Be basically vegetarian, take a walk every day, and stay confused (this article has become popular)

/June 2022

the quality of life lies in health, and keeping healthy comes from keeping healthy. Being vegetarian, walking every day and staying confused are the three cornerstones of health preservation.


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basic vegetarian diet

diet is the material basis of health, and reasonable diet should be based on plant food.

plants contain bioactive components that animals lack:

dietary fiber, plant sterols, carotenoids, polyphenols, saponins, phytoestrogens, mustard oil glucosides, sulfides and so on.

these substances have many effects on the body, such as anti-oxidation, regulating immune mechanism, antibacterial, improving microcirculation, resisting tumor invasion and so on. They can also remove harmful substances produced by animal food metabolism in the body, which is beneficial to health.

being vegetarian is not the simplification of dietary structure, but more attention should be paid to the diversity of food.

in addition to rice noodles, you can eat some potato grains. Non-staple food should choose more legumes, edible fungi, seaweed.

secondly, ensure an egg and a bottle of milk every day, and you can also eat some meat in the right amount. Fish and fish are the first choice to maintain nutritional balance.


walking every day

exercise is a healthy way to keep fresh.

eating alone is easy to get fat, do not want to daydream, eating around is the most harmful, good eating will lead to health.

Human evolution began with upright walking, which is a swing movement in which the muscles of the whole body work together and promote blood circulation.

some people abroad regard the legs as the second heart of the human body, but there is also a saying in our country: people are old and old legs, and illness comes from the legs.

in modern society, the function of legs is deteriorating day by day, so it is necessary to strengthen the activity of legs, which is easy and suitable for all ages.

time can be long or short, and speed can be fast or slow.

if you walk alone, you can look around and think wishful thinking, and many people walk together, and you can talk, communicate, adjust your mood, relax your body and mind, which is very beneficial to your health.


keeping confused

mentality is a healthy mental support. The most important thing to keep healthy is to nourish the heart and develop a normal heart.

Life is too short to be perfect, and even if you are president and king, everything may not be satisfactory, so why should we mortals take ourselves seriously?

chasing fame and gain is too tiring, haggling is too tiring, worrying about gain and loss is too bitter, complaining that people are too busy.

to get angry is to punish yourself with other people's mistakes, worry is to torture yourself with your own mistakes, regret is to destroy yourself with helpless past events, and worry is to frighten yourself with virtual unknowns.

all kinds of bad mentality lead to the decline of immune function of the body, and the disease takes advantage of the deficiency, which is seriously harmful to health.

the earth turns, the days go by, be confused when things happen, look down on the world, be happy every day, be happy every moment, and walk the world in vain.