Be a man: take goodness as the foundation, and harmony as the most precious (profound)

/August 2022

in Caigen Tan, there is a saying: "he who is calm and calm will gather himself."

the more friendly a person is in dealing with the world, the more he can bring good luck and blessings to himself.

Harmony is not cowardice, nor is it afraid of things, but from a longer-term perspective, do not let themselves fall into a city-by-pool haggling and entanglement.


be kind

make money

there is a saying in "Merchants 36 good": "violence is hard to avoid. Treat each other with courtesy and righteousness, and trading is booming day by day. "

from ancient times to the present, whether it is business or business, the most important thing is to be kind.

only when you are generous to others can you gather popularity and get rich. The more narrow-minded and demanding you are, the more you will be far away from the hearts of the people and the more you will lose your fortune.

there is a small noodle shop in Suzhou and Hangzhou. The shop is small, the location is not good, and the business is not very good. It is only taken care of by an old woman.

one day, a middle-aged woman with a baby in her arms came into the store and asked for a bowl of noodles. Before she started eating them, the naughty child pushed the noodles to the ground and the bowl broke.

the mother of the child immediately apologized and offered compensation, but the old woman not only declined the compensation, but also asked whether the child was scalded, and then re-delivered a bowl of noodles to the mother and son.

the mother of the child was very moved and thanked her again and again.

from then on, the mother told everyone about this experience, more and more people came, and the business of this noodle shop became more and more prosperous.

sometimes your kindness, which may seem insignificant, will inadvertently help you widen the way ahead.

sometimes your kindness, which seems to be insignificant, will inadvertently bring you unexpected benefits.

during the reign of Yongzheng, an inn opened in the prime section of the capital pass.

originally the business of this store was very good, but because of the innkeeper's temper, he cut off his financial resources and ruined his future.

one day, a guest accidentally knocked over an ordinary porcelain bowl. The boss was so angry that he not only refused to accept the guest's apology, but also asked the guest to pay ten taels of silver for it.

after that, someone came to the inn to make trouble, the business went from bad to worse, and the innkeeper owed a lot of debt, and finally had to leave the capital angrily.

it turned out that the guest who broke the porcelain bowl was an important minister in the court, and it was the bad attitude of the innkeeper that had brought him such bad luck.

sometimes, taking a step back can ease embarrassment, and if you don't want to be domineering, the loss will outweigh the gain.

sometimes, if you forgive others, you can avoid trouble, but if you have to be aggressive, you will lose both money and money.




in life, we will inevitably encounter bad people and bad things.

sometimes, the more you struggle, the more you struggle, and you will end up hurting yourself.

wise people know that only by learning to let go of winning or losing, right or wrong, can we win a lifetime of peace and tranquillity.

there is a short story.

the tiger saw a mad dog and ran away.

the little tiger said, "Dad, how shameful you dare to fight with the lion and compete with the cheetah, but avoid a mad dog!"

the tiger asked, "son, is it honorable to defeat a mad dog?" The little tiger shook his head.

"is it unlucky to let a mad dog bite?" The little tiger nodded. "in that case, why should we mess with a mad dog?"

when we encounter unreasonable people and things, it is better to avoid or tolerate them than to compete with them for superiority and strength.

there is another story.

in the Ming Dynasty, there was an old man in Suzhou who opened a pawn shop.

on the eve of the end of the year, the old man you was settling accounts inside when he suddenly heard a quarrel at the counter outside and hurried out.

it turned out that it was a poor neighbor, Mr. Zhao, who was quarreling with the man.

so you Lao Weng Li immediately came and reprimanded the man, and then said a good word to make amends to old man Zhao, who hurriedly left after hearing the apology.

unexpectedly, old man Zhao died in the home of another neighbor who opened a shop that night.

Zhao's relatives took this opportunity to complain to the government, and the two families fought a lawsuit for several years.

it turned out that because the old man was heavily in debt and had no choice, he took poison in advance and went to you old man's pawnshop to make a noise and try to extort money with his death.

I didn't expect that you old man could be magnanimous and patient, and even made a sincere apology. Old man Zhao thought that since the other side was at peace, he had to withdraw quickly and chose another one before the poison attack.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "if you encounter a fraudulent person, you will be moved with sincerity, and those who encounter violent hostility will be steamed with kindness."

in this world, there are everyone.

not anyone can reason with them, present the facts, and be fair.

sometimes an apology is just a loss in the mouth, but it can save yourself from the invisible scourge.

sometimes when you go backwards, you can only suffer in the light, but you can stop yourself in the dark.



win the hearts of the people

Mencius once said, "the weather is not as good as the place, and the place is not as good as the people."

the more generous and generous you are to others, the easier it is to resolve conflicts, and the easier it is to untie your heart knot and open your heart.

the harsher and harsher it is, the easier it is to intensify the contradiction and add fuel to the fire, making the situation worse.

Lu Mengzheng, the famous prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, was once teased behind his back when he entered the court, saying, "this boy is alsoCan you come to participate in politics? "

Lv Meng is pretending not to hear, does not change his face, and still talks and laughs freely. The people who were traveling with him could not contain their temper and tried to find the man, but they were stopped by Lu Mengzheng.

Lu Mengzheng said: "if you know that person's name, you will never forget it for the rest of your life."

because of Lu Meng's magnanimity and tolerance, he not only gained a better and better reputation in the imperial court, but also rarely attracted the jealousy and framing of villains.

there is a saying: "the sea accepts all rivers, but tolerance is great."

sometimes it is misunderstood and slandered, but you don't have to pay too much attention to it. When you are more open-minded, you will have real respect and admiration.

during the Spring and Autumn period, Wei and Chu were adjacent to each other, and villagers in both countries liked to grow melons. Unfortunately, the spring weather is relatively early, due to lack of water, melon seedlings grow very slowly.

so some villagers in the State of Wei carry water to water melons every night. After several days of continuous watering, the melon seedlings grew much better and were much higher than those planted by the villagers of the State of Chu.

so the villagers of the State of Chu were so jealous that some people sneaked into the melon fields of the villagers of the State of Wei at night to step on the melon seedlings.

when the people of Wei were ready to give tit for tat, the county magistrate Song stopped the villagers' behavior and persuaded them: "if you must take revenge and resolve your hatred at most,

, however, they will not give up in the future. If this goes on, the two sides will destroy each other, and no one will have a good harvest."

the villagers thought it was reasonable, and then the county magistrate of the Song Dynasty struck while the iron was hot and said, "Let's go and water the land for them every night."

later, the villagers of the two countries not only became friends, but the county magistrate of the Song Dynasty also became famous for his tolerance and magnanimity.

Nan Huaijin, a master of Sinology, once said, "it takes atmosphere to be a man, and atmosphere is popular."

when there is room for people and things in one's heart, we can win more hearts and minds and win more recognition and appreciation.


there is an old saying: "propriety is the use of peace."

sometimes, when a person can go calmly and face all the people and things, he will become extremely powerful.

kindness makes money.

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friendly, can avoid disaster.

Harmony can win the hearts of the people.

when dealing with people, what we fear most is discord.

the relationship is opposite and rigid, which will bring endless trouble and trouble. The relaxation and relaxation of

relations will resolve more estrangement and contradictions.

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