Ask inward, look outward, move forward.

/November 2022

Shi Tiesheng said: "Life is a process, a process that constantly transcends its own limitations."

Yes, we spend most of our lives burying our heads and practicing our hearts.

instead of fighting hard to win or lose with others, it is better to calm down, examine yourself inward, refine yourself outward, and achieve yourself forward.

the paths you walk, the people you meet, and the things you experience are not obstacles, but will help.

at that time, the hills of life will eventually be crossed, and the gifts of life will come as expected.


seek inward, true self

there is a saying in Mencius: "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

when you encounter difficulties and get into difficulties, don't complain about others, but reflect on yourself and seek inward.

finding the reason from yourself first is a kind of inner anatomy to make your life more real.

it's like driving on the road, you have to go straight on the straight road and take a bend.

if something happens along the way, what you need to do is to reflect on whether you are doing the right thing.

instead of blaming the twists and turns of the road, it is worthless and meaningless.

Lu Xun is a person who is good at introspection. He said: "I do dissect others all the time, but more often I dissect myself mercilessly."

for example, it can be seen from the article "one little thing" that we are familiar with.

one cold winter morning, Lu Xun saw a rickshaw hanging over a faltering old woman and advised the rickshaw driver to go quickly so as not to be blackmailed.

such things are still common today, but such Lu Xun is very different from the literary giants we know, and as indifferent and sophisticated as his vulgar countrymen.

at last, the rickshaw driver did not listen to him, but helped the old woman to the police station.

but many years later, this little thing still makes Lu Xun feel deeply ashamed, often criticizes himself mercilessly, and is more strict in his words and deeds.

it is said in the Yuan Jue Sutra: "all Tathagata comes from the original cause, all with the sense of wisdom."

means that only through continuous self-reflection and inward search can one find his true self.

take it for granted that asking for something inward is the only way to cleanse the mind, and it is also the only way to constantly improve and transcend yourself.

only those who do not forget to take care of themselves all the time can stay awake in the earthly world and sublimate their souls.


the big pattern

Zuo Zongtang has a famous saying: "if you choose to stand high, sit flat and walk wide."

means that only by broadening one's horizons and leveling one's posture can one be stable and far away.

people with low vision have only narrow self-interest and no pattern strategy, so they are doomed not to achieve much.

and those who are good at looking out can see the stars and the sea, and the road of life is getting wider and wider.

at the end of the Yuan Dynasty, politics deteriorated and peasant armies rose up one after another.

among them, the most powerful are Zhang Shicheng, who started as a salt trader, and Chen Youren, who was born as a petty official.

but when the Yuan Dynasty was finally destroyed, it was Zhu Yuanzhang, an unknown poor peasant, who dominated the world.

among the heroes, although Zhu Yuanzhang's strength is not strong, he has the largest pattern.

he never cared about his immediate gains and losses. when other insurgents attacked cities and territories and established themselves as king, Zhu Yuanzhang always adhered to the strategy of "building high walls, widely accumulating grain, and slowly becoming king."

as the saying goes, a gun shoots a bird in the head. Zhu Yuanzhang just looked at the outside situation and laid a solid foundation for future victory.

on the contrary, Zhang Shicheng and Chen Youyan, shortsighted, only care about their own struggle for power and profits, and have become passers-by of history.

there is a saying in Lu's Spring and Autumn period: "the success of all things must be made for a long time."

the most precious thing in life is the grand pattern formed after you climb Mount Tai and live in a small world.

how can those who only pay attention to the one-third mu of land in front of them realize the wonderful scenery outside?

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it is important to know that only people with a big vision can have a big pattern and become a big climate.


move forward, the new realm

as the saying goes: "Books should turn backward, people should move forward."

Life circumstances are fickle. Some people give up on themselves, while others rise to the challenge.

if you only sigh for past failures and stand still, life will only give you darkness.

only if you take the initiative to take that step forward, the door to a new world will be open to you.

in the Tang Dynasty, there is a saying: "Zhao Kui Shu Shu, Li Bai article."

but most of the later generations only know Li Bai, Zhao Yicheng is quite high, but little is known.

Zhao Gou has read a hundred books since he was a child, is good at strategy and is good at the world, but has failed in several scientific examinations.

and he is not from a high family, so it is difficult for him to become an official.

even though he was discouraged, he did not improperly belittle himself, but chose to move forward bravely.

then, Zhao Jie lived in the mountains and forests and devoted himself to studying the number of skills. a few years later, the long and short Classic was born, which shocked the government and the public.

was not only recruited by Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, but also made a great contribution in the history of the Qing Dynasty.

there is an "aisle principle" in psychology, which says that there is a lamp in the aisle, which is sound, and if you don't go forward, the light will never come on.

the same is true of life, so don't flinch from fear, don't indulge in the past, turn over what should be changed, and let go what should be put down.

move on, everything is the best.Platoon, life can also be suddenly enlightened and reach a new realm of life.

by the time you look back, a boat has sailed through the mountains.