can only be thoughtful if he is calm in body and mind; only by being thoughtful can one gain anything.

We often say that "wisdom is born in haste", which is actually a misunderstanding.

most people can only be "foolish in haste", but in most cases "quiet" can give birth to "wisdom".

at present, only when you are calm can you take your time.

put aside the disturbances of the outside world and listen to your inner voice.


urgent matters should be delayed

Zeng Guofan said: "most things are busy and wrong, and they are more leisurely."

some people are always in a hurry to get things done, thinking that they can get things done as long as they are fast enough.

on the contrary, if you do something in a hurry, it is easy to make mistakes;

calm down and take your time, it seems to delay the progress, but the result will be more satisfactory.

as the ancients said: things change when things are urgent, and things are round when things are slow.

the busier your life is, the more calm you will be.

slow down before you do something, think twice before you act.

be patient enough and don't act in haste.

if you act impulsively, you will probably only regret your rashness.

maybe after a while, things will be very different.

as the saying goes: eat a meal in a mouthful, and do one thing at a time.

instead of seeking speed, it is better to seek stability.

hold your breath for the moment, calm down, and you win.


difficult things need to change

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if you are poor, you will change, and if you change, you will change for a long time."

learn to be flexible when you encounter difficulties.

when things get to a certain stage, they get into a bottleneck.

only after the change can it be accessible, and only after it can be reached for a long time.

only by breaking the status quo can we make great progress.

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those who achieve great things should be far-sighted, can value the results, and do not stick to the process.

if this road is blocked, then find another way; if his road is blocked, you might as well turn another corner.

Don't hit the wall and don't look back, it will only make you break your head.

learn to be flexible in order to "overtake" on the road of life.

there is no cul-de-sac in the world, only brains that can't turn.

know how to be flexible, things may not be as difficult as you think.


Bad things are far away

as the saying goes, "if you don't stop, you will suffer chaos."

A bad thing in life is like a grain of sand in a shoe.

it seems inconspicuous, but it consumes people's will invisibly.

wrestling with bad things will only affect your mood and take up your time.

even if it takes advantage of the moment, it is doomed to lose in the long run.

for bad people and bad things, the wisest way is not to listen, ask, and ignore.

Don't worry about gains and losses because of past experiences, and don't waste time on trifles.

Don't be happy with things, don't be sad with yourself, and concentrate on it. Only then can you have a truly rich and full life.

Life is only 30,000 days, and it's not worth entangling in bad things.

Don't force what you don't want to do; stay away from what you can't solve.

learn to turn the heart over, and it will be much easier.