Being with people of the same frequency is the best way to maintain good health.

/August 2022

I have heard a saying: "We will meet a lot of people in our life. Some people get along with each other like a spring breeze, comfortable and warm, but some people get along with each other like thorns on their backs, making people uncomfortable."

in the final analysis, it's just because everyone has a different frequency.

when you spend time with people of different frequencies, the closer you get to each other, the easier it is to hurt each other.

when you are with people of the same frequency, there are fewer than a thousand glasses of bosom friends, and the more you know each other, the more people cherish them.


the frequency is different, so you don't have to be a friend

since the media author @ shared such a story in October.

I remember that when I first checked in at the university, there was a girl in the dorm.

she envies the literary and artistic circle of the three people in the opposite dormitory and has always wanted to go shopping, read books and share some small delicacies with them.

at the beginning, the other party saw that she was so enthusiastic that he was embarrassed to refuse and would take her with him every time there was an event.

Busy searching a piece of high neck wedding dress to show your femininity? You are sure to find the design that will fit you perfectly and high neck wedding dress will be just the addition your wardrobe needed.

but the good times didn't last long. In less than a week, the group of four became a threesome again.

later, I learned from one of the girls that they didn't like this girl. They really had different values and were unable to communicate.

for example, after reading the entertainment report, everyone was very excited and wanted to see a movie together, but she said, "it's free on the Internet right away. Why waste that money?"

or, recently, there was a book signing, and everyone wanted to go, but she said, "what's there to see?" The stories written by those writers are all lies. "

once or twice is OK, but after a long time, the other three people feel that they can't talk together, so they slowly alienate the girl.

I have heard a saying: "people with different frequencies are not destined to be friends."

when you are with people of different frequencies, he cannot understand the direction of your heart, and you cannot empathize with his joys and sorrows.

the conversation between you is never on the same channel; your ideas are often poles apart.

even if you barely become friends, it can only be a drain on each other.

instead of making painstaking efforts to explain, accommodate and compromise, it is better to gather and break up and get along with each other.


in the early years of the Republic of China, the friendship between literary master Chen Yinke and Wu Mi can be called a good story.

in 1919, Chen Yinke and Wu Mi studied in the United States and were introduced by Chen Yinke's cousin Yu Dawei, who was also at Harvard.

the two were of the same age and like-minded, and soon became friends who talked about everything.

at that time, Wu Mi gave a speech on A Dream of Red Mansions at Harvard University, and Chen Yinke enthusiastically went to support it.

after knowing that Wu Mi also liked A Dream of Red Mansions, Chen Yinke wrote a poem about A Dream of Red Mansions for him.

Wu Mi was so overjoyed that she wrote Chen Yinke in her diary that night:

"Chen Jun is knowledgeable and knowledgeable, far beyond the reach of his peers. But the temperament is cool, the ambition is noble and pure, and he is deeply impressed. I am very proud to have this new friend. "

between the lines, you have to find a bosom friend, uncontrollable excitement and joy.

Chen Yinke has a habit of writing poems, but he is not confident in his poems. He often crumples them into a ball and throws them away after reading them.

Wu Mi is notoriously unforgettable, remembering Chen Yinke's poems every time, and then copying them in his diary, which makes many of Chen Yinke's poems in the United States preserved.

I don't know if you have found that people with the same frequency in life are more likely to hit it off.

they can understand each other's interests as well as each other's pursuits.

when two people are together, they never have to worry about not finding a common topic. Even if they just keep silent, it is just right to be comfortable.

I like this paragraph very much:

"people of the same frequency, even if they cross mountains, will eventually get together;

people of different frequencies, even if they get along day and night, they are not the same after all."


being with people of the same frequency is the best way to keep in good health

Please answer 1988. In the TV series "Please answer 1988", the friendship between the three mothers shows the best middle-aged friendship.

in their spare time, they often get together to play cards, cook, buy vegetables, occasionally have a few drinks to relax, tell each other's troubles at home, and share each other's joy.

when they have nothing to do, they can leave their husbands and children to go shopping together, and when they encounter difficulties, they can help each other.

the scene that impressed me most was that one day Te-sun's mother said she was going to have a physical examination tomorrow, but she was worried about cancer because she had a lump in her chest for years.

when Jung-hwan and Sun-woo's mother heard this, they quickly comforted her not to worry. If they were afraid, they could go with them.

after the examination the next day, the result is not optimistic.

there is indeed a tumor in Deshan's mother's breast, and further tests are needed to know if it is cancer.

she had mixed feelings, but she could only hold back her emotions and acted as if nothing had happened in front of her husband and children.

only when talking to the mothers of Jung-hwan and Sun-woo, do they dare to tell the whole story about their worries.

fortunately, the final examination result was just a cyst, and it was nothing serious. When Jung-hwan's mother heard the news, she cheered for a drink.Wine celebration.

do you have such friends in real life?

you don't have to pretend to be strong in front of them, let alone hide your sadness.

because people with the same frequency can always see through your hesitation and understand the sadness behind your smile.

they will be by your side silently when you are down, and they will support you when you want to do something.

when I am with them, I can feel the warmth of being understood and cared for.

there is a question on Zhihu: "Why do you grow up with fewer and fewer friends, and those who used to be very good friends slowly get lost?"

someone replied, "if the topics that two friends can talk about over and over again are those past events, their friendship will probably come to an end."

that's true. There's a long way to go, and everyone has his own growth path.

those people with different frequencies will eventually get lost in the crowd and get lost in the years.

only people with the same frequency can get along with each other without tiredness, stay with each other for a long time, and stay with them for the rest of their lives.

as the saying goes, "people with the same pace have both a future and a time to turn back."

click to watch. For the rest of my life, I hope you and I can find people with the same frequency, accompany us through the misty rain in Pinghu, and live a swaying life.