Be kind to yourself on the way to getting old

/October 2022

time is like running water, and the years pass by in a hurry, year after year, pushing people from youth to maturity, that stumbling journey of life, everyone is working as hard as I can to make a living. everyone is moving forward with his heart.

just! Time is fleeting, time is ruthless, fleeting time, every moment is carved with deep or shallow wrinkles on everyone's face, we can not keep the pace of time in a hurry, let alone recover the elapsed years, just as Zhu Ziqing described: the swallow has gone, there is a time to come again; the willow has withered, there is a time to be green again; peach blossoms fade, there is a time to bloom again. But, wise, tell me, why are our days gone forever?

Yes! In time, we can keep nothing but remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, and repay the heavy, simple and happy life deposited in our hearts with piety and gratitude, which is what we should do now.

because people's life is limited, prosperous places are like smoke, only to look down on flashy, with a clean heart to face all things, let life simple, is the best Enron.

it can be said that since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate; since there is no such thing, it is better to be relieved, keep it pure, keep it simple, and learn to be bearish.

through the years, through life, joys and sorrows, are fleeting in the mottled years. Some things have become stories, and some people are destined to be a glance in the years.

whether it is icing on the cake or adding to the disaster, it is worth being grateful that it will become a kind of experience of freehand life in the years, and those beautiful and even worrying things will eventually return from a tree of flowers to a light breeze.

at this point, only through the vicissitudes of life can we know that plain is the truest, and that simplicity is the most beautiful. Only the pursuit of material desires a little less, with an ordinary heart to deal with the impermanence of all things in the world, everything efforts, try their best, the rest of the time, just go with it!

people live all their lives, so it's better to be happy than frown. Because the optimistic state of mind is the peace of the heart out of the most beautiful flowers, it can be said: if the heart is impetuous, floating life is chaotic; if the heart is quiet, the whole world is safe.

what kind of state of mind, what kind of posture. The most important thing is to be kind to yourself, to life, to laugh at all the hardships and frustrations on the way to getting old, to learn to be content, to be simple and happy to live the true meaning of life, and to live the rest of your life.

because alive, what you care about is not the destination, but the scenery along the way. Only with a broad-minded and optimistic face of life, do not care, do not complain, happy to live a good life, is the best gift to life.

as Cai Kangyong said: be nice to yourself, that's the person who will spend the longest time with you.

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Yes! Life ups and downs for decades, should be happy to live every day! Because the meaning of life is not to live long or short, but to have an epiphany sooner or later.

so, if we learn to be open and bearish, we will have a lot less worry; if we learn to be content, we will have more happiness and satisfaction.

as long as we take every step with a grateful heart and treat all daily life with a normal heart, on the road of getting old, if we don't have time to be young seriously, we will grow old chic and unrestrained. Isn't this a kind of beauty? isn't it a kind of happiness?