Be the nobleman of your own life

/July 2022


in the long journey of life, there are always many unexpected and unprecedented dangers, to venture alone, and there are always some fears, worries and helpless things that need to be tried alone.

No one can replace the trek on the journey, and no one can taste the suffering and loneliness of individual life.

clench your teeth, walk alone, learn to let go of your hands, wobble to seek in the dark, trek to the confused distance, step on solid ground every step, and walk every minute on the journey of mental maturity.

when you go through the darkness, loneliness and smooth road alone, life becomes strong from fragility, personality from attachment to independence, and fate from bumpy to smooth.

every harvest and gift in life is sweetest by those who rely on their own efforts. Those who lie on the hotbed of fate, do nothing, lose their creative ability, and rely on others to live are as sad and ridiculous as worms.

those who do not have a good heart and thoughts, follow others, destroy nature and poison life, lose the bottom line of life and become public enemies of nature and society.


there are no two identical leaves in the world, no two people are exactly the same.

everyone is born different, has a unique appearance, personality and thinking, life, do not have to cater to others, do not have to humbly imitate others, let alone fear to go to Handan to learn, retain their own characteristics, be their own best.

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in nature, flowers have the beauty of flowers, and people have their own places, so they should be upright, independent and special, not following others, not listening to hearsay, not blindly following, not drifting with the tide.

if you sway like grass in the wind and lose your character and pride, you will only be despised and despised by people.

Gorky once said:

be the master of your own thoughts, but also the master of your own life, not only the master of your own life, but also the nobleman of your own life.

on the way of life, we are always eager to be helped when we fall, to be accompanied when we are tired, and to be comforted when we are in pain. However, fate is always impermanent.


most of the time, we need to get through the most difficult time by ourselves before we can usher in the dawn.

every time in a difficult situation, it is always you who support yourself, and every time you save yourself from the quagmire of fate.

is to act as the savior of one's own life at a time.

in the face of ups and downs, people who are independent and special are not only the saviors of their own lives, but also the nobles of their lives.

because independent people are strong in their hearts, fearless in their hearts, strength under their feet, and distant in their eyes. they are not congenial, pessimistic and disappointing, and their outstanding ideas and practices can always guide themselves and others out of the mud, to light, to love and happiness.

Independent special behavior is by no means unconventional, eye-catching everywhere, independent special behavior is by no means refusing to be ordinary, choosing aloof, independent special behavior, and by no means being independent from the society.

Independent special conduct is a kind of noble character, a kind of personality independence, a kind of wise man's choice, but also a kind of philosophy of doing things.

May everyone who treks in the world of mortals can become an independent person, be the master of life easily, and be the nobleman of his own life.