Be the best of yourself in order to meet better others!

/November 2022

people often say: you will meet whoever you are.

I feel the same way. After half my life, I feel more and more that who I meet and what happens seems to be doomed, but it all depends on you.

only by being the best of yourself can you meet better people.


people of the same frequency attract

Daojing to each other. Chapter 23 says: "those who are virtuous are the same as virtue, and those who lose are the same as those who lose."

people with virtue will meet people of the same noble character; those who are immoral will attract people of the same despicable character.

Mei Lanfang and Qi Baishi are both "masters" in history.

one is the Beijing Opera Big Bowl, and the other is the calligrapher and painter.

when she first arrived in the capital, Mei Lanfang was already a household name, while Qi Baishi was not famous yet.

in an exhibition, Mei Lanfang saw Qi Baishi's works and was attracted by his talent.

the two unwittingly communicate and find that they share the same temperament, so they become best friends.

later, Mei Lanfang worshiped Qi Baishi as her teacher and learned to paint. since then, the friendship between the two has been handed down to this day.

A writer once said, "networking is not pursued, but attracted."

indeed, only when one is good can one attract beautiful people, things, and things with the same frequency into life.

the same frequency does not mean the amount of wealth, the size of fame, or the level of status, but a similar spiritual realm and inner self-cultivation.

in life, people who are really good know how to improve themselves and refine themselves.

you will meet people with similar souls and have clean circles and comfortable relationships.


you are not good, and it is useless to meet anyone

moral Sutra. Chapter 24 says: "if the enterprise does not stand, the straddler cannot."

stand on tiptoe, although you can stand high, but not firm; take big steps, even if you can walk much, but not for a long time.

it's the same with people and things. It takes a good blacksmith to make good steel.

if one's own ability is not enough, even if others can help for a while, in the end, because of the internal and external mismatch, all the gains will be lost, and even disaster will be incurred.

in the Tang Dynasty, there was a man named Li Jian who was ignorant and cowardly although he was full of poetry and books.

while hunting, his father saved the prime minister, Fang Xuanling.

in return for saving lives, Fang Xuanling agreed to grant them a wish.

my father said that he wanted Li Jian to be an official.

so Li Jian, recommended by Fang Xuanling, became a county magistrate.

however, because of his cowardice and fear of local criminal and evil forces, there are many unjust and wrong cases, and the people are miserable.

finally, he was turned in and jailed.

as the saying goes, "if virtue does not match, there will be disaster."

when a person's talent, external reputation and status are not equal, they will be out of balance and get themselves into trouble.

therefore, when you are not good enough, even if you encounter an opportunity, it is difficult to seize it; even if you meet an important person, it is not necessarily a blessing.

the really smart people know how to walk at their own pace, be their own dignitaries, and create the life they want.


if you have different horizons, you can't say much; if you have different cognition, you don't have to be forced into it.

everyone can only look at the problem from their own point of view, and understand others from their own perspective.

be the best of yourself, break the original cognition and break through the inherent limitations, so that you can see a wider world and meet better people.

once upon a time, there was a rich businessman who had a lot of money but was not happy.

one day, he met a preacher on the road and said to him, "Why am I so unlucky? my son is not filial and my wife is very indifferent. I am with me because of money."

after hearing this, the Taoist said, "in that case, you can give away the money."

so the rich businessmen spent their money on building schools, donating them to Taoist temples and helping the poor.

when he saw the master again, he said excitedly, "I am so lucky. I am surrounded by kind people. My wife is very virtuous and my son is obedient."

it turns out that in the past, rich businessmen always cared about money, so it is difficult to see the advantages of others. When their own level is improved, they will find the good qualities of others.

as the saying goes, "circumstances change with the heart, and each other comes from the heart."

everything on the outside is the manifestation of your heart.

all the people you meet are the other self, and all their characteristics are the manifestation of your ideas.

if you constantly improve yourself, you will be able to meet better people and see a cleaner world.

writer Zhang Defen once said, "there is no one else outside you".

everything in the world is a reflection of itself.

in this spiritual practice of life, one practices one's own heart and one's own virtue.

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from every word and deed, improve yourself, improve your spiritual realm, expand your horizons, and deepen your moral cultivation.

always remember good thoughts and do good deeds. Beautiful people and things will come unexpectedly.

May we constantly improve ourselves, be the best of ourselves, and meet the best of others for the rest of our lives.