Are you still struggling to stay in the student organization?

/December 2022

when I first entered college, I interviewed a lot of student union departments and many community departments, but I quit all the departments one after another after two weeks.

"join and quit voluntarily" is particularly silly to other students. They say, "Why did you quit if you have credits and can take part in the final evaluation?" and "who wants you if you don't have any departmental work experience on your resume?" Some students who failed in the interview even ridiculed me, saying that I was "self-righteous".

With our black and white prom dresses you know that you made a perfect choice. Our large collections of collections are second to none.

so "quitting the student union department" seems to be a "deal failure, loss ending" in the eyes of others, and I became an "irresponsible, irresponsible naive guy". At that time, I didn't know how to explain the withdrawal, so I had to say nothing and continue to do my own thing, because there were places where you knew as soon as you went in that they didn't belong to you.

nearly a year has passed since then. Fortunately, those "regrets" in the eyes of others have not really become my regrets.

if you want to know why I would rather be a naive guy than stay in various departments of the student union, I think you can finish reading the following text. It is several brothers and sisters who are about to be sophomores and juniors about "whether to stay or not" and other thoughts derived from it.

/one /insightful female students from an inland finance and economics university

"will sophomores continue to hold departmental positions?"

definitely not. I've had enough of this environment where only one person in a department works silently and others have nothing to do. I work as a ministry of the public relations department in the school's art troupe, and many departments in the troupe are the same phenomenon-"at every event, the minister plays with his mobile phone and then gives orders, the vice minister is always in a state of leave, and the ministry is always passing the buck." in the end, I'm going to finish the job. "

in one event, the small ministries of the Public Relations Department worked very hard to pull back 7000 yuan of sponsorship, and after giving it to the minister of the Public Relations Department, the minister handed it to the people of the Secretariat to purchase materials. However, at that time, I watched with my own eyes that the minister gave 3000 yuan to a colleague of the Secretariat, holding her hand and saying, "Sorry, the children have pulled back less this time."

"what about the rest of the money?"

are all taken by the minister to invite the "children" in his words to have midnight snacks, and the consumption is close to 600 or 700.

/2 /Girls from a key university in a provincial capital city who want to break the school rules

"have you learned what you want to learn by joining the student union?"

have you learned to put up with school rules and regulations?

after all, bureaucracy is quite prevalent in our school, and so is the student union. As a clerk, you can only finish the tasks assigned to you on time, and everything else you do is superfluous. For example, for an activity, we want to apply for a special place to innovate the form of activities, but the school turns a blind eye to our application. No matter which teacher you find, he will say to you, "I am not responsible for this." and the school doesn't allow you students to do so much. " For example, in an activity, we wanted to apply for a sum of money, but it was not much, but the school came up with rules and regulations to tell us which requirements we had to meet before we could apply.

there are many obstacles in communicating with the school, and due to the limitations of form and venue, all enthusiasm is gradually eroded, so there is no one to blame for the change every year.

/3 /the male chairman from the engineering university with a serious gender imbalance

"how do people get along in the department?"

is very different from ministers and ministry members in their work and life. At work, there will be superior and subordinate relations because of the need for management, but if you cooperate for a long time and experience more things, you will be very good friends.

every semester, we will go out to see a movie, sing karaoke, and even have a "department birthday". Then everyone rented a villa at the seaside for barbecue and swimming, so they got along very harmoniously.

\ "what has the department brought to you in the past year?

can accumulate a lot of contacts and recognize the presidium members of various organizations and campuses of the school. I also have the opportunity to go out and communicate and get to know people from different schools, so I know my girlfriend now.

/4 /"straight male students" from an engineering university in northern Taiwan

"what is the working atmosphere of the student union in Taiwan?" Will you keep the department next year? "

do not stay, resolutely do not stay.

everyone is lazy. The appointed time for the department meeting is 09:00, but it won't be full for half an hour. The so-called "meeting" is just a "chat" of a group of people.

the working situation of the department is usually "I don't care if I'm not in charge, you're busy with yours and I'm playing with mine".

and the campus interpersonal relationship here is particularly childish. In one event, I was the only one building shelves, while others were enjoying the cool and playing with their mobile phones. As a result, the ministers of other departments walked by and said to me, "you have to do it with others in order to enhance the revolutionary friendship."

for the sake of formal "concerted efforts", is it interesting to bring together people who are reluctant to do things so that I can do what I can do in two hours by myself and by a group of people, instead of having to do it all night?

/5 /Girls from the championship debate team of a key university in the north

"do you have any opinion on the saying that freshmen are treated as cheap labor in departmental clubs?"

at least in places like the debate team, I don't think this is true. The internal operation of the student union depends on the various "rules and regulations" formulated by the school, which will not reason with you.

but in our debate team, who has the strength has the final say.

people with strong abilities will naturallyAvoid doing cheap labor. But for those with a slight lack of ability, their purpose is to improve their ability, but they are repeatedly asked to do some unskilled work. It's like a vicious circle. The poorer the ability, the easier it is to be arranged to do, and the easier it is to do, the less the ability will be improved.

this is a common problem in the organization of college students.

/VI /female students from a key university in a coastal city in the north

"do you regret not keeping the department?"

No regrets.

I, who didn't stay in the department, was naturally different from my classmates in the department: I didn't have a good relationship with the teacher, and most of the final reviews had nothing to do with me, and the activities held by the school were only spectators at most. It doesn't seem that well-connected-but when I'm not in the department, I have more free time to do things I like and think are valuable.

I spend my time writing, planning, arranging activities, meeting, reimbursing, and dealing with teachers to read, play bands, participate in competitions, internships, travel, and do projects. All kinds of things make my life still wonderful and fulfilling.

it can even be said that I have gained more from what I have experienced after breaking away from the stable shelter of the "school" and from the organization that has always worked only for the "students" group.

Yes, if the "retention department" becomes the only choice in front of you, you will put it very big, and even think that it will affect your whole college life. But if you are willing to take a long-term view, you will find that when your time is filled with other valuable things, it is only a small fork in the road.

so for me, the matter of keeping the department is actually not that serious. I wanted to do something else I liked better, so I gave up this choice.

it's that simple. It's definitely not the only thing that makes time worthwhile. Believe in your choices.

I have no regrets.

A year ago, I also wrote an article about student organization in a disorganized way. after it was pushed, our background exploded. 70% of the responses in the background were scolding us, and the most frequently used word was "grandstanding." Because they thought that we were confusing the public and only picked out the bad part when talking about the student organization, and did not say a good word about the student organization.

this reminds me of my experience in attending the "Congress" of our school. That morning, all the student representatives (including me) had to dress up and enter at 8 o'clock in the morning. There was no break for us to rest until 12:00. At that time, a total of 10 candidates competed for the president of the student union of our school, and they took the stage one by one, giving speeches about their own experiences and responsibilities that they would fulfill after becoming president of students.

when they come on stage, I am waiting below, expecting them to talk about "a little bit" about the bad school, because I think, if the school is perfect enough, then what is the significance of running for president? isn't it the same? So I finally cast a "blank vote" and even gave up the right to raise my hand.

some student organizations obviously have a lot of problems, but they always use the meaningless reason of "do you know how hard we work /how hard we work /think more about our students" to prevent others from expressing their opinions? no wonder there are so many problems.

many college students like me begin to fantasize about what they will look like after joining the organization before they enter the school gate. But it did disappoint many people. The brothers and sisters in the department blamed us for not being smooth enough and told us that since we couldn't change it, we could enjoy it.

indeed, it is easy to change yourself, but difficult to change others.

so when the people in the department said to me, "if you don't like it so much, leave, who wants to keep you?"

well, then I'll just leave.