Are you a "touchable physique"?

/December 2022

recently, after listening to Eason Chan's "Anti-the most wonderful part", I remember that in the past, high school felt the most about this song because the last sentence was: "this second, very touched". At that time, I was thinking: how many people belong to the "easily moved physique"?

there are two kinds of "easily moved physique". The first is easy "self-moving".

I remember watching "up to the Sky 2" before. I liked the female match coco very much, and I also worried about her brain circuit. Coco had a boyfriend who had been dating for many years, and he was so kind to her that he was afraid of falling. When the couple got married, coco's sister suddenly jumped out and said that she wanted to borrow coco's belly to help her have a baby, because the sister's boyfriend was dying of cancer and could not have children. She wanted to keep the crystallization of the two.

coco unexpectedly agreed to such an incredible request to have a baby. She told her boyfriend that she was sorry that she could not marry you. It took her ten months to give birth to a child who had nothing to do with her. She spent several years in the doldrums. The people who chased the episode that night all blew up, calling coco that good sister stupid and coco too kind.

I have a coco-style friend, ah, annoyance. She is the representative who can do everything by my side. She can't refuse as long as others ask for it. She can't refuse to take delivery instead of meals. When it comes on call, there is no distinction between business and private affairs. When others say, "I like to bask in the sun and don't want to go out," she will volunteer to take out 7 takeouts by herself, and her friend's recent life is in an emergency. Having come to a dead end, she had to divide her final living expenses into two to be rescued. If the other party was unhappy, she could take a taxi to him at three o'clock in the morning on the eve of the exam.

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Ah, annoyance is a very loyal person. Yes, I admire this kind of person very much, but slowly I feel something is wrong. Those who make her happiest are usually the ones who throw her most thoroughly at the critical moment. She says she actually knows better than anyone, just like "it's too clear who treats me well and treats me badly" in "it's a pity I'm Aquarius".

"but the worse others treat me, I will be doubly nice to them. I can't say why. I may think that the other person will be moved one day." But it's really painful. "

I told her, "if you had told me that before high school, I would have thought you were stupid and kind, but if you want to be a 100% good person today, I can only say that you deserve it."

I am angry with Afan and coco, not because they are so great that others can ride them without complaining, nor because they are "kind". For her so-called "good people", coco hurts the people who love her most, and in order to be what she calls "good people", she also hurts the people around her who are really good for her.

you see, we always think that one day they will be moved by it. I am loyal. I do not hesitate to stab myself twice to reflect the two ribs, but I find that the person who has been most moved is clearly the only one. We snot and weep in the self-directed and self-acting self-emotion.

the above touching is called "self-moving", and another kind of moving is to be moved by others easily.

I've met a lot of people who can wrap things up nicely. We often get to know some great gods who are better than ourselves. I am very moved that the other person is so powerful and willing to be nice to me and help me, but then one day I found that, in fact, in the rules of some people, you're just a little useful.

when we are sick all our lives, many people always send Wechat to ask you, how is it? I have experienced this disease. I am very moved that you drink plenty of hot water, eat to see a doctor, and take medicine. But in fact, they will really buy you medicine. The people who take you to see a doctor are usually not these people who take you to see a doctor.

when we are unhappy, many people will come and pat you on the shoulder, reason with you, pour you chicken soup, and express their empathy. I am very moved, but I often ignore those people who never talk to you about "empathy", will not cry with you, will not do sensual things, and will only silently change the topic to distract you and take you to midnight snacks to relieve your worries.

Last winter vacation, there was a group training, which needed to be divided into groups, and each group had to spend a holiday together. Coke and 7-up were recognized as best friends, but that time they split up. Coke told me that 7-up thought that a share of the two was good for development. She was very helpless, but she still found a team that was not very familiar with. 7-up and Coke maintain a superficial intimate relationship, go out 7-up will still be affectionately holding hands with Coke, pick up food for her.

Coke said: "7-up is so good to me that she is almost my only friend." But it was that meal that day, A-fan told me that 7-up went to let A-fan join his team, counted the shortcomings of Coke, and even taught him how to have a showdown with Coke. After hearing all this, my friend and I, as a bystander, were dumbfounded. My friend complained, "you girls, it's a trick out of the palace." I interrupted him, "come on, don't kill a bunch of people with one shot. I also understand incompetence."

there should also be this kind of person around you. As long as you hate someone, she will desperately talk about each other's bad feelings in front of you. Over time, we begin to think that this person is of the same country as me, which is simply my bosom friend. But one day you find that the other person says this in front of everyone, he is not good in front of you, you are not good in front of him, and the whole world is her bosom friend.

I finally realized a problem, which is sung in "Anti-the best part", "I am always moved". It is too easy for us to immerse ourselves in the "good words" of others, and we can't tell whether the people who can say good words are really good and those who can't say good words are really bad; there is also a kind of touching, which is called self-movement. we immerse ourselves in "thinking good" and think that our good words come from our own "goodwill" while ignoring the nature of this "goodwill" and the affectation behind it.And hurt.

when filming the last episode of anyway, Fanshuo told me, "Don't trust a person 100%. Many people are not what you see." In the past, I might have refuted his "can not live so complicated", but that day, there was a thunderstorm outside, I stared at the steaming glass of plain boiled water in my hand, and I said, "well, I know."

I won't be defensive against everyone, and I won't stop you from saying nice things to people. Bought so many times to be good, I will only tell you, treat others, do not want to make yourself uncomfortable, that is better than seven points sincere, three points independent, not easy "100%", not easy "unique", not easy "absolute", do not easily "very moved", keep three points in everything, leave yourself room for three points to turn the market.

people who are too easily moved will suffer great losses.