As a person, you should turn your face when you turn your face.

/June 2022

There is a saying: "kindness is precious, but if it does not grow teeth, it is weakness."

I think so.

excessive tolerance will only spoil others; kindness without a bottom line will eventually hurt yourself.

the more people and things you experience in your life, the more you understand the truth:

the rest of your life is very expensive. When you face someone who is not worth it, you should turn your face.


if you are weak and can be deceived, the other party will dare to be unscrupulous

Meng Fei once said:

"someone asked you to help, but you were expected to help ten points, but you only helped seven points.

the other person felt that you were not righteous, not only that they did not thank you, but that you owed him three points.

A lot of human grievances are out of this. "

think about it, it is true.

I can't help thinking of such a story:

once upon a time, there were rich and poor families who got along very well with each other on weekdays.

one year, there was a natural disaster and there was no harvest of crops in the fields.

the poor family will soon run out of food because there is no harvest.

the rich family had a lot of grain, so they sent a liter of rice to the poor one.

the poor family is very grateful for the help of the rich and helped them through the most difficult times.

the poor specially went to the homes of the rich to express their gratitude. During the conversation, there was no seed for next year.

the rich family gave the poor another bucket of rice.

when the poor man came home with rice, his family complained:

"what can I do with this bucket of rice?"

there are not enough seeds in the field next year at all. it is really stingy for their family to give such a small amount of money. "

this word spread to the rich man's ear, he was so angry that he thought he gave away food for nothing, but the other person not only didn't appreciate it, but spoke ill of himself behind his back.

so he cut off relations with the poor family and stopped helping them.

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this is what is called: Shengmien, Doumiqiu.

when a person is hungry and cold, he will be grateful to you when you give him a liter of rice;

but when you keep giving, over time, he will take everything for granted and make things worse.

as people often say:

not everyone deserves to be unreservedly kind.

when you meet someone who takes an inch, don't be afraid to offend others.


there must be a measure of kindness and tolerance

as the old saying goes: put up with calm for a while and take a step back.

but not all forbearance can make the other person stop.

kindness without a bottom line will only let the other party do whatever he wants;

No scale of tolerance will only make the other party unscrupulous.

the painter Qi Baishi had such an experience.

after Qi Baishi became famous for painting, there was an endless stream of people coming to ask for paintings.

once, a friend named Li Huizhi came to ask for a painting. Qi Baishi gladly picked up a pen and painted a "loquat ripe" for the other party.

who knew that after the other party got the painting, he didn't say a word about the money, said a few words of thanks and then left.

A year later, the other party came to ask for a painting, and this time he had to take an inch to specify that he should draw a big carp.

Qi Baishi was very reluctant, so he added a poem to his painting:

after Li Huizhi saw this poem, he was no longer ashamed to ask Qi Baishi for painting.

later, Qi Baishi was still in the living room, hanging a price list with a note: "selling paintings regardless of friendship, the gentleman is ashamed, please pay according to Runge."

the meaning is simple and clear. Selling paintings is the way for painters to survive. No one should trade friendship for paintings.

I agree with a paragraph:

you can be kind, but you can't cross the bottom line, otherwise, your concessions will only gain an inch over and over again.

Don't embarrass yourself when you live a lifetime.

when you blindly tolerate and only get worse demands, you might as well turn your face directly.


when it's time to turn your face, you should turn your face

as the saying goes, "A man is good at being deceived, and a good horse is ridden."

kindness without principle will only aggravate the harm of others.

your kindness should be a little sharp.

my friend Sugar was born in an ordinary family. From an early age, her parents taught her to be kind to others, to put up with everything she can, and not to haggle.

Sugar has always kept my parents' teachings in mind.

later, I graduated from college and shared a rent with someone outside. At first, the two people got along politely and hit it off.

however, over time, her roommate may have taken a fancy to the tolerant character of sugar and sugar, and she is getting more and more aggressive.

it was originally said that the two would take turns cleaning, but three months later, cleaning the table, sweeping the floor and taking out the garbage all turned into candy and candy alone.

not only that, my roommate used sugar skin care products without asking several times, and the lid was not tightened every time. These things, sugar do not care too much, can put up with it.

one day, however, Sugar found that the newly bought skirt was missing.

at this time, I saw my roommate wearing his new dress and directing himself to take out the trash.

after she had been depressed for a long time, she broke out and couldn't bear to fall out with her roommate. Unexpectedly, when the candy fell out, the roommate not only dared not use it again.Ask for sugar, but take the initiative to make amends to her.

as the saying goes:

when your goodness has no bottom line, it will encourage the other person's evil.

therefore, in the face of those who hurt us, we should not blindly connive and tolerate.

when we deal with the world, we should turn our faces and let them know that enough is enough.

there is a saying that is very true:

there are always such people in life. The nicer you are to him, the more he will go further.

if you blindly tolerate, but in return for each other's aggravation, why?

it's expensive for the rest of my life.

your kindness should be given to someone who is worth it.