Be a smart new old man (suggested collection)

/June 2022

A wise old man can not only live a warm and happy life, but also live an elegant demeanor in the last golden period of his life.

such an old man is liked everywhere he goes!


pay attention to your appearance

as the saying goes, "appearance comes from the heart". Your appearance reflects your attitude towards life.

so be sure to take care of your appearance, dress neatly and have exquisite makeup, not to please others, but to make yourself more comfortable and younger.


put down the heart of quarreling

upset when quarrelling, sad after quarreling, since quarrelling can't solve any problems, learn to communicate calmly.

the loveliest is the old man who has something to say.


Don't forgive everyone

in life, there will always be people who hurt you intentionally or unintentionally.

maybe their injuries make you stronger, but if you feel that forgiving these people will put you in a very tangled state, then listen to your heart.


you can't do without health

No matter how happy you are, you can't buy health. Money is something outside the body, but health is real.

exercising appropriately every day and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can delay the aging of the body and keep a clear head.

when you are well, the money will be saved.


Scientific and healthy diet

Don't eat blindly, don't eat randomly. Eat fresh, eat healthily. Drink less and eat more food. Eat less meat and more vegetarian.

Don't overeat and don't be afraid of waste. If you are full at seven minutes a day, you will find it on your own.


is not burdened by children

self-reliant, self-supporting. Children and grandchildren will have their own blessings, and they will live a good life first.

Children should not meddle in family affairs, they should let you take care of you again. Treat people equally and don't be partial.


cultivate more hobbies

cultivate more hobbies while you are not old enough. Go out to travel and communicate with different people to broaden your horizons.

eat less junk food and pay attention to maintenance. Manage your relationship with your family and friends carefully and don't lose your temper casually.

this is the kind of life an old man should have, not looking as beautiful as a flower, but living up to his years.


Don't ask for trouble

since ancient times, it has been the principle that no one is looking for a disease, and it is the same with troubles, so smart old people never ask for trouble.

when people reach old age, their mental and physical strength have gone downhill.

the world belongs to young people, and that's the way it is.

We should learn to back down in the face of difficulties. We are unable to change many things even though we worry too much. Don't affect our mood and health.


make new friends

make new friends and never forget old friends. As people get older, their range of activities is limited.

the old buddies and sisters of the past may not be nearby, and their children may not be around.

if you make more new friends, you will gradually become old friends. If you have more friends, you will talk more, and people will not be lonely.


see through

smart old people know how to be properly confused, grasp the big and release the small, but stick to the details, so that both themselves and others can live at ease.

for some people and some things, it is good to see through and not to say anything.


learn to enjoy life

Don't be reluctant to give up, be nice to yourself.

when you can act now, walk when you can, and play when you can.

Don't spend money recklessly, but be sure to enjoy what you deserve, eat something good, and drink something good.


Happiness is above all else

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A short life is good.

the most important thing to be a human being is to be happy, learn to be tolerant, and ignore it.

forget fame and fortune, forget grudges, forget troubles.

be kind to others, don't expect anything in return, and be happy.

keep a youthful mindset, try to get a happy life for the rest of your life, and enjoy it. Don't waste your time.

when people reach their old age, they will live like this. What a good thing to say!

everyone should be a smart old man and enjoy every day of old age.