Appreciation of a person begins with appearance, respects talent, matches character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character.

/June 2022

people, once skimming and writing well, it is difficult to stand upright.

there are ups and downs in this world, and no one can escape being with people.

everyone in the world is walking in a mask, so it's not easy to see through camouflage.

although there are many reasons why people can come together, it remains the same. Any friendship worthy of deep friendship begins with appearance, respects talent, fits character, lasts longer than kindness, and ends with character.

so, people meet because of fate, but go far together because they are like-minded.

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begins with the appearance

face, which is a person's business card.

because what is hidden in your face is the books you have read, the roads you have traveled, and the things you have experienced.

We cannot deny that it is not accurate to use your appearance to determine whether a person is worth communicating with, but it is instinctive to know a person's face first.

when you meet a person you are not familiar with, people tend to focus on his face rather than rushing to explore his inner part, because in people's inherent impression, the beauty and ugliness of a person's appearance represents the good and evil of this person's heart.

there is no need to complain about the unfairness of judging people by their appearance.

Chanel, the fashion magnate, has a good saying:

instead of complaining that this society that judges people by their appearance is too superficial, it is better to have higher requirements on themselves and find their own style. let yourself face the world at its best.


respect talent

this is a "face-to-face era".

but this does not mean that people's intelligence will be abandoned for the sake of appearance. Appearance and wisdom are never opposed to each other, but complement each other and depend on each other.

there is a very vivid metaphor:

"good looks and talent are like effort and luck. Everyone wants to have luck rather than trying to get something."

but if you only firmly believe one of them, the end result will be a serious' bias', and it may be yourself who will suffer. "

anyone has talent, but there may be some people who spend all their talent in mediocre trivialities and idleness.

there is a joke on the Internet:

how to live and how to live is your choice, but please never let your talent become some kind of gift that is wasted.

because your talent is the road under your feet, how much talent, how long the road, and on this road, you will meet like-minded friends.

so, in the process of getting along with others, appearance is the first threshold, and talent is the charm emitted from the inside out.


in character

birds of a feather flock together.

there is a very strange phenomenon in real life. Some people obviously look good everywhere, but no one wants to be friends with him. Some people look inconspicuous, but they are the winners of interpersonal communication.

Yes, we will meet countless people in our lives, but the ones who end up together are often those with the same personality.

get along with these people, maybe not everything has the same point of view, but it is very harmonious, even if they joke together, they can have a tacit laugh.

and the character that can get along with most people is actually a kind of

gentleman, gentle and moist as jade. This kind of not warm, even the sense of existence is not very strong, but in the critical moment will never drop the chain, always make people feel warm and comfortable, is really the best choice for friends.

an interesting soul is one in a million, but a soul in tune is rare. So, if you meet a friend with the same personality, be sure to grasp it and don't miss it.


is better than being kind

to get along with people, the most important thing is to see clearly.

living in the earthly world, fame and fortune are very important most of the time. Only in the days of ups and downs of honor and disgrace will we find that what is more important than these are people who can be relied on and entrusted.

those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black.

even if you are a blank piece of paper, when you get along with your friends, you will influence each other and gradually blend with your friends.

Shakespeare said, "A good heart is gold."

therefore, kind people are valuable and lovely.

generally speaking, kind people are people with good self-cultivation.

maybe they are not good-looking and their families are not well-off, maybe they are not knowledgeable enough, but they are warm and kind to every friend in life and have good self-cultivation and character.

therefore, everyone is willing to choose to associate with a kind person, not to see how good he can be, but to know that he will not be so bad.


finally, character

A true friend comes first.

as the saying goes, "it is better to make friends with gentlemen than villains".

the criterion for judging a gentleman and a villain is his character.

the acquaintance between people begins with appearance, loyalty to character, and character, which is the best test of whether a person is worth interacting with or not.

Zeng Guofan said:

the longer two people get along with each other, the more they will find that a person's character is deep in their bones, and character is precisely the basis of mutual attraction.

people with different aspirations and different ways can barely get along at that time, and they must go their separate ways in the end.

therefore, any kind of emotion, in the end, does not rely on tacit understanding or love, but on character, character pass, natural life success.

I often hearThe man complained: "Why can't I always fit into the excellent circle?"

this is actually a discord in the aura, and different ways do not conspire with each other.

people with the same temper and character are naturally attracted to each other, while people with different aspirations and different ways can barely get along at that time, and they must go their separate ways in the end.

so instead of worrying about why you don't have good friends around you, seize the opportunity to improve yourself.

if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come.

May we all be the best we can be, meet the best others, have the life we want, and live as we like.

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